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  1. So is there a good add-on for Firefox that blocks YouTube thumbnails/titles/videos for certain words?

    1. Mark1


      Want to know this too, it's very easy to run into these spoilers on YT. The lead up to this game's release is proving to be harder than I thought. ?

    2. CleverSonicUsername


      No, Firefox is severely lacking when it comes to spoiler protection add-ons, most are bad or just block specific preset content. Chrome has a few that are great though. Spoiler Protection and Overlay Images can work in tandem to block tagged content and images. However, Overlay Images will block all images universally and you have to constantly tell it to unblock per tab so it's a real hassle. Oddly enough it doesn't block Youtube thumbnails, but if you're spoiler tagging through Spoiler Protection then that will.

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