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    Just a gamer who's been a fan of Nintendo since I picked up a controller at the age of 2. I am a Nintendo fanboy, but I don't judge other games because every game out there brings something new and exciting to the game table. I never judge a game before playing it, I can't say this game is awesome or it isn't good unless I play it first. That's just not how I roll. Plus if you can, it's great to try everything gaming has to offer.
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  1. Happy Birthday, say hi to horrendously off-model Mega Man for me. And give him these. *hands over cyanide*

  2. Hey everyone, long time no see! Hope everyone is doing fine. I've heard about the possible dlc announcement and I'd buy the Wii U version of ASRT if Mario was in the game. So, any guesses for dlc characters? It's a dumb idea but Batman would be cool for this since the Batmobile can transform into a plane and boat in Brave and the Bold. New tracks would be cool too. I'd love to see some Sonic CD tracks. Could work with the time travel thing, like the track changes depending on the time period. Happy 4th of July!
  3. I haven't posted here because like everyone here, I've been playing ASRT and I've had a blast so far. Haven't used anyone other than Ralph, which makes me sad because Shadow was my main character in the previous game, now he's been replaced lol Also, I think that Sonic Racing song everyone is talking about that people are claiming isn't in the game, go to the first stage, listen closely and you can hear it. Not sure if it's the song but listen to it later on, it sounds like Super Sonic Racing.
  4. I have one last question for S0L, I hope it's no trouble: I have the Wii U version of Transformed on pre-order, and I heard it'll have "special content" and will have a special edition, but just wondering, will all retail versions of the Wii U be special editions? I ask this because Toys R Us is having a deal on Wii U games, if I buy one, I get the second one 40% off, and was thinking of cancelling my pre-order and getting the deal one. I want to know because what if I cancel my pre-order, only to find out Toys R Us doesn't have it and then I just lost my pre-ordered copy at Gamestop. Also sorry for all of these questions I've been asking, I hope I don't sound annoying lol
  5. Agreed, you can easily tell the hard work and dedication that was put into this game. My brother will be getting the PS3 version and I'll try to score the Wii U version and I really did enjoy the first title so I know I wont be dissapointed with it. What I don't get is why are people quick to judge games before they even come out, heck aside from the people who have played it already thanks to breaking the release date, alot of us haven't played it yet. One of the things I never do is judge a game before I play it, I mean how can I come up with the conclusion that the game is incredible or mediocre? Alot of people do that, like some might assume, "Oh it's Sonic or some other game, it's going to suck" I mean really? Have you tried it atleast before saying that? No matter if a game is awesome or it's not good, I atleast play it first rather than just agree with what everyone is saying.
  6. Spoilers tags are pretty tempting, but good thing I'm strong willed but I was kinda close on clicking just one lol Anyway, went to Gamestop to pre-order the Wii U version of Transformed along with Epic Mickey on the 3DS (those Oswald ears and 5 bucks off looked tempting) and was just wondering S0L, the Wii U will have a special edition and it's said to have content that the other versions wont, but will that be in a limited print run copy or will all copies of that be the special edition? Cause I saw a Toys R Us ad when you buy a Wii U game, and you get the other one 40%, sure that doesn't seem like much but I don't have a ton of cash on me and I plan on picking up Mario on the Wii U, and well just thought it would be a good move to get it there, and I thought I'd ask you first cause I don't want to cancel my order in hopes of scoring that version on Toys R Us, then to find out that they're out and losing my GS copy too.
  7. Kirby does indeed have a car, he had his space ship from the anime turned into a car, though he cotrolled it with his feet, check episode 31 if you want to see how it looks like. And if you want a legit video game car, Kirby had one in Tilt and Tumble in the mini-game: Kirby's Chicken Race, so Kirby could actually steer a car. Or use Wheel Rider Kirby from Super Star. The problem is finding something he could use for a water based vehicle unless you want to use Kine the Fish, and Nintendo letting him be in Transformed.
  8. @SOL Thank you for answering my questions, and Kirby would totally make sense in the game, considering he did have his own racing game, and all of the Air Ride Machines did all the terrain types that are in Transformed. Though wondering if Kirby's vehicle will be something from Air Ride, or his ship from the Kirby Anime or something entirely new. As for Sackboy, well look how that turned out for Sony, heard the game isn't that good, so that's one game I wont be buying, Sony was better off having Sackboy in Trasnformed. Master Chief or Banjo would be fine, but does MC have a water based vehicle? Though one thing that did surprise me was seeing Wreck-It Ralph in the game, now I know who I'll be using the most, sorry Shadow On question 2, fair enough though I'll be keeping an eye on your future endeavors for games. And outside Mario Kart, F-Zero is my most favorite racing game ever, nice to see another fan, especially one in the game industry. And given your track record with games, maybe you might surpass GX/AX, it'll be hard but I'm sure you can pull it off, if Nintendo does allow you guys that is lol On the Wii U, the rear view thing seems neat for the game and 5 player co-op sounds nice. As for Mario, welll I see that as a Nintendo issue, but if it was possible, I'd immediatly drop any other game I was buying and get Sonic on the Wii U lol And I know Halo 4 isn't on the Wii U, NFS is going to be on there, next year. Again thank you for anwsering my questions @Beat and Ball Hog Badnik thanks for the replies. Ralph does make sense cause of the Sonic cameos in the movie. As for Danica, yep more of a marketing thing but she's a great driver in the track, so I'll use her in the game as well as Ralph.
  9. Hi I'm new here and judging from my avatar, yes I'm a Nintendo fan, but I like Sega's games too, and yes I've read the rules before you ask.I also hope to become a regular poster here. Now that that's out of the way, I understand SOL is a developer for Sonic and All-Stars Racing Trasnformed and I wanted to ask him a few questions if possible. Not sure if anyone has asked him before or if he's answered this question already, and since the game is coming out in a week, I thought this would be a good chance to ask him now. Anyway, here is my questions, I've seen the trailers for the game and it looks cool, and I love it that it also has non-Sega characters in it, kinda making this like the Super Smash Bros of racing games if that makes sense. If you could, who would you add from third and/or first party video game characters to be playable in the game? Like for Sony, Crash would be pretty neat, since he's been in his fair share of racing games like that PS1 one and Tag Team Racing, I think it's the one with transforming cars. Nintendo-wise, Diddy Kong would be cool since he does have the vehicles to be in the game. For MS, not sure, maybe Banjo. And it would be cool to have atleast a level from those exclusive characters. And, now that the game is done, or close to releasing, what are your plans now? Are you going to work on some new games? And which games would you want to work on now? I heard that if you could, you'd work on a new F-Zero game, that is awesome, I'd really love a new F-Zero game, since Sega did a great job with GX. Also I heard that the Wii U version is going to have exclusive content in it, and that has me interested. I was going to get Halo 4 and NFS: Most Wanted, but the first sign I see Mario or something Nintendo related in the game, I'll pass those and get this game instead, even though my brother was already getting the PS3 version. Sorry if it took me too long to get to the point.
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