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  1. Not to be Mister Smartypants or the Necro-meister, but I was watching the movie today and I searched to see if anyone had posted about Sonic Championship. I then just so happened to come across this thread so I decided to weigh in when I read this minor inaccuracy. DaddlerTheDalek's previously posted partial frame capture above occurs during the time lapse scene in the movie's intro which fast forwards through the thirty years of the Litwak's Arcade. There, we learn that, in actuality, this is not from present day Litwak's Arcade. Technically speaking, Litwak's Arcade had Sonic Championship/Sonic the Fighters, right before it was replaced with the arcade's current fixture Sugar Rush. This is visible at time marker 00:02:24 as depicted in this more complete frame capture: https://ibb.co/n3mSWK So Sonic the Fighters/Sonic Championship directly proceeded Sugar Rush. Not but a couple seconds later at time marker 00:02:26, we can observe that Sugar Rush replaces Sonic Championship/Sonic the Fighters: https://ibb.co/cNXedz Now, given the physical placement of Sugar Rush, this naturally raises the question of Sugar Rush possibly standing in front of Sonic Championship/Sonic the Fighters, obscuring it from the camera. Fortunately, there is footage later in the film to answer this question in an alternate camera angle at time marker 01:11:24. When Ralph looks through Fix It Felix Jr.'s screen to Sugar Rush across the arcade, we see Sugar Rush directly next to Tapper with no Sonic Championship/Sonic the Fighters in-between: https://ibb.co/i4QXyz
  2. Subjectively speaking. There are plenty more users outside of SSMB who say otherwise, fans and non-fans alike. Dee Dude hit the nail on the head. You can nitpick about minor cosmetic or functional quirks here and there. However, the synergistic whole or big picture of how it all comes together is what matters for most people. Sonic Forces is not the same as past Adventure games, but holistically, it is good in general. True, but here is the disclaimer: these estimates are based on VGChartz. In practice, I have often found their numbers to fall accurately in line with the sales of new titles that companies publish in their press announcements and quarterly results. For this reason, I believe VGChartz is more scientifically rooted and data-based than just them licking their finger and throwing it up in the wind hoping to get a lucky prediction.
  3. No, he was correct: it sold over 3 million. That 1.85 million figure you cite is likely based on solely the first or second quarter sales after release, which is typically less than 50% of overall lifetime sales. Estimated lifetime sales show total units sold across all platforms (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) is upwards of 3 million total copies. Now, from the vantage point of the Internet as a whole, Sonic Forces has the makings of very decent sales potential, around 2 to 3 million copies. We shall see, though. We shall see. I am banking on a Tuesday surprise and I am one of those who sees Sonic Forces, in spite of its otherwise minor quirks that longtime fans easily notice, as a net positive step forward and a generally good game. I am pleasantly looking forward to getting many hours of solid playtime in this Tuesday including playing through the Episode Shadow DLC that will be a full-on surprise for everyone. I also am also pleasantly looking forward to other surprises that I sense, based on the subtle hints dropped today in the Twitter takeover, which are yet in store.
  4. This is so true. There are non-Sonic fans I know who completely acknowledge the flaws in '06 but they like the game due to the range of characters and their unique personalities that contribute to the story. In fact, one guy in particular I spoke with recently at my university who was underwhelmed by Lost World is excited for Forces because it brings back multiple characters, even if to not quite the same, albeit broken degree of '06. People can be more willing to ignore flaws if character selection is diverse enough.
  5. Typically, you will see more people prone to complain than give praise in an online setting, and this is one area in particular where Sonic Forces seems to be doing very well in the Reddit-sphere. For the sake of clarifying, I was speaking of preferences in general, not personal appeal to you or other fans who make up SSMB's overall demographic which I respect entirely. If someone does not like any media even if popular opinion may tell them otherwise, bottom line: they are the only ones who can decide this and, perhaps for the best, they should not play it. I was speaking of your prediction, what you in humor had posted, actually turning out to be true. Many people would find it haunting if they humorously predicted a subjectively undesirable outcome, only for that very outcome to actually come to pass.
  6. Maybe I am not following correctly, but are you referring to the concepts I presented in the image or Sonic Forces' concepts? If you mean the former, I agree precisely with that and that is what the concept image wishes to convey: configurable or customizable, playable characters from the franchise. Now, it does show those characters as being secondary, but there I would disagree with the image. All the characters should be given the option of being primary characters. For example, one possible tag team could be Tails being the primary character and Sonic being the sidekick or secondary character. Ditto. I do not want the main series becoming like many of Mario and Link's outings in this regard, either. A primary strength of the Sonic franchise has been the rich diversity of the characters. The "friends are bad" argument has been a false flag and common misconception which many have canted for years and which may have partially brought our own plight upon ourselves. That is not the problem, at least not precisely; wildly different and sometimes poorly implemented alternative play styles with these other characters is the real problem. If Tails stages, Knuckles stages, etc. were also race-to-the-finish style gameplay and did not entail tedious mech operation or treasure hunting as a primary objective, I think we would have heard a lot less of this "friends are bad" discussion.
  7. I knew, and I could not help but notice that the actual joke may be your joke coming back to haunt you later. Maybe, maybe not, but I have found in my own experience that certain online venues are better demographical representations than others. My experience tells me, for example, that Reddit is a more accurate, properly distributed reflection of the prevailing public discourse than what other sites may suggest. r/SonictheHedgehog's userbase is largely pleased by the leaks in Sonic Forces in contrast with their dismal experience with Sonic Lost World and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, which leads me to believe the game holds promise in the gaming community at large. You also fail to estimate the sheer number of Sonic OC artists on DeviantArt, which in my insta-quick, non-scientific scroll-and-counting methodology, number easily in the thousands, many of which appear to be positively hyped for Sonic Forces.
  8. I say as late as only a year ago. This is a long shot, but the Avatar character's move set relies on a grappling hook which is not unlike the Enerbeam.
  9. I honestly think it is because they do not sufficiently plan and prepare (outline the plot and do the preliminary world building) before putting it all down on paper in script format. Instead, they haphazardly let the ideas come as they write and then they try making it all fit together when, while there are many genuinely good ideas there, there are also many terrible ideas that should be promptly scrapped or discarded. Judging from the various blogs I follow that review drafts of pre-green-lit movies, this is a chronic problem in movie industry script writing in general, even up through movies with $10+ and $100+ million budgets. But the movie industry gets away with this all the time because they know all too well that most moviegoers will pay regardless of the actual quality because of the IP's already massive mindshare or the crowd-drawing bizarre or extreme premise behind it all.
  10. In the most vocal regions of the fan base, yes. However, in my experience with various video game clubs I have belonged to, Sonic Adventure 2 is still very warmly regarded by the average gamer. Many still find Sonic Adventure 2 much better than most of Sonic's modern outings.
  11. No, I said for "those" characters which could not have audio recorded, and this is due to costs or what not. For the current main modern cast (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Silver, Blaze, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Vector, Espio, Charmy), they would have lines recorded to accompany their subtitled dialogue, though, like they normally do. For many other characters in the expanded universe, though, such as Fang, Mighty, Sally, Big the Cat, Tikal, Jet the Hawk, and so on, which I propose being made available via optional DLC packs, they may or may not necessarily have recorded audio.
  12. Given this pattern where every other anniversary game is very good, we should have a very good 30th anniversary game from Sonic Team, right?
  13. Here is another thought: make Story Mode playable for every character. Naturally, dialogue cannot be recorded for every character. So just do the dialogue for those characters the way Nintendo does for Link and Mario: grunts, noises and short catchphrases backing up subtitles. Here is one solution. Fans seem to know far better what they want than SEGA does. It is for reasons like this and when I see solutions presented like this that I feel SEGA should hire fans to play a critical role in the development of 3D Sonic games. Source: https://nibroc-rock.deviantart.com/art/Sonic-Gameplay-Concepts-700502744
  14. A solution: make every character in the roster optional except for the character whose play style you like most. You only have to beat the game with the character or characters you prefer. Whether that is Big the Cat or Tails Doll from a vast universe of characters, let the players have the decision for how they play.
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