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  1. happy birthday if you ever come back :D

  2. I'm afraid. I'm very afraid. Just as we finally got a decent voice cast, Sega again decides to take a huge risk. Some sources claim the return of the german Sonic X cast, which was average at best. Others say that Iizuka himself helped Sega Germany with finding suitable voices. But it's not the voices that I'm most afraid of. It's the translation and pronounciation. The subtitles in the games were never as accurate as they should have been, and the pronounciation in Sonic X was horrendous. Just thinking about how they say "Chaos Emeralds" or "Chaos Control" makes me want to hang myself. And dear god, don't ever let Sonic introduce himself again... "Ich bin Sonic. Sonic se Hadshock!"
  3. Well, they are out. At least here in Germany, which surprised me a lot because we either get Sonic merch later or not at all. I bought the 6 pack yesterday and it's great. Must have been lucky, because other stores sell the pack for 30€, while I got mine for 15...
  4. Uhm... something like this? http://www.emp.de/bin/shop.php?prog=shop&a...ONIC:%20Eyes%20[Farbe:%20royalblau/wei%DF]&tc=SEARCH (copy & paste if it's not completely linked) The simpler, the better. This is one example of how I want a Sonic related shirt to look like. Also, if Mario can do it, why not make something similar to this: http://www.geekologie.com/2008/01/16/i%27d...-that-shirt.jpg Although I think less people would get the joke, but hey...
  5. Fish

    Die Versammlung der pwnenden Gentlemen :>

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