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  1. If the worlds of Sonic existed in reality... OH MY GOD *packs a ridiculous huge backpack* You will never see me in the same spot for more than a minute. My feet will never stop moving until I explore ALL the zones. Good bye and hello SONIC ADVE- ehrm... I mean EXPLORATION, HERE I COME!!
  2. I find it easy with both Samba and Amy on handling. The 2 drift parts at the beggining, I didnt stop drifting between each other then after the 2 curve drift road, slow down, don't booth and keep on drifting or else the stair will make you loose control and miss the beggining of the next drift course.
  3. I don't know if it has been mentioned cause I didn't bother to read all 7 pages of post but I have encountered a bug where.... At some unfortunate times, in some tracks, I get stuck in the wall during my drifting and the wall... won't let go of me until I stop completely and then restart driving. Another one where I was in Dreams Valley, at the waterfall section; I was on my all-star mode and compare to all the other times I wasn't all-star mode... I was send off track each and every water fall part that I went down. Sometimes when I'm flying, like in Rogue's Landing, at the first turn when you go air mode, I wanted to drift and everything was alright but at the moment I went straight, BOOM, the plane was somehow stuck in an invisible curved wall where the plane was stuck in a diagnogal position & going super slow until I did a stunt, causing me to loose 5 places. Is it also normal that in Adder's Lair, when you take the right snake mouth jump & you goo super fast you just... bump on the upper part of the snake's mouth and fall off but never happened on the left snake? In the Races of AGES tracks, sometimes I can go over some non-fence area to take short-cut and sometimes I get stuck right on the yellow bar, do a couple of slow-motion flips & then fall into the pits while on all-star mode, its fall, fall, fall. On the Eggs Hangar, when I take the lower route where you must jump down a long curve, at the part with the multi-bumps road, even tho im on the side, and that i'm perfectly driving, it's always off-tracking me but mostly when I land on the last cut road on the back tip of the track. Did any of that happened to anyone? And sorry if some of them have already been mentioned.
  4. I have tried all characters that have: Speed 2~4 Accel 3~5 Handle 4~5 And I can't do the expert of any traffic races. Only Ocean Outrun is impossible for me to do, I finished the others. More so, Ocean Outrun Hard is simply dead on impossible to do because even tho I take all the time bonus on the 3rd lap the 12th, 13th & 15th checkpoints are ridiculously too far from each other. I always did those missions starting with the glove in case I mess up somewhere near the beggining and when I feel safe, I never use it until I'm dead on sure that i'm gonna crash. But I wonder if it's better to get the crash migitation to get slowed down less IF I bump into a car... Like people said, take Knuckles and learn 3 things only: Green time cars Blue cars Where to boost between the cars Once you got that memorized you'll be fine, it took me 4 days but I've completed them all. --- Also, yes for the start boost, press the acceleration button at the moment the screen goes black. --- For the sharp turns, you can either release the acceleration button then press back to regain your speed or take any character with at least 4 handling. --- With some skills, you can push the other racers to the wall and they will slow down even more then using any weapon, mostly during a drift. --- It took me a couple of tries but when a drone is tracking you down, try to get a drift boost at the last second when you see the drone icon bright red & flashing, you'll perform a boost escape. --- No matter what... NEVER STAY BEHIND A RACER for multiple reasons: He might use a weapon on you. A drone might be chasing him but hit you since you were in its way. Someone else is targeting that racer to shoot ice balls/fireworks/fishies. If you shoot that racer you'll just help him/her regain its speed by pushing him. He/she will take the item box that you needed to win a race... Etc, etc, etc.... --- On Hard & Expert difficulty, I have tried them all 3 and doing a lvl 2 & 3 boost is so useless it's funny because they will match your speed or go even faster. Also you'll just be waisting time and safety of not scratching the wall and loose your speed. It's best to just go on lvl 1 drift boost as much as you can and at any given moment. --- Personally, I find meme on standard or Samba on standard to be the best for any ring challenges as I can boost while turning with ease. Besides what have been mentioned... please... seaside traffic challenge is simply impossible to do... in my case at least...
  5. You earn more card patterns by gaining Supporter Points. You gain these in numerous ways, with the easiest ways being sending Time Attack records to the rankings when achieving them, and doing Verses Mode, winning or losing. VS mode gives you far more, giving 350 a race, and a bonus 300 for sending your current VS point total to the Rankings. Credit goes to D00D64 from Gamefaqs for the versus mode part. I already knew about the time attack rankings but I don't do them alot since I prefer playing for fun.
  6. Happy new year to all! Let's have a great time for this new year and enjoy as much as possible the new sonic game that will come in the near future! 2011 ended in a satisfying way with the latest games we had; Generations and London olympics so i hope we can also start with something as epic as those games!
  7. Yeah I know, we all like to joke around. Both version are epic in my book, anyway.
  8. No Sonic labyrinth stage!? FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-/jk We may have apotos but at least we get Emerald Coast that PS360 doesn't have with its killing whale instead of helping ones.
  9. Confirmed that its for the 1st in NA Gamestop/EBGames http://www.gamestop....th-bonus/309614 http://www.gamestop....th-bonus/309612 Best Buy http://www.bestbuy.c...21029b845d4en02 http://www.bestbuy.c...77c1c0bf376en02 Future Shop http://www.futuresho...f456f81efe2fr02 http://www.futuresho...b56e7b02372fr02
  10. Anyway, this is quite someting for an opening and to think I can't wait to play this game!!
  11. Lvl 1 final attack of vector is music notes all around him Lvl 2 final attack of vector is fire breath all around him Lvl 3 final attack of vector is bubble bombs floating all around him http://youtu.be/CorJQhtT8rc Starting from 5:40
  12. Le gasp!! Now that I think about it... He Bought a chao puppet from the Black Chao market like Strainer mentioned and follows the steps of the Time Eater as a traveling salesmen. Revenge of the Time Eater in the next Sonic game confirmed? EDIT: I didn't say the 3rd stage cause, well you know... you've been resisting the orgasmic awesomeness for too long but after finding that DAMN 4th emerald you can't hold back anymore and faint happily. ... Don't flame me please.
  13. Pfff you don't need to review the entire game to know that this is the best Sonic game ever. The moment you jizz while playing is a sign that this game is reaching the peak of its epicness. If you faint at the 4th stage out of awesomeness then its 100% confirmed that its truly the best Sonic game ever!
  14. M. Sonic: Hmmm this is me? it's missing something... something green... but what? C. Sonic: Holy eggtard on a chilidog sunday cake... now I understand why people prefer the present me then my future self, i'm full of flaws!!/joke Anyway those skills... I want them all! Tho I wonder if it will really be like in SatSR where, at some far point of the game, we'll be able to equip all of the skills with enough points or will it be a 1 skill equip only. Oh and 2 things... Why is it omochao that is selling the abilities and not my Black Market Chao?! Also... why is the Chao puppet isn't with Wentos? Clearly there is something suspicious with omochao there... cause I would like it more if it was him selling stuff then Omochao out of preference of seeing good & unique characters.
  15. .... eh? I'm talking about the Time Eater's possible abilities, not about Sonic.
  16. What would be really epic is that Sonic AND Shadow turn into their super form for an epic clash ala Rush vs Blaze in their final attack.
  17. I'm so gonna laugh if this Time Eater can change form and well have to fight him in 7 parts: Or something like that. Hell, since he's the time eater, I bet he can switch area's middle of the battle. I mean, look at the trailer, why would he appear in Green Hill after all the traveling Sonic did only to go back to the first place where the adventure started? Correct me if i'm wrong but... since Sonic was first created in 1991, everything began in Green Hill zone no? Coincidence?
  18. Quite late on that I know but... To be precise, as Hyper and only Hyper Sonic you used some sort of Sonic Flash wich kills everything on screen. But when as Normal Sonic, it was a buzz attack that enabled you to deflect enemy bullets or objects like the coconut that the monkey threw at you or small energy bullets. I'm not quite sure, I'll have to play again but I think it also enabled you to pass trough small laser shots and the like but nothing bigger then Sonic himself.
  19. You know... I've been thinking this for a moment now but... the moon is starting to have one of those epic bad luck recently no? It all started with SA2 when part of it was blowned up then being struck by the nega laser of Eggman in Colors. Also, didn't something happen to the moon in Shadow the hedgehog too? that one i'm not so sure tho. Anyway, if those info's about the time eater coming from the moon or using the power of the moon or whatever it is... the moon is going trough hell right now. I just hope it won't be blowned up again.
  20. Oh gawd, I hope they will proceed like in SA2 with the bosses, in a time attack mode for one of those dots on the screen: Classic Sonic Only Modern Sonic Only Both Sonic Together So my guess goes like this: 7 dots for 7 normal stage with their special stage 1 for time attack bosses like I mentioned 1 for final boss that you probably have to unlock 1 for all special stage in time attack Last one... PROFIT... no I don't know what it'll be but maybe, just maybe it could be a mini chao garden? I'll wait for more content to show up, just to be sure.
  21. Thats not what i'm concerned about... How the hell is that a family entertainment game!? Where is my Mature & explicit entertainment game!?/jk Seriously, 18?
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