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  1. So, did anyone else see the lastest Spartan Ops episode? Halsey's such a badass. Gotta give her major props for that slap. XD Also, has anyone ever read any of the Halo books? I'm not really into the first person shooter gameplay, but the Halo storyline fascinates me! I've heard the books are an excellent source for storylines, characther development and such things. However, I've also heard they don't come cheap. Is it worth the investment? I love the Bungie video from above btw! It's so funny omg
  2. This is a fantastic game. I love how there's so much characther development throughout the episodes. The show is great, but there is absolutely no doubt The Walking Dead Video Game is by far, 10 times better. Storyline wise, it's amazing and the fact you can connect with the characters makes the gaming experience more rich! Totally looking forward to Season 2 like many of you.
  3. I was first introduced to Sonic by my parents at the age of 5. They had brought home a Sega genesis along with Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Since then, I pretty much grew up with sonic games, but ultimately got really into it when playing Sonic Advance 2. Eventually, I wanted to know everything there was to Sonic - comic books, history, movies, voice actors, games, characters, music, etc. The rest, is of course, history.
  4. I think one of my biggest sonic pet-peeves is when people actually confuse Sonic with Shadow. Um, wha? ._. Also when peeps be trying to start something; telling me Mario is better than Sonic. Agh, I am so over that. Clearly I am a Sonic fan, yet people keep going and going.
  5. Hi y'all! Huge Sonic nerd here. Thought I'll introduce myself before I do anymore posting. Seems like a lovely forum, I'm excited to be part of it and shall be do more posting soon. Peace.
  6. Nice interview. I'm pretty stroked about the series' future. Tails has always been a huge part though, so I don't know how he can play a even bigger role...hmm, pretty interesting. Chao gardens have been highly requested by my part. I love them! So I'm extremely hopeful for more of that as well. Hopefully they don't keep making new one-time characters and work with the ones they got. There's so much potential for improvement and better story lines, no need for new characters in the future.
  7. In all honesty I don't think having Sonic pursue a relationship is such a great idea right now. However, showing affection towards a female character would be nice. Having Sonic show a little more something something would give his character more depth in my opinion. Like, I rather have indirect hints then actually direct ones. Also, if Amy was less fan-girlish and a little more mature I think having that source of thing can work. But I dunno, it really depends... Btw having harem comedy would be so funny! But it'll definitely take more then one love interest to make it work. lol, it's a interesting thought though.
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