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    I guess to start on my interests, I like games, sonic (obviously) and I like to read manga/watch anime, draw, sometimes lift weights (hey its fun if you make it fun), and go outside for walks on a nice day.

    I am a pretty simple guy with not much going on in my life at the moment, I am generally pretty nice to people that I meet and if anyone needs any help, while I'm probably not the best guy to come too since im pretty shy and a very bad motivational speaker, I will try and help people out if I can even if I sometimes give them the wrong impression.

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  1. I guess it would make sense that this game would have a lower budget than normal if it's an entirely new team making it and admittedly, learning that has dampened a lot of the hope I had for this to be better than how it looks right now as much as I really don't want to discourage the new guys from getting their time to shine. Doesn't really help that forces fell under the same conditions and we all know how that turned out and while it still looks like it plays the same as transformed at least it might not have the mechanical nuance or superb track design that the last game had. Needless to say, hype has been deflated heavily for me until this manages to prove itself.
  2. MegasonicZX

    Should Sonic Be Given The Ability To Swim?

    While I like the idea of giving sonic some added maneuverability underwater I also have to say neigh to this. Not that there wouldn't be any fun challenges to be had with it (that one 3D drill wisp segment in Lost World 3DS was a nice change of pace) I like the fact that the water is pretty much there to let you mess up or introduce new and interesting mechanics ala aquatic ruin and hydropolis respectively.
  3. MegasonicZX

    Mega Man

    Been on a massive megaman battle network kick as of late and i've been marathoning the crap out of MMBN 2 (next up is 4 since I can't find my copy of 3). Grievances with some of the backtracking aside, coming back to this has really made me appreciate the series more than I did before. I love how all the different end of chapter net areas are designed like mini puzzles. The combat encounters especially stand out to me since, while I noticed it before, it's something that with time has only stood out more and more and that is how the enemies are arranged in the different areas and how well the core combat loop works in this game. Despite having a limited portfolio of enemies in different areas, the game always keeps them interesting by having them with different environmental conditions and an enemy that works in perfect conjunction with another. The beautiful thing about this is that enemies only typically have one or two moves but the game does such a good job intermingling the different types and (depending on the floor conditions) battle spaces which can add a lot more challenge to an otherwise simple encounter. Yeah, some encounters can border on being a little cheap (looking at you double hardheads) but overall this game has some of the most beautifully designed combat scenarios in the genre considering that many devs still fumble with this today. Honestly, I could write a whole essay on why this game (and by extension, the ones that proceed it, sans BN4) battle system alone is amazing but to cut it short, its gold even after all this time of not playing it.
  4. I mean, I don't think little boy johnny's life will be all that affected by learning the cold hard facts of life at an early age.
  5. They may be dropping the ball with sonic lately but man sega is hitting all the right notes with yakuza lately. Only thing that would make this better is if they finally localized Ishin.

  6. About the only thing i'm worried about with all this visual flair is how well the framerate will hold up. I'm not gonna expect anything impossible like 60 or whatever but i'm crossing my fingers for at least a solid 30 with no/very little noticeable drops.
  7. Yeah, think I might wait until there is a soundtrack CD (and with the full soundtrack), otherwise i'll just pick it up day 1 standard.
  8. MegasonicZX

    Team Sonic Racing - E3 Trailer

    i'd actually be a bit disappointed if they weren't playable since they already have models in the game. It's be like if sonic riders didn't let you play as the egg robos even though they were almost the only other opposition you faced besides team babylon/sonic. Nothing wrong with having more options either (and I really like the car the blue one is rocking).
  9. MegasonicZX

    Jump Force (2019)| Goku in America

    Really hope they tone down on the camera cuts/movement and slowmo by the time the game releases, it only looks really janky and makes it feel more like a playable cutscene rather than a game.
  10. MegasonicZX

    Which Sonic Game deserves a sequel the most?

    Sonic and the black knight to be honest. I think the game was onto something with the sword based combat and I feel like an expanded sequel without the on rails gameplay would be pretty sweet. Outside of that, i'd say sonic riders deserves another shot with the original gameplay of the first game.
  11. Why does marcus seem younger in gears 5?

  12. By the way, we got gameplay of shadows die twice apparently and it looks amazing. Next year is a good year for the action genre.

  13. I'm not sure how to feel about this new DMC and the fact that they've seemingly retconned Nero's demon arm. 

    1. MegasonicZX


      Also, microsoft is really killing it with these announcements today.

    2. Boomer


      People are guessing the demon arm got stolen.

  14. MegasonicZX

    Dead or Alive 6: waifus cometh

    Eh, I mean even their normal outfits in the other games are pretty tame all things considered so I don't think its that outlandish to think that either way it would've been shown off.
  15. January is actually a lot sooner than I was expecting if they were gonna delay this so this is still pretty good. I'm also with KH in thinking that they probably delayed it a bit to capatilize on the feedback they got.

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