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  1. I can't get over this video....I think I'm starting to like it wtf...

    1. Voyant


      wth is wrong with me?

  2. his is absolutely so fucking bad...that its amazing.

    1. Voyant


      These people are dead serious...that's what really makes it funny.

    2. Motwera


      Are they high or something?

  3. I can Run Sonic Melpontroations fine. There must be something up because I tried the same files on my main PC and it happened as well. Its Visual Runtime Library Error something like that. Maybe its the sound files however...I'll give it a shot.
  4. Sorry to bump a old tread like this, but I managed to run into a major problem when running this mod. I can only get to the menu screen in Sonic Generations. If I press New Game the games goes to the level loading screen and then eventually crashes. If I press continue then I get the forever loading screen that people are talking about. The level loading scree crash tells me me that its a Visual Run Time Error or something like that. I tried practically everything and have only heard one mention of this from someone else but he/she was never replied to. What really weird is that other level modes work fine. Just not this mod. Anyone have any idea what this is?
  5. I see what you guys are saying. All I'm saying though is I wouldn't be surprised if one day this guys pulls out of no where and declares this all a big cry for attention and just wants people to notice him. Its like what Miley Cyrus did to her image, but just....well... a lot worse. We have had all kinds of professionals here visit the forum. I'm sure Penders lurks here and is quite in tune with community hot spots. I think its more likely to say that he does rather than not.
  6. I seriously can't believe there is 100+ pages about this dude. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe this is the kind of attention that he wants? I don't understand why you guys choose to feed this man your time and energy.
  7. I would really like to play the Unleashed Mod for Generations....butright when the game starts passed the menu screen its crashes with a runtime error....

  8. just gonna say it...for the sake of Sonic's recoverign status....Sonic Boom needs to be canceled (The game not the show)

    1. Voyant


      Please don't make the same mistake with 06 SEGA....don't release it anyway even if you know its bad.

    2. Red Cap

      Red Cap

      Not gonna happen this late into development.

    3. The Deleter
    4. Tracker_TD


      Come on, I think Boom looks awful and even I know that's a bad idea.

    5. #AR


      yeah sure let's take all that money we already spent on the game and just make nothing out of it.

  9. Ima be honest and say this...for the sake of Sonic's recovering status...SEGA needs to cancel this game. Regardless if you want this game or not if this game comes out this is only going to further put Sonic in a bad spot and I don't think the cartoon can make up for it. Please SEGA don't make the 06 mistake again do the right thing and let it go. This is sounding like Sonic 06 all over again..just this time we know better and can see the train wreck happening. At this point I don't see any reason why something with so much negative feedback should come out. I really hope SEGA does something about this....Lost World was an a bump in the road and it happens.....but they just went from bad to reallly bad.
  10. I love the smell of colon...how about you? http://sweetcolon.tumblr.com/

    1. Voyant


      *cologne* click the link and you will get the joke

  11. Yeah...I think its time for me to separate with my loved one...before the train wreck happens.

    1. Voyant


      Its really a shame too because its really just one or two things that messing it up...we are great friends, but I can't see a lasting relationship with each other due to her immaturity towards life.

    2. Wil348


      Hope everything is okay, I'm sure you two will make the right decision. :)

  12. While it may be annoying every now I then I think it's important. If you have a character that goes from point A to point B and it took 5 minutes to get there....and you didn't do absolutely anything, but walk....no obstacles...terrain...nothing. And people say "I think this is an alright game" from game design standards. People have total right to call them out for it. From a game design standards...no...walking from point a to point b does not make a good game....or a average game in the first place. I don't care if that is your opinion that that was the best straight line you walked in you life in gaming...it still fucking shit level design. While I understand the importance of respecting opinions there is a line crossed where it just absolutely pure arrogance and ignorance that makes whatever your saying invalid. Like the people that say the holocaust never existed...am I really supposed to respect that and say it okay that's your opinion from an intelligent standpoint? Come on now. I'm not saying that the speed levels in Boom are that simplistic, but generally from a technical aspect the on-rails or straight lines that are in Boom...compared to something like Unleashed, Colours, Generations, hell even Temple Fucking Run it is subpar, but guess this makes me an asshole. If anything this goes to show you that critical thinking is defiantly something you need to work on and your not born with it inherently cause damn there are some really smart people out there that can't think for shit critically.
  13. I know this sounds crazy, but I think opinions can actually be wrong.

    1. Voyant


      If Sonic is blue, but someone else claims its their opinion that Sonic is Red. Regadless of what that person thinks...nothing chagnes the fact that Sonic is blue. Bam wrong opinion detected! :P

    2. Conquering Storm's Servant

      Conquering Storm's Servant

      Then that wouldn't be an opinion. That would be a fact.

    3. Voyant


      @ CSS true!

      But then there are people who will fight truth and nail especially on the internet that would say that regardless of the evidence shown that their opinion must sill be respected do to the fact that its still an opinion. Which is of course a fallacy. I'll get into this deeper later...writing a statement for chit chat.

      The problem is that I'm noticing that this is becoming an acceptable thing.

    4. Briraka


      But Sonic IS red! >:o

    5. Dizcrybe


      I don't think opinions can be wrong, but eople can be wrong about what IS an opinion. For example, saying Sonic is red isn't an opinion, it's an outright fabrication - it's simply not true. Saying it's an opinion doesn't make it one; it's just false.

    6. Voyant


      @But First

      Ahh but this is when it gets complicated...lets say that guy was raised to belive red was blue and blue is red. Then what?

    7. Marcello


      They'd be factually wrong.

      To your original statement: If anyone has an opposing opinion to me, then their opinion is obviously wrong.

    8. Dizcrybe


      Then it's still wrong because it's been established when colors were given names that blue is blue and red is red. This can be proven as fact because on every Crayola box, every can of paint, every box of colored pencils, blue is labeled as blue and red is labeled as red.

      Furthermore, during the end of Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic says "Let's go back to the planet as cool and blue as me!" He, and by extension, the game, have admitted to him being blue. This is b...

    9. Dizcrybe


      ...but one of many references to Sonic's blue - not red - color.

    10. DBZHedgy


      But what if the person who claims Sonic is red, is color blind, then what?

    11. DBZHedgy


      It wouldn't be an opinion, but it wouldn't be wrong either since to their eyes Sonic, to some variant of red.

  14. That hasn't really changed either. I'm just stating that Sonic forever damned to never having a full fledged experience ever again. I really given up on Sonic Team unless SEGA themselves change the mentality when it comes to Sonic as a brand.