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  1. I agree that people are enjoying this for legit reasons rather than settling. Some people have argued we have settled with various franchises some people saying people have settled with the MCU when the comics have so much more you can do and bring to life in bigger ways than the movies have done and the cartoon show Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes I think was a good adaptation of comic book Avengers. Ultimately they are two different things as is the Sonic film from the games and other entries in the franchise. This movie does do tropes of other family films adapting properties but unlike those ones that have a cynical edge this one even with it's contemporary references still feels sincere in it's delivery and again I attribute that to the likeability from the film and it's main character and Schwartz's performance. Most of these movies make the character we came to see unlikeable or don't give them much screen time whereas Sonic is given plenty of focus and Tom has his own arc to go through but the whole film isn't about him and he and Sonic do build a relationship to where this is a team that needs each other. It has a risk of going into another cliché though when Sonic inevitably befriends Tails that Tom will feel left out but I'm sure they'll work around that. I also like that Maddie isn't a typical character either that she is willing to trust him and sticks up for him no matter what even with the craziness of the situation. They could have both been throw away characters but they do work and I'd be okay with seeing them again. Regardless had they not made Sonic so likeable and someone to root for then people would easily be able to tell the difference and even with the limitations the film crew did their best to deliver an entertaining product and if you gave them free reign I imagine they'd do the same with creating an ambitious sequel and again I hope they get to do that because they want too and Paramount will probably wise up and not interfere. When you get people who like the material you'll get an entertaining film at least you would hope you would. That being said a sequel does run the idea of introducing too many of the supporting cast so besides Tails how many new characters should they introduce? Could Amy and Metal Sonic be introduced and leave Knuckles for a future film along with Shadow and other characters or should Knuckles be in the next film? Also kind of funny that Jim Carrey once used the phrase "I am the Eggman" and now he is the Eggman:
  2. While it can be debated whether this should become a recurring thing for every film which usually if something is a success people will take the wrong lessons from things I hope people wouldn't but we'll just have to wait and see. But in this case the redesign did make a better film. Without it the film wouldn't have worked as good. Jim has even said that some things didn't fall into place and flow better until the design was changed. You look at the original footage and the artwork and the stand in puppet and hearing the original plans for a generic lizard villain and I imagine Tails was a later addition things honestly did work better with the new design. One of the things people have praised and I agree with is Ben Schwartz's performance as Sonic and without the redesign that wouldn't have shined through. That voice doesn't fit with the old design and I don't know if the facial motion capture Ben did was something added to the redesign but it comes through more there than it did with the old design if it was there from the start. Sonic is way more expressive here then he ever could have been with the old design. Even the lines had a differently delivery that worked better like the "Uh... meow?" bit that is a different delivery in the film then the trailer and it was better in the film. They also I think unless I forgot cut the "Basically I'm going to have to save your planet" line which indicates a more straight up Sonic as a hero from the beginning whereas in the film it's building to his hero status. I still wish they kept Carrey's "You're mine hedgehog!" because that was the most he sounded like game Robotnik until the credits. Here's Carrey talking about his apprehension to the redesign but why he was won over where he mentions it helped change things in the movie for the better: https://www.comicbookmovie.com/video_games/sonic_the_hedgehog/sonic-the-hedgehog-star-jim-carrey-explains-how-trailer-backlash-ultimately-benefited-the-movie-a173299 Also while the music from Junkie XL I thought was hit and miss in places I do like this Robotnik theme they used. Feels like something you would hear in a video game:
  3. So showing up in this forum again feels like a blast from the past. Been nearly 8 years since I posted my half assed and now pretty laughably bad looking attempts at a Sonic movie series back when one was said to be coming out but still uncertain. I sounded serious about my attempt but really it was my earliest attempt at fancasting and fan script ideas and while these days I only do such an idea if I think I've got a good one (and I hope by this point I've gotten better I'm my own worst critic but even if I wasn't my old ideas were pretty bad anyone could tell you) thinking back I do owe Sonic weirdly for getting me my start in attempting that kind of writing. Again looking back the plots and casting felt very of the times and generic and while I had a good laugh at my own expense tracking down the old post I think it's best to be left in the past. Now cut to 8 years later and I've had a few changes in life most of them not great: I did graduate from school but I don't have a job and am looking for one and my mom got sick and eventually died 2 years ago. Difficult times but still striving on. Which in some ways is something Sonic himself does and something I can learn from him which this film also sort of addresses as well. I didn't think 10 years after I first came up with ideas for Sonic movie which was when the MCU was still in it's infancy we would get a film let alone the fact that the film while not perfect turned out as good as it did was an achievement so seeing this come out in my lifetime is kind of a surreal but cool feeling that everyone else shares I'm sure. The movie won't change hearts and minds but it was a fun time and is something that'll connect with audiences old and new plenty of kids and families have been enjoying this and I think are going to in the long run.
  4. Brilliant celebrations in response to the time of year in which you one-up in the aging process.

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. This idea has always been on my mind and if it doesn't happen soon chances are I'll be the one making a Sonic film. I've written four scripts for four movies which I intend to revise until I make the dream happen and I feel I've got the right script. Anyway I won't give too much away I'll just describe the basic premise of each and who I want in the film. My name is Stephen Murphy and I am the writer and hope to be director of this future project down the road. Not saying it will happen but I hope it will anyway here we go with plots: Sonic the Hedgehog: Project Shadow (Plot Summary): 50 years ago Gerald Robotnick created the Ultimate Lifeform Shadow the Hedgehog (Sam Witwer/Chace Crawford) in order to discover the means of immortality to help his ill granddaughter Maria. Unfortunately the Government believed he would use Shadow for evil so they tasked the Freedom Fighters under the command of Commander Christopher Thorndyke (Adam Baldwin/Josh Brolin) to stop him which ended with the deaths of Gerald and Maria while Shadow lost his memory and was sealed up in the lab. 50 years later Gerald's grandson Julian Ivo Robotnick (Michael Fassbender) who has taken on the name Dr. Eggman frees Shadow and convinces the confused hedgehog to join him in his crusade to find the Chaos Emeralds in exchange for giving Shadow the secrets of his past. Now the Freedom Fighters consisting of Tails (Dakota Goya/Ben Wishaw), Knuckles (Jeremy Renner, Amy (Emma Stone/Sarah Michelle Geller/Christina Ricci), Rouge (Charlize Theron) and new recruit Sonic (Andrew Garfield/Jaleel White) under the command of Thorndyke must stop Eggman's mad scheme and perhaps convince the misguided Shadow to join their side. Cast (The / means I have more then one person in mind for the part): Sonic-Andrew Garfield/Jaleel White Tails-Dakota Goya/Ben Wishaw (If I decided to age Tails up a bit I'm not sure yet) Knuckles-Jeremy Renner Amy-Emma Stone/Sarah Michelle Geller/Christina Ricci Rouge-Charlize Theron Commander Christopher Thorndyke-Adam Baldwin/Josh Brolin (He is in no way related to the character from Sonic X they just have the same name) Dr. Julian Ivo Robotnick/Dr. Eggman-Michael Fassbender Shadow-Sam Witwer/Chace Crawford Snively Robotnick-Tom Hiddleston Dr. Gerald Robotnick-Michael Fassbender/Gary Oldman Maria Robotnick-Jennifer Lawrence Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Battle For The Future (Plot Summary): Following the events of the first film Snively Robotnick (Tom Hiddleston) constructs a powerful android named Metal-Sonic (Andrew Garfield/Jaleel White) to help him take down the Freedom Fighters and conquer Earth. Unknown to him however a hedgehog named Silver (James MacAvoy) arrives in the past from a future ruled by Snively to warn and join the Freedom Fighters in the fight against Snively. Now its up to Sonic (Andrew Garfield/Jaleel White) and the Freedom Fighters along with the mysterious Silver and a reformed Shadow (Sam Witwer/Chace Crawford) to stop Snively's plans for conquest. Cast: Sonic-Andrew Garfield/Jaleel White Tails-Dakota Goya/Ben Wishaw Knuckles-Jeremy Renner Amy-Emma Stone/Sarah Michelle Geller/Christina Ricci Rouge-Charlize Theron Shadow-Sam Witwer/Chace Crawford Silver-James MacAvoy Snively Robotnick-Tom Hiddleston Metal-Sonic-Andrew Garfield/Jaleel White President Xavier (Working name)-Samuel L. Jackson Vice-President Grey (Working name)-Frances McDormand Mario-? Luigi-? Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Heroes United (Plot Summary): Following the events of the previous film Sonic (Andrew Garfield/Jaleel White) and the others are met by two plumbers Mario and Luigi who have travelled from the Mushroom Kingdom to Earth chasing their doppleganger clones the Wario Bros and have come to Sonic for help having heard of his encounters with other villains as Sonic and the Freedom Fighters allow them to join them and agree to help them. Unknown to them however the Wario Bros have been found by a demonic demon lord named Black Doom (Leonard Nimoy/Christopher Lee/James Earl Jones) as they agree to join him in his quest for dominance of the earth. Things become worse however when Doom turns Sonic into a Werehog in order to distract the group so they won't get in his way while also telling Shadow (Sam Witwer/Chace Crawford) he knows of his true past which makes Shadow determined to track him down and stop him and learn the truth. Now it's up to the Freedom Fighters to save Sonic and stop Doom's plans for conquest as Shadow finally learns the truth of his origins and his true purpose that Gerald created him for. Cast: Sonic-Andrew Garfield/Jaleel White Tails-Dakota Goya/Ben Wishaw Knuckles-Jeremy Renner Amy-Emma Stone/Sarah Michelle Geller/Christina Ricci Rouge-Charlize Theron Shadow-Sam Witwer/Chace Crawford Mario-? Luigi-? Black Doom-Leonard Nimoy/Christopher Lee/James Earl Jones Wario-? Waluigi-? Solid Snake-? Agent Carter-Clark Gregg Molly (Similar to the Sonic X character)-Saoirshe Ronan Dr. Gerald Robotnick-Michael Fassbender/Gary Oldman Maria-Jennifer Lawrence Dr. Julian Ivo Robotnick/Dr. Eggman-Michael Fassbender Mai-? Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Shadow of Darkness (Plot Summary): With his past finally behind him Shadow (Sam Witwer/Chace Crawford) begins to accept Sonic (Andrew Garfield/Jaleel White) and the others as friends as he looks onto the future. Things take a turn for the worse however when his past comes back to haunt him as Dr. Eggman (Michael Fassbender mysteriously returns from the dead and captures Shadow, placing him under mind control which is amplified by a Chaos Emerald which helps awaken the dark DNA Black Doom infused inside him 50 years ago. Now completely loyal to Eggman he once again joins him in his quest to obtain the Chaos Emeralds, in order to power a powerful weapon known as the Eclipse Cannon on a space station named Space Colony ARK and to gain revenge against Sonic and the others. Badly beaten, outmatched and outgunned Sonic and the others must make a final stand against Eggman while trying to convince Shadow to come to his senses and help them defeat Eggman and save the Earth. Cast: Sonic-Andrew Garfield/Jaleel White Tails-Dakota Goya/Ben Wishaw Knuckles-Jeremy Renner Amy-Emma Stone/Sarah Micheller Geller/Christina Ricci Rouge-Charlize Theron Shadow-Sam Witwer/Chace Crawford Dr. Julian Ivo Robotnick/Dr. Eggman-Michael Fassbender Mai (An assassin working for Eggman in this film)-? E-102 Gamma-Peter Cullen Maria Robotnick-Jennifer Lawrence Dr. Gerald Robotnick-Michael Fassbender/Gary Oldman Biolizard/Finalhazard-Frank Welker (Uncredited) President Xavier-Samuel L. Jackson Agent Carter-Clark Gregg Well that's all I've got to say. If you would like to know about the films feel free to ask me about them and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.
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