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    I'm a collector of many things, from McDonald's to advertising mascots/icons to Disney to Three Stooges to horror/Halloween to Chuck E. Cheese to vintage gaming to Tim Burton and a ton in between. My main interest is Mac Tonight, the jazzy moon-headed lounge singer from mcDonald's. I own a very large collection of Mac memorabilia including statues, costumes, signs, figures, clocks, pins, clothing, and even a large tattoo of him. :)

    As far as Sonic goes, I prefer the original Sonic games and characters. I'm not much of a fan of modern Sonic, if at all. I really love Aosth! My favorite character from the show is Wes Weasley. He's highly underrated and disliked, but I love him!
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    San Diego
  1. Hey look, it's Wes Weasley.

    1. Frogging101


      Happy birthday :)

  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  3. I don't think the person who uploaded it is related to the project in any way, they just shared it.
  4. I hated this show since it came out because of the weird style it's in and I wasn't impressed by the previews at all. But somebody left the tv on while I was working in the living room a few weeks ago and I ended up watching a few episodes. I actually really like it! I'm still not fond of the style, but the plots are very interesting and I like all of the characters (besides Dogpound, ugh). On a semi-related note, I found this the other day and unfortunately didn't have money to buy it. Guys, it's Leonardo! It would have been perfect displayed next to my Yogi Bear figure that's labeled as Fred Flinstone.
  5. I was going to say they're probably dying from cat flu because Disneyland released strat cats within the park every night to control the rodent population. But then I realize that cat flu is basically a feline version of a cold and it can't be contracted by humans. So, uh.
  6. Hahaha. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't stand those GameStop covers. The drawing style is so ugly! I'd rather have no cover than having to look at those.
  7. I think it's only proper to get Chilidogs from Sonics Drive In. Haha. Before he went on his diet, chilidogs were all my boyfriend ordered at Sonics. And he'd always be wearing his Sonic shirts saying "These are way past good!" in that Jaleel voice. It amuses me.
  8. I have quite a few obsessions, but Sonic is unfortunately not one of them. As it is, I'm really only a fan of the Genesis games and resulting tv shows/comics. But I can definitely say that AoStH Robotnik and Wes Weasley (and maybe just the show in general) are a 'temporary' obsession, meaning it's something I'm constantly deeply interested in, but my interest will occasionally spike up into an obsession. Does that make sense?
  9. Did I spy someone dressed like Wes Weasley? That's awesome! Mucho respect from me, haha.
  10. I love Werehog Sonic too! I might be biased because I like werewolves, but I think it's an interesting twist on Sonic. And the game was fun!
  11. I searched the forum and didn't see this posted anywhere. I was really impressed with this when I first saw it (top comment is actually mine), so I thought I'd share! It's a preview of a SatAM fan project that's unfortunately not going to be continued.
  12. Oh wow, I love your style! It's so wonderfully fluid and stylized!
  13. Here's a clip of his SatAM voice acting featuring Dr. Robotnik and Snively. http://youtu.be/FbvHnwSLt-o
  14. Thanks, guys! I don't have any more photos of the costume (yet). The head is sculpted from upholstery foam glued onto a lightweight ski mask and covered in antron fleece (the type of frabric used on the Muppets) dyed skin-toned. His mustache is fake fur. I was going to link Ruben's voice acting here, but it doesn't look like he has them uploaded anywhere. He said he'll put up some videos on Youtube today.
  15. Hey, everyone! I'm new to the forum and just wanted to share some Robotnik art my friend and I have made. My friend, Ruben, is a huge fan of AoStH Robotnik, as well as a fan of Robotnik from SatAM. To start out, here's some art from Ruben-- This is his own version of Robotnik--- Next, here is some of my own art. I have some drawings of Robotnik, but none I like enough to share. Haha. So instead, I'll share the Robotnik costume I'm building for Ruben. This is an old picture. As of now the costume was about 97% done until his family let his dogs in his room when he was out and they tore up parts of the costume. Now it's about 85% done. And here is a Robotnik sculpture I'm working on. When it's finished I'll be making a mold of it and then casting it in rubber. It will be made into a Robotnik doll! (I'll be sewing the body).
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