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  1. A lot of what egoraptor said I don't agree with. LttP just frustrates me with its combat. Links has a small range of motion and distance when swinging his sword. This always annoyed me especially with a room full of enemies coming at me. That and attacking enemies just didn't feel satisfying. I also didn't like the overworld design. Also sad to see Skyward Sword hate. I had a superb experience with that game, but obviously he likes sandbox style. But I didn't even find it linear. Personally I like a sense of direction in where I'm going, but that's just preference.
  2. Looks awesome! But why is Midna in her cursed form? Shouldn't she be in her original form? Other than that I absolutely love the Great Fairy, really sexy and seductive. Even something as simple as red toe nail polish makes a huge difference.
  3. Feels just like the original show! It's amazing how the voice of the ghost here is just like creepy voices from the original show. Reminds me of the CG from the episode with the computer virus. I really don't mind a lower budget, as long as the stories are great. I'd rather them focus on that.
  4. I never understood why the game made the music so muffled. Disc space? If you actually listen to it in high quality (not so overly compressed), it's so much nicer. Same with SA2. Heroes in-game music when playing it was much clearer. If I remember right I think shadow used Dolby 5.1 and Heroes used Dolby Surround. Anyway I loved the game's ost. Really catchy and original sounding.
  5. Another shadow would be well received if it fixed all the criticisms from before. More development with the other sonic characters, GUN and sonic's world in general. Polished gameplay, good dialogue, etc. Guns, swearing and overly dark tone should be removed. I don't see why another one wouldn't sell if they did this.
  6. Turmeric is extremely powerful at killing cancer cells!

  7. sugar breaks down skin collagen and increases skin aging!

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      it's also fun to eat

    2. lounge


      don't live to eat.

      eat to live :)

  8. Personally I can't see how the writing in recent games appeals to anyone that isn't a child. Not that that means anyone that likes it is childish, just that the dialogue is. I can't emote with any of the characters. Another thing that is impacting my views on this are the overdone, annoying voice overs. This is the reason I can't watch something like Spongebob anymore. It's generic and grating on my ears. I prefer the low key vibe that Adventure Time and Regular Show use. Performance can make or break it, and this voice direction breaks it for me.
  9. I don't understand why it's so hard for sonic games to have funny, interesting dialogue. Voice work is way overdone and generic, especially Mike Pollock. Jokes are embarrassing and aren't funny. One of the guys said that they'd treat their audience intelligently, but this trailer showed exactly the opposite. Strictly for children which is a shame. This is exactly the same as Colors/Lost World. The only good thing I saw was the character artwork expressions and graphics.
  10. I loved the original as a child. I still remember the very first time I played it after my dad promised to get it if I got a good grade on my test. And I cried because my brother was playing madden when we got back, and I wanted to play banjo so bad, but he was in the middle of playing the game. When we finally started playing, it was really memorable because even my dad sat on a chair and watched with my brother as I played. Now playing it being mature, there are flaws that are annoying, like the worlds resetting musical notes from death, and being able to complete worlds relatively quickly. I still think Mario 64 is superior. For me, I think it's a little too simple for modern standards today. The spyro the dragon games for PS1 are a different case b/c those games have tons of levels so the simplicity works in their case. Here it's only 9 easily completed worlds. Banjo Tooie is Rare at their absolute prime. Such an amazing, addicting challenging platformer. One of the best crafted games ever made. It's not like DK64 where I would lose track of what I was supposed to do. In Tooie the missions are so fun to solve, because I see a change in the levels and great dialogue and exchanges with so many funny characters. The worlds really felt alive in this one. I'd feel so smart everytime I completed a task. The game was never repetitive for me. Oozing with creativity in every corner. Leveling up you abilities with cheats. Every section of a level offered something interesting for me to explore and tackle. I was constantly thinking. Never got bored. The problem with Nuts and Bolts was that Rare didn't respect the core fanbase. It should've taken a note from Mario Sunshine with the water pack which doesn't take away Mario's abilities but enhances them. That's what the vehicles should've been like. Enhancing platforming, not scrapping it and doing stupid, lame missions. The new character designs took all the cuteness out. I missed the googly eyes and the soft, cutesy features.
  11. I agree with an adventure-esque story. Something that's interesting and gets people debating about the world and characters for years. The problem with the new stories is that they fail in the department that they're focused on, which is humor. The humor doesn't work because frankly it isn't even remotely funny. It's strictly aimed towards little children, as opposed to being aimed towards a general audience. It's such a bore to watch those cutscenes and get no reaction. Not one chuckle. Add to that that the world doesn't even try to draw me in. No engagement. The characters have all become assholes to one another which I really couldn't stand to sit through either. A shame. They need to fire these new writers. Perhaps Shiro Maekawa has moved on? I have no idea what happened to him.
  12. Galaxy 2 is probably the most perfect game I've ever played. No bs, perfect flow, perfect gameplay, perfect design. I remember reading the Iwata Asks segment and it provided insight on why the game is so good. Every member of the team was able to create their own levels if I recall, even programmers. And of course Miyamoto offered great advice as a whole. I played it before the first Galaxy, so it was that much more impressive.
  13. I'm surprised people actually liked Lost Worlds dialogue. Specifically sonic and tails. They just annoy me so much now. It's just as annoying as Colors stupid saturday morning bullshit. I really miss the less exaggerated personalities from SA2. More down to earth. Just look at Knuckles in Lost World, he's ridiculous now. But I can't help but wonder if it's the new voices for sonic and tails that make it worse. A line like Baldy McNosehair would probably sound less annoying if it was Ryan Drummond or even Jason Griffith. It would come across completely different. I think that might be what's making a big difference. But there's still the writing. People going "oh it's nice that it's lighthearted." And then using the pathetic excuse that previous games had cringeworthy dialogue as if that gives Lost World a pass. There's absolutely nothing interesting about it. Nothing compelling. The jokes fell flat, not once did I even chuckle. Sonic doesn't act the least bit cool. He's lame, isn't funny, and he has become obnoxiously rude.
  14. I saw the Battle of Gods movie with subs online, and I really enjoyed it! Was worried that the music was going to sound dated, but it was really beautiful. There's only two things that bothered me: Firstly the animation during quiet, regular, conversation scenes isn't impressive in the slightest. In fact I'd say it looks downright bland looking. This being a cinematic movie with the original creator surprises me. Second, the CG backgrounds in motion are really bad. Like amateurishly, hollywood 90's bad. There's this one scene where Goku and Bills are fighting at a canyon, and during this one powerup moment their models look exactly like from one of the DBZ video games. Really bizarre. Other than that the fight scenes are fantastic and powerful. I don't mind the CG auras during powerups at all, it's understandable. The music really is amazing. But in general I don't like Toei Animation's new look visually. The original cel animation and color for DBZ looks more impressive. I also prefer the way Bulma looked in the original series as opposed to her more streamlined, thinner new look. Not that cel animation is needed for the new DBZ... I mean the Naruto movies look fantastic.
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