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  1. Eh, i'd say it's pretty fair to hate on it now. Like, back when this was still on it's way I was pretty interested in seeing where the show went and how good the writing might be (heck, I didn't even mind the designs). But after seeing clips from the actual episodes though? Nah, at worst this show is fluent garbage and at best it's just a decent show that appeases the kids that haven't seen better. I think there is a lot that they could've done with a megaman tv show but this definitely wasn't it and I hope the show either drastically improves or they manage to replace it with something better since I think it does a huge disservice to the brand.
  2. One thing that sort of popped into my mind earlier that's been sort of bugging me now, remember how one of the games descriptions was that we'd get customizable cars this time around? I'm feeling like it's probably just going to be mods again like transformed instead of full on customization since they haven't really shown that feature off, which would really suck since it was one of my biggest disappointments with transformed.
  3. Probably the only 10 hour version of anything that I think I could actually sit back and listen to for 10 hours


  4. Man even as a big fan of this game (probably my favorite one along with unleashed) I can't deny all the flaws the game has. If I wasn't such a big fan of the series and if I hadn't played it growing up I probably wouldn't be able to enjoy the game nearly as much if I played it today. I do wish, however, that sonic team would revisit the concept again since I think having the characters in groups is a cool idea, it just had poor execution this go round.
  5. No, it was definitely the speed reduction. I remember back when this game came out and there were people even here that said specifically that sonic's run speed was too slow. Everything else was mentioned but inherently speaking, it was sonic's run speed that was being pointed out as the main criticism.
  6. I know i've said it before but I want to say it again. I'm really hoping that this is the last smash game/with this gameplay style since I feel like there are much better things that sakurai could be working on and at this point I feel like the series is starting to get a little stale.

    1. Strickerx5


      Ice Climbers Uprising plz

  7. Pirahna plant was probably the second best part of this direct lol. Wish we had more weird fighter selections like that. Definitely buying this game now after seeing a glimpse of the adventure mode, I was really worried that the game would be lacking in it's single player content but i'm glad sakurai proved me wrong.

  8. I can get where your coming from TC but the reason why people give the other gameplay styles crap is because of how sonic team went about designing them. I agree with the fact that the characters need their own gimmicks in order to breathe and really sell the gameplay styles they perpetuate but it doesn't need to be done in a way where the genre shifts around them. Like, take the characters from sonic adventure, they all control the same but arguably only two of them actually have the same goal in mind of getting to the end in a fast and efficient way (Sonic and Gamma, arguably tails and amy fit into this too but the conditions for them are so wildly different it's hard to say) and while I can say I have enough fun with all the different gameplay styles (except for big) it's hard to deny that they would've been better if they all had stages similar to how sonic's were structured but with their unique abilities in mind.
  9. I don't know if I ever asked this before but does anyone know what manga chapter for hajime no ippo is the one that takes place after the anime ends?

  10. If we're going for more accurate representation i'd say it aped it from crash nitro kart. ZG's is different in the fact that you control the gravity changes and not the game itself just automatically doing it when you approach a wall. If we're talking non-kart racers, F-zero x did it first (and better I might add).
  11. *looks at new topic* Didn't we get this topic not too long ago? 

    1. Strickerx5


      Eh, it's a quarterly to half a year thing.

    2. Milo


      we were actually overdue

  12. Been watching Justice league (animated series) clips on and off lately and I gotta say, I did not realize just how good the writing (and just the show in general) were back when I was a kid. I feel like kicking my younger self now for me just sort of passing the show up since I stopped being into the DC heroes after a bit but this show puts to shame a lot of the new media for JL.

    1. MightyRay


      The Christmas episode is the best IMO, such a heart-warmer and that's high praise coming from me since I don't care for Christmas stuff much if at all anymore.

  13. So what's everybody's favorite kind of cake? For me it's red velvet.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Chocolate mud cake, choc chip cheese cake, red velvet cake, vanilla ice cream cake, black forest cake, anything with 'cake' in the name.

    2. KHCast


      Red velvet or cheesecake 

    3. MightyRay


      Chocolate cake!

    4. Celestia


      Tuxedo truffle cake.

    5. MegasonicZX


      @Celestia Just looked up what a tuxedo truffle cake is and now I really want to try it.

  14. I'm not gonna lie dude, while I admit his comment was a bit on the antagonistic side I feel like you are literally making up problems that don't exist. A logo popping up for a split second (and leaving before you get control back) is by all definitions a nitpick and you make it sound like a serious point against the game. Now don't get me wrong, transformed does have issues (I love the crap out of the game and even i'll admit it needed more time in the oven) but you just sound like you're giving the game a bad rep since everyone isn't digging this one and if i'm wrong on that, my apologies, but that's the impression I get reading your posts.
  15. Been mapping out a level for the lava bubble capture in odyssey in unity. Really wish I had the technical know how to play test it with the same physics and abilities as the lava bubble since i'm kind of liking how it's turning out so far.

  16. Shocked at how well this fits


    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      *Goblin Slayer*

      this ain't it chief

  17. Wait, why have people been saying emuparadise shut down when the site is still there?

    1. Adamabba


      you cant download roms anymore

    2. MegasonicZX


      Ahhh okay. Thanks for the clarification. 

  18. I don't think time will fix something that rests squarely on the shoulders of the designers themselves. I mean they managed to make generations (albeit was pretty rushed) in two years so I think it has more to do with something else that's holding them back.
  19. I really wish this was something official since this seems right up my alley. Sadly, while I don't forsee myself buying into nintendo's online service anytime soon, I don't want to take any risks hacking my switch to play this since I don't want to get perma-banned or something.

  20. I really hope that capcom gives us starforce and battle network legacy collections at some point with some of the promotional battle chips and side content locked to multiplayer (looking at you starforce 3) achievable in game. Even though I still have the carts, they are getting pretty old now and it's to the point where the saves will delete themselves after a while. Plus emulators don't feel as good to play on in place of the DS/Gameboy itself.

  21. I didn't expect the instrumental tracks for Megaman 11 to be so good considering they were only meant as a small piece of DLC. The tundra man one especially is really good


  22. True but it helps to remember that most of those games released ages ago whereas this one is a new game for a new generation, I don't think it's expecting too much for the game to have more than 4 boards (if anything it's kind of sad considering how much more tech we have at our disposal now).
  23. I like how in dante's inferno, the very first 10 minutes of the game go from you fighting a bunch of standard dudes to getting stabbed in the back by some random guy that I swear came out of nowhere to fighting death himself and then jacking his scythe.

  24. I don't really think listening to fans is going to help at all considering how they essentially did that with forces and not only were the concepts they introduced executed poorly but also because it reeked of "let's do this because we can but not push to far with it" with things like classic sonic and the big build up to shadow and chaos coming back as villains seemingly slapped into the game because it would guarantee them more sales even though neither felt like they belonged. I think the issue has more to do with whatever inner workings go on there and how they're managing their game creations because no matter how I look at it, no person could seriously look at their latest work and say "Yeah, this is the best we could've done" if they had enough time and resources to complete it.
  25. I kind of hope that customizable moves aren't completely gone. I always thought it was a neat idea with just some crap execution in smash 4 (biggest offender being you couldn't even use them in the mode where it mattered most) and I honestly would like them back and more balanced this time around.
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