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  1. I love Sky Troops even though it's repetitive. It still has an epic feel to it that matches the grand open-ness that should be that standard for the trope of sky levels. Cosmic Fall, Mad Matrix and Final Haunt are all great level themes and I Am (All Of Me) is my favorite Crush 40 song. However that's about all I can say because although I genuinely like the soundtrack, I find myself struggling to write anything noteworthy about it. I can see how a lot of the tracks are bland and forgettable and it's more of a guilty pleasure rather than something I can gush about on and on.
  2. I once ran down a ski slope during the summer, when there was no snow. With my airplane arms behind me and gaining more and more speed as I went down. Then I realized I couldn't really stop. It was silly, but fun.
  3. If anyone here plays DDR, that same sample "Taco taco wheat got a mask on my face" appears on the song Try 2 Luv U by S.F.M.P. That always bugged the hell out of me.
  4. Gonna mimic what everyone else is saying: This is beautiful!!!! It's been way too long since we had a DECENT casino level. I always wondered why Sonic Colors didn't have one. The casino trope would've fit right in with the theme park design.
  5. This looks amazing, but not enough for me to buy a WiiU yet. I am kind of disappointed that the rumor posted a few months ago won't come true, I was looking forward to having other playable characters with Unleashed style gameplay, but honestly, I'll probably get over that quite fast. I'd like to see some other levels of the game though. Fingers crossed for the 3DS version not being half-assed like Generations 3DS and Unleashed Wii. As for the discussion on graphics, it looks like they're using the hedgehog engine again. It's just harder to tell because of the level design.
  6. My top 10 pieces of Sonic music (in no particular order): - Ice Cap Act 1 - Chemical Plant - Quartz Quadrant Present (JP soundtrack) - Aquarium Park Act 1 - Stardust Speedway Past - Sky Sanctuary (Generations' Classic Mix) - Collision Chaos Present (JP soundtrack) - Planet Wisp Act 1 (Colors Version) - Jungle Joyride Day - Palmtree Panic Bad Future (JP soundtrack) ....shit why did I restrict myself to 10 spaces? Your homework for tonight is listening to the soundtracks for Sonic 2 and 3.
  7. I prefer the Japanese soundtrack. I blast that shit in my car all the time. The weird thing about the US soundtrack is that it actually fits the tone of the game and the storyline more, the atmosphere is usually spot on. However, by catering to setting an atmosphere for the game it can suffer from being forgettable at times. I love discussing Collision Chaos Present when talking about both soundtracks. The US track is an alien sounding song, and fits the bizarre landscape and visuals of the zone spot on. I absolutely love it, it's creepy, it's wonderful, and just as bizarre as the level design. The JP track doesn't fit the zone as well, but I still tend to prefer it both in-game and just to listen to because it's so bouncy and fun. You can ignore the fact that the zone is one of the most bizarre things in Sonic game (what with it being between 2 planets and all), and just have fun and tap your foot or hum along or whatever. It's fun. The whole soundtrack is fun. The Japanese soundtrack wins. And Quartz Quadrant Present... don't get me started. On the JP side you have one of my favorite pieces of Sonic music of all time. And on the US side you have one the the worst.. ugggh Of the US version, I do prefer all the themes for Tidal Tempest, the futures for Quartz Quadrant and Wacky Workbench, the speed up jingle, boss theme, and Sonic Boom. The best music for BOTH games is definitely Stardust Speedway. And the worst music for both games is Metallic Madness.
  8. Nonaggression, before it kicks into pinch mode. Pretty epic boss fight music. Way better than the final boss music in Advance 1 or 2.
  9. Oh God, a music topic. It's so hard to restrain myself from making a huge list here. Oil Ocean - a pretty awesome track from Sonic 2 but I think it's forgotten because it's in the same game as Chemical Plant, Mystic Cave or Metropolis. Casino Night (2P Mode) Better than the 1P Casino Night music. Mystic Cave (2P Mode) That bassline kicks ass. All of the Competition music from Sonic 3, including the menu music, which was quite different from anything else in a Sonic game at the time. Chrome Gadget is the best out of all of them, though. Quartz Quadrant Present (JP Version) - When you think of Sonic CD, you probably think of Palmtree Panic or Stardust Speedway. But my jam from that game is Quartz Quadrant! One of my favorite pieces of Sonic music ever. I love the change of pace and tone throughout the song. Sonic 3D Blast - Genesis soundtrack >>>>> Saturn Soundtrack. Having better quality music on the Saturn version doesn't mean the music is more enjoyable for me. The Genesis soundtrack fits right in with the classic trilogy for its awesomeness. More Sonic-y and memorable compared to the Saturn music I still can't remember after listening to it repeatedly. Ice Mountain Act 1....can't really explain this one. It's beautiful. Techno Base Act 2 for sampling the Amen Break on the GBA system. Sky Troops, even if it is repetitive. Splash Canyon from Sonic Riders, because I'm addicted to Drum N Bass. Coral Cave. ...Just Coral Cave. A lot of the night stages' music from Unleashed go unappreciated just because the night stages sucked, but the music is very appropriate for each setting. Jungle Joyride and Cool Edge have wonderful night stage music. The 8-bit remix of Starlight Carnival used in Game Land. Lost Labyrinth Act 1 and Sylvania Castle Act 2. Don't hate me. And finally from Generations: The Skill Shop and Silver's boss theme. Ok, I'm done.
  10. The US box art for the genesis games are my favorite. Back when I was a kid and didn't know that other box art existed for each country, these illustrations just screamed SONIC attitude. And even though I now like the JP design of classic Sonic better, I still prefer the US box art over the others. I probably like 3 the best.
  11. Shadow and Sonic 4. Shadow is fun, provided you ignore all the missions and just play it like Sonic Adventure, and it's so campy when it tries to be dark that it's lovable. My favorite game of all time is Sonic 3 and Knuckles. So by that logic I should hate Sonic 4 for failing at so much that the classic series excelled in, but I can't bring myself to dislike it. I genuinely like both episodes of it and hope there will be more. I just feel guilty for playing it when I know how many Sonic fans hate it.
  12. These announcements are the funniest things in the Sonic series. I hope some future games have something similar, even if it's just in one carnival/casino stage
  13. Does anyone here like High Contrast? His newest music video borrows some Sonic elements: Thought I'd share this, but really I had no idea where to post it.
  14. Silver, because I love beating the crap out of him and he has my favorite boss music in the game. The way you defeat him is absolutely brutal. You crush him under piles of cars and concrete. He should be dead. Very dead.
  15. The villainous final boss music is usually better because it helps make the boss seem more intimidating. The only time I like Hero style music is in Adventure 2 because I can rock out to Live and Learn and kick ass. Also, I actually like the Time Eater theme.
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