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  1. Man, the more I think about shadow's backstory and how he was introduced and brought back in the games. The more I really wish sega would give him a rewrite, I know that its been said before but man there are a lot of holes in this guys story and thinking about it all honestly makes me wonder why they didn't just go with something like "he was Sonic's long lost brother" or "he's from an ancient race of hedgehog's that sonic was also from" and as cliché as these sound (though it would be interesting to see where they'd go with them) I'd take it over the whole government conspiracy/ultimate life form (which by the way, going from a giant lizard to a human sized hedgehog thing still makes me laugh) story that they gave him.

    1. Celestia


      Tbh, not counting certain post-SA2 revelations, the main thing I'd either remove or drastically change about Shadow's backstory is the Biolizard, since it was kind of out of nowhere and really unnecessary. The endgame of SA2 itself would have to be (very) different, but you could make it work I think, and there's some other changes I'd make to the backstory anyway that might smooth things out...plus maybe explain some things that probably should've been explained, like how Gerald could reprogram the ARK at all after apparently being arrested.

      Also re: the lizard -> hedgehog thing, I think it makes sense in a way. They were trying to figure out how to make an ultimate lifeform and that included eternal life, so they experimented with lizards (since they can regenerate, I guess). Basically the Biolizard was just one step in the project, and if we decide to include the fan theory of Gerald being inspired by a certain mural he may have always intended for the ULF to be a hedgehog.

  2. Not really, I mean tails and knux are great but sonic himself is (and for the most part) always has been the key player here with other playable characters more or less just being an option that you can choose to ignore (talking mostly about the 2D games cept for rush, rush adventure and advance 2). Just having sonic there really wouldn't be that big of an issue if you just make him fun enough to play as on his own and give him a good amount of depth in his controls with areas to reach that accommodate them. I'm not saying that we shouldn't get other playable characters but they are FAR from necessary to have a good game.
  3. To be honest I really don't give a single cent as to what gameplay direction they go with, I just want level design that: 1) is actually good and isn't some bland basic platforming level with sonic slapped onto it 2) actually compliments Sonic's abilities and doesn't just work against it. And 3) If we're going short or longer length, pack them in with content that befits that length instead of just making it long or short for the sake of it. The gameplay direction at this point could be anything and i'd be perfectly okay with it but for the love of god I just want them to go all in on the direction instead of putting it in the oven then pulling it out half-baked to (either) rush some stupid deadline or because they just didn't want to put in the effort to make it better.
  4. Yes please, boost gameplay is honestly at its best when your linking actions and moves together the way that they did it with unleashed, I've basically been wanting that back ever since that game and i'd be more than happy having more levels like some of those extra acts come back in the future.
  5. Anyone know a good way to learn C#? I want to pick it up mostly for unity but also so I can get jobs that use it as the main programming method.

    1. Strickerx5


      Honestly, there's not much of a better option for learning coding languages than just starting on smaller projects and working your way up. When I started out with Andorid, I basically just started with a simple hello world app. From there I went onto building an app that I could enter text in and have it then displayed inside another fragment and so on. Just incremental advancements with it all.

      Helps to often look at sample code for certain activities as well though I'm drawing a blank on actual sources that can provide a lot of them atm.

  6. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Eh, I feel like this is dodging the responsibility though. Even if they don't know what criticism to take (which, normally you'd just take the large majority consensus from critics and fans) that doesn't mean that the effort they put into the game has to be so low. Like this game as is could be better as a whole (such as tightening up modern and avatar's controls, literally leaving classic sonic as he was in gens cause he somehow controls worse in this game, giving the levels more meat at least in the 3D sections since they are basically autorunners with the skill ripped out at this point, etc.) even if the gameplay wasn't changed if they had put forth the effort to at least make some small and somewhat major tweaks we could've had something better and it really wouldn't have been much.
  7. So would anyone believe me if I told you that new steven universe game (save the light) is actually really dang good? Like REALLY GOOD! Not only is the battle system a lot of fun (think Paper Mario but more free form) and has a surprisingly good amount of depth to it, but the art style is also really charming to look at and the exploration is a real delight. Its honestly amazing just how good this is and I don't even watch steven universe so i'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good RPG to play.

  8. So to anyone that's watched TheKazeBlade's new video. How likely do you think the chances are that a sonic adventure remake could happen in the near future and how do you think the current sonic team could pull it off? Personally speaking i'm a bit iffy on this actually happening (even though he does raise some good points in the video) and even if it did I don't really think ST could do a proper remake any justice since it legitimately seems like they even have the technical know how to recreate that game while tidying up the physics and issues that it originally had. I mean, i'd like it if they did and it turned out good to give them an idea of a new direction to go in for the series (not necessarily adventure again but something more controllable) but with sonic forces being the way it is it makes me wonder if this would even be worth holding my breath for.

    1. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      I'd say it's optimism on his part, assuming he actually wants a Sonic Adventure remake. I honestly don't see that happening. If it does get announced at some point, I probably wouldn't even be cautiously optimistic, I'd assume outright that it would be a disaster. 

    2. Diogenes


      looking at forces (well, everything past '06, but forces especially), i'm pretty sure sonic team has no interest in making full 3d sonic games.

  9. I would totally buy one of these if it was made (make it happen sega).

  10. So..its no longer "classic" sonic. Smart??

    Yeah but classic and X are actually separate characters though and it made sense for those two stories to connect (albeit X just continues in a far off future from classic). Sega could've literally just left it as "this sonic and this sonic are the same, we just changed designs" but now they have to be separate because...? Like, was there really any point in labelling them as different entities just because of differing gameplay styles? Its not like i'm frothing at the mouth over it or anything but it just baffles me as to why this was a necessary distinction that needed to be made, its just like boom sonic, they did this to try and make it easier to distinguish which sonic is which when in reality no one needed that distinction to begin with.
  11. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    5 IS an okay game though, I can't really blame you much for thinking otherwise however considering everybody (not saying you) considers 7 and below bad these days. Honestly speaking too, I think its pretty accurate, the game doesn't do anything offensively bad but neither does it do any real good (in the gameplay department anyway) and if I were the one reviewing the game i'd give it the same score, maybe even less, not because I have a vendetta against it but because it just feels like sonic team were selling us a lesser product this time around and i'm of the personal belief that you shouldn't get rewarded for sloppiness and they don't even have the benefit of an excuse this time.
  12. Should Future Sonic Games Get Rid Of Lives?

    While your not wrong about that, I myself like being rewarded in games for doing skillful things (bayonetta for example does this in spades) so at least having something at the end of the day would be nice even if it is relatively small (I know I felt disappointed getting all those gold medals in mania only just to get a trophy).
  13. Should Future Sonic Games Get Rid Of Lives?

    If lives are going then I really hope they have something there that actually rewards the player for getting through the levels with minimal/little deaths, things just seem like they'd be pretty empty without lives (I mean heck, whats the point of keeping rings if you never truly get anything with them). Personally speaking i'd love if we got some legitimately challenging levels that are built around not having any lives (probably not all of them for accessibility reasons and whatnot) that only those who truly know the games mechanics inside and out can get through, wouldn't be as bad since there aren't any lives and so long as its not borderline cheap and serves as a satisfying challenge I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  14. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Had no idea actually, welp never mind those then :/
  15. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    So can anyone confirm or deny that these are real? I'm honestly really unsure due to how un-sonic-y they sound and I haven't looked at every page of this thread so i'm not sure on whether they were posted or not.