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  1. Both games look way too similiar to Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. In my opinion the best Pacman game that I've played would probably be Pacman Arrangement 1996. I loved the look of the game, the music was just great, and it introduced some new things to add variety to the game will still being the same Pacman game we know and love. As for the Pacman World games they're not bad but at times they can get incredibly boring and cheap especially Pacman World 1. Out of all them Pacman World 3 has to be my favorite mainly because it fixed the problems that plagued the 2nd one.
  2. I tried to watch these videos, but I can't. Everything about them just irritate me. How fast Roger talks, the fact that they're going so in depth over something that really doesn't have any depth to it (meaning that they're repeating the same thing over and over again), the art style is very irritating and distracting, Rogers voice is ear gratting, and what exactly are they talking about again. They just go in all these different directions and it just loses me. The way these videos are structured are so chaotic, and all over the place, that I just can't get into them. Like seriously can someone give me in brief of what the hell he and his guests are talking about.
  3. Also why is it that people like to say their favorite things are underrated and the things they dislike are overrated when their not?
  4. If Sonic is underrated why is he always the main character of the series, got a bunch of merchandise with his face on it, was part of the Macy's parade twice, the only character to play as in the games recently starting with unleashed, is considered the best character of the series (outside of the fanbase) and his name plastered on the title of SONIC'S ultimate genesis collection, SONIC and sega all-stars racing, and SONIC and all-stars racing transformed just because Sega doesn't have any fate in their other IP's that they have to put Sonic's name on it to sell?
  5. Really cause I thought the games went downhill when they tried to make the plot deep and compelling and they failed because people point out the many plotholes and inconsistencies of those games(Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 06). That's not even getting into the fact that with each release the story got even more of a main focus and the gameplay even worse. Now look at the Genesis games, the Advanced games, the Rush games, and Colors and Generations. The Genesis games are considered the best in the entire series, the Advanced and Rush games got better reception than the console games at the time, and Colors and Generations are considered the best 3D Sonic games out there and the funny part about it is that these gsmes had no "deep" and "compelling" story, they had fun gameplay and with a Sonic game that's all that matters.
  6. Well your asking for a compelling plot about a talking blue hedgehog and his two-tailed fox friend stopping an evil mad scientist from taking over the world. Plus the plot in Sonic games were never really that importan, it was the gameplay. Do people say that Sonic 1,2,CD,3&K are the best games in the entire series because of the plot? No. It was because the games were fun to play. Ever since the series went into 3D, Sega, Sonic Team or whoever felt that with a new dimension comes a new "deep" story with laughable results of trying too hard. I don't know about you but when I'm playing a Sonic game, I don't expect a interesting compelling plot because of the concept of Sonic alone. When I'm playing Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 I skip all the cutscenes or better yet go to the stage select screen and replay the Sonic and Shadow levels. I just feel that some of you are expecting way too much from a series like Sonic.
  7. I'm pretty sure anyone who's played Sonic 3 alone knows about this one. In Hydrocity Zone Act 2 (after Knuckles drops you into the area leading to the boss of that act) if you go too fast you'll skip the boss and proceed to the roboticizer which at first has glitchy jumbled up graphics, but quickly changes back to its non-glitchy state. After you free the animals and you see the results screen, you're supposed to be sent to marble garden zone by this stream of water sending Sonic flying up in the air but for some reason it never happens. The game just locks up and you just see Sonic standing there and hearing all these splashing sounds. It kinda ruins speedrunning the game because of that and it's so easy to do. But locking the game onto Sonic and knuckles fixes this as well as many other game-breaking bugs that Sonic 3 had.
  8. Because the controls suck. To be perfectly honest, I'm surprised people still talk about this game. I mean it's bad but... It's a spinoff sooo it's not really that important. The fact that this game only has 6 tracks just shows that this was just made to make a quick buck.
  9. Gameplay the exact same as Sonic but with different abilities. No treasure hunting, no mech shooting, no FISHING, no SLOW ASS version of Sonic, no god of werehog, just Sonic. Just like S3&K. It's that easy.
  10. I'd rather see Sega bringing back old franchises like Streets of Rage, Ristar, Jet Set Radio, Vectorman, and many others before I even think about giving a Sonic character their own game which didn't turn out well the last time it happened.
  11. Promotional art can sometimes be kinda off in some games making the character not match how he,she,or it usually looks like. Really not that big of a deal. I don't really think when it comes to the Sonic promotional art people will focus on the mouth. But I do agree that the Sonic 4 title has something kinda off with it. Most likely the fact that Modern Sonic is inside the emblem instead of Classic Sonic. Doesn't really match him.
  12. The Game Gear games. But that's mostly because of the Game Gears screen crunch making it where i can't see where the fuck I'm going 90% of the time. Also if beating the game isn't enough try getting the Chaos emeralds Where in pretty much all the Game Gear games they make it unnecessarily difficult. Finding them in the open in Sonic 1 & 2, getting a certain amount of rings in Sonic Chaos which is easier said than done, getting 50 rings and finding a Chaos emerald monitor in Sonic Triple Trouble, and finding a Chaos emerald monitor and going through the worst special stages in the history of Sonic in Sonic blast which is my absolutely least favorite Sonic game.
  13. Sonic 3 alone to me felt kinda rush. Not as many zones as Sonic 2 (Yeah they felt bigger but Sonic 2 still has more zones), didn't really feel as much of an improvement as Sonic 2 was to Sonic 1, and last but not least this game is glitchy. I can't tell you how many times where after I beaten the hydrocity act 2 boss and after I freed the animals the game would just lock up on me. But combined with Sonic and knuckles, OH MAN. This game went from ok to just AMAZING. Sonic 3 and knuckles is without a doubt my favorite Sonic game. The amount of zones, the special stages, the bonus stages, the Super emeralds, Hyper sonic, the ability to play Knuckles in Sonic 3 stages and open secret paths that you couldn't explore previously, the music man pretty much everything about this game is perfect and blew Sonic 2 out of the water. This is one of Sega's biggest achievements and it's sad that no Sonic game has come close to being as good as S3&K. But I will say I do prefer Knuckles theme and the minor boss in Sonic 3 more than the one in S3&K.
  14. Why is it despite all the effort Sonic Team is putting into these new Sonic games they won't make a new NiGHTS game. I mean I know JoD reception was kinda mixed, but so was those other Sonic games from back then and you know what they did, they learned from their mistakes and now Sonic games are getting good reception after all these years of negative reception that was driving the fans crazy. They can do the same for NiGHTS. It's going to take a while but with all the effort they put into these new sonic games they can put some of that effort into NiGHTS. Personally I think they need to take a break from Sonic and focus on their old Ip's because I bet if they put there mind to it these old franchises can become successful again. It's just wasted potential.
  15. Some of the things in Dynamite Headdy mostly baby face and that manniquen boss. I would post the videos but man they really freak me out. I still can't believe treasure made that game I just can't see how the same people who made all gunstar heroes, radiant silvergun, guardian heroes and other games made ... THAT.
  16. Who was Big meant to appeal to? Probably children considering that his personality is that of what you see on a show like Barney. Doesn't help the fact that his gameplay sucks and is so contridictory, that you realize his purpose was just there to add more variety to the true 3d debut of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  17. The first Sonic game I've ever played was Sonic 2,but the first Sonic game I bought was Sonic Mega Collection Plus for the Playstation 2. I remember first playing Sonic the hedgehog 1 on the compilation disk and how much I SUCKED. I couldn't even get past Green Hill Zone. I moved on to Sonic 2 and even though I managed to get past the first level, the water segment in Sonic 2 killed me. Back then I found these games to be straight up hard, mostly because I used the stereotype that you can win these games by holding right, and all I wanted to do was go fast but every time I did something blindsided me and I lost all the speed that I gained. It came to the point where I hated these games and never wanted to play them again. But somehow I kept on coming back to them over and over again and even though I kept on dying, I still kept on coming back to play them getting better in the process. Fast-forward to today and I can pretty much beat these games while at the same time managing to get the good ending in the process. So from what I learned from this experience is practice makes perfect... And the Genesis Sonic games are addicting.
  18. Some of the music in Sonic 3 was composed by Michael Jackson.
  19. Games way too simplistic, even for an arcade game. You can beat the game with Sonic by just mashing the punch button. Yeah they give you a variety of moves, but what's the point if there's this effective strategy of just mashing one single button. It's the stereotype of the fighting game genre. Though to be fair, they did promote that the game had a simplistic fighting system on one of the banners.
  20. Why doesn't the Super Sonic rolling physics for Sonic 2 and 3 alone work.
  21. I just recently got done playing the last two 19 (insert date here) shmups made by Capcom 19XX the war against destiny, and 1944 the loop master. Gameplay wise 1944 the loop master wins just because the powerups are better, it has a health bar, and it's much longer. But personally 19XX wins in almost every other category (especially the music). I'm suprised this wasn't on one of the Capcom compilations disk released last gen until I found out the reason why was because the game was released in 1996, and at the time not considered classic which is a dumb reason considering this was there chance to release it to home consoles but alas I have to stick to Mame. If you have the chance I suggest you check out the soundtrack to 19XX I've been listening to it like crazy some tracks could've been better but the good definitely outweighs the bad.
  22. I can relate because when I first played Sonic and Knuckles I couldn't get past Flying Battery Zone with Sonic, and couldn't get past Mushroom Hill Zone act 1 boss with Knuckles. You really do have to memorize what's going to happen and pop up in the classics, plus the fact that you start of with a small number of lives doesn't really help newcomers either.
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