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    MegasonicZX got a reaction from Forte-Metallix in Mega Man: Fully Charged   
    Eh, i'd say it's pretty fair to hate on it now. Like, back when this was still on it's way I was pretty interested in seeing where the show went and how good the writing might be (heck, I didn't even mind the designs). But after seeing clips from the actual episodes though? Nah, at worst this show is fluent garbage and at best it's just a decent show that appeases the kids that haven't seen better. I think there is a lot that they could've done with a megaman tv show but this definitely wasn't it and I hope the show either drastically improves or they manage to replace it with something better since I think it does a huge disservice to the brand.
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    MegasonicZX got a reaction from Jovahexeon Explosive Witch in Mega Man: Fully Charged   
    Eh, i'd say it's pretty fair to hate on it now. Like, back when this was still on it's way I was pretty interested in seeing where the show went and how good the writing might be (heck, I didn't even mind the designs). But after seeing clips from the actual episodes though? Nah, at worst this show is fluent garbage and at best it's just a decent show that appeases the kids that haven't seen better. I think there is a lot that they could've done with a megaman tv show but this definitely wasn't it and I hope the show either drastically improves or they manage to replace it with something better since I think it does a huge disservice to the brand.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to CrownSlayer’s Shadow in Sonic Team should follow Marvel's example for a COHESIVE UNIVERSE   
    That last part isn’t really true because the lore in Sonic Adventure doesn’t really ignore what was established in Sonic 3, it actually builds off from it. The Master Emerald never shattered and and thus kicked off the events with Chaos in 3 like it did Adventure.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to CrownSlayer’s Shadow in Sonic Team should follow Marvel's example for a COHESIVE UNIVERSE   
    I also don’t see Mickey Mouse having successive titles largely connected to each other by referencing past events in previous titles for well over 25+ years, giving the impression or even outright confirmation that they were all on the same world and time period, before the team behind it suddenly deciding at a whim to break that and say they’re in separate dimensions for practically no reason, which prior to Forces is what Sonic actually did do. And I mean that in full, not in fragments.
    Nor do I see Mickey Mouse with an incompetent development team that doesn’t have a clue how to run their franchise.
    That sudden departure out of the blue is the problem, not alternate settings—this wasn’t even the case until recently last year.
    But you know what I do see them doing with Mickey Mouse? For all intents and purposes, acknowledging them as the same character regardless of where he happens to be or what style he’s in instead of separating his whole character entirely as “Classic” or “Modern” Mickey—he’s simply Mickey Mouse. Period.
    The style or time period doesn’t separate the character. The only thing different is (literally) the hat or title he has in said alternate universes (i.e. King Mickey, Wizard Mickey, etc.) and the context that comes with them, which can differ per setting.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to KoDaiko in Mega Man: Fully Charged   
    I don't care for MMFC anymore so I'm indifferent to it possibly dying......okay, I am a tiny bit relieved. But it sucks for those that actually loved it.
    But you can't be too sure. I know MMFC is less known/popular, and Sonic Boom isn't a good comparison, but there can be a slight chance it will continue.
    Tbh they could've done a direct adaptation of Megaman Classics with some original fillers (Archie) or with a lot of creative liberties (Megamix). Just, keep/respect the source material, especially in design. With MM11 being released, a lot of people would've checked it out if it had the same design.
    Or, you know, go full original like that pachinko game. Give us Lady Light and two girl sidekicks. Go crazy so no one can compare it to a pre-existing series.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Diogenes in The idea that the other characters need to "play like Sonic (with an extra ability)" is narrow-minded and limiting   
    Well when you're saying their abilities "undermine platforming" and your suggestion only serves to make them more vulnerable to damage rather than addressing that, I am left wondering where the fun is supposed to be.
    In a relative sense, maybe, but "aggressively fast" should be the baseline for all Sonic characters, in the same way all Mario characters can jump good and all Mega Man characters can shoot and get new weapons. Not having that basic level of protection in a Sonic game really hurts, and while you might be able to get away with it for one or two characters, it doesn't work as the default.
    Okay, so like, how about we address how the abilities actually work, instead of just making the characters less fun to play as? Tails is always gonna fly and Knuckles is always going to glide, but the exact mechanics of those moves aren't set in stone.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Diogenes in The idea that the other characters need to "play like Sonic (with an extra ability)" is narrow-minded and limiting   
    So, again, you're suggesting taking away one of the reasons to not fly/glide, as a means of addressing how brokenly good flight and gliding are already.
    All this does is make the characters less fun to play, as they're now set up to take damage more often while their special abilities still break platforming just as much. It's the exact wrong way to tackle the problem.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Diogenes in The idea that the other characters need to "play like Sonic (with an extra ability)" is narrow-minded and limiting   
    If your problem is with flight and gliding, your first step should be to address those abilities directly, instead of assuming they'll always be broken. But even as far as altering other moves to try to balance them goes, taking away the spin jump is counterproductive; the spin jump arguably offers more protection than flight/gliding, and flight/gliding offer more protection than a non-spinning jump. If you take away the protection of the spin jump, that's one less reason to not fly/glide as much as possible.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Diogenes in The idea that the other characters need to "play like Sonic (with an extra ability)" is narrow-minded and limiting   
    Taking the spin jump away from everyone is way too limiting. Going fast is integral to Sonic games, even if not everyone is as focused on speed as him, and the protection that the spin jump offers is part of what makes going fast viable. You could get away with it for maybe a couple of characters, if you intend for them to be trickier to use or find some way to compensate for its absence, but it's not a good idea to set it as the default.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to E-122-Psi in The idea that the other characters need to "play like Sonic (with an extra ability)" is narrow-minded and limiting   
    Knuckles sort of balances because he has at least some sort of key weakness Sonic hasn't, namely short range jumps. Now Sonic 2 is obviously more linear in level design so this isn't much of a problem at first, the first few levels are in fact laughably easy, but then the levels get more complex in the final hurdle, with well timed jumps and quick vertical steps that a glide or climb can't always skip through being more necessary, meaning there is still some sort of difficulty curve for Knuckles, just a more blunt and drastic one than Sonic's, which fits a character with loads of perks also having serious downsides. It almost punishes you for getting complacent with all his abilities, which is kind of impressive for a game not designed with that character's abilities in mind.
    Concerning SA1, I think the problem stated isn't just the changes but the case of them feeling half baked. As mentioned above, some of them feel more suited to mini game material. Tails' mode in particular almost feels like a sub mission for Sonic's levels akin to the ones you get in SA2. If they had spent more (sadly minimal) time developing on the characters' levels and objectives to suit that it might have felt more balanced.
    Say rather than just spamming loads of boost rings, Tails could fly to find more developed alternate paths and short cuts, making his ability more of an expansion rather than a simplification, and Big and Knuckles' levels had some proper lead up platforming before or after their unique objective so their gameplay wasn't as confined to one note.
    Amy and Sonic's are the most developed levels due to following the usual A to B structure and their layouts both play well to their mechanics. Gamma's are the mid point, they have an A-B structure, but it's often much smaller than Sonic and Amy's and while there's an extra objective in the form of the targets and bosses, they're often too simple to obtain to compensate for that. Hot Shelter is a good example of Gamma's gameplay fully developed, with a well spanned level well tailored to his mechanics, and a semi-unique and more aggressive mini boss. Windy Valley and Red Mountain I could argue were almost there, I remember them being the point I started to really have fun as Gamma, but Delta and Epsilon were pathetic bosses that didn't really balance the shorter level designs.
    SA2 was this but maybe too far in the other direction, in that while the other modes were more developed, they were to a point they didn't recycle enough of Sonic's mechanics to feel uniform, and emphasised their unique obstacles and objectives to the point of being rather tedious and convoluted at times. Where SA1's treasure hunting felt like a patronising mini-game, SA2's felt obtuse and never ending.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Diogenes in The idea that the other characters need to "play like Sonic (with an extra ability)" is narrow-minded and limiting   
    Uh...why? The series' slope physics let you convert vertical speed to horizontal speed and vice versa.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Wraith in Sonic Unleashed Sequel: What Could Be Added?   
    Since you specified a sequel to Sonic Unleashed, let's focus on expanding on Sonic Unleashed's mechanics and mission statement: beautiful locales that are huge in scale and based. Day and Night stages with a different sense of flow and progression. A sort of "road trip" type narrative that is focused on the the people and places you visit over an overarching "epic" narrative. 
    A lot of people are suggesting the removal of the werehog and the expansion of the day stages, but that's boring to me. To be honest, Sonic Unleashed without the Werehog isn't really Sonic Unleashed to me. Instead I'd tweak the gameplay styles of both to bring them closer together. This might, in theory, end up cutting back a bit on the scale of the day stages, but if there was any real beef I had with Sonic Unleashed it's that the main gameplay style goes at odds with the way everything else in the game was telling me to get more intimate with these locales. It was a type of game that a slower pace would have suited beautifully. 
    The Boost style wouldn't be "gone". It'd be scaled back to be less binary and more focused on the types of stylish things Sonic can do when he interacts with the environment. Think less the boost games proper and more Sonic Adventure 2's speed stages. A bigger emphasis on interacting with the level gimmicks and the environment. I think Sonic Unleashed is a genuinely great Sonic game but falters a little when it comes to having mechanics unique to each level. Slowing the pacing down and putting the pacing back on that along with a more robust "style" system along the lines of the tricks in Sonic Rush. Imagine boosting off a ramp, doing a couple of tricks like you would in Sonic Rush, sticking the landing on a grind rail and having the scores of crowds and civilians that show up in Unleashed levels cheering you on the whole way.  

    This refocusing would mostly depend on rebalancing the boost gauge. I think in Unleashed it's simply too easy of a thing to fill and maintain. The work to maintain the flow should be emphasized a bit more without turning the level design into awkward, blocky platforming segments like Colors and Gens try to do. This just means more curves and more ramps. Just because it's a boost game doesn't mean it has absolutely nothing to learn from the Classics. Ramps and vertical level design should be emphasized a bit more in general over long, linear romps. 

    I said I'd keep the Werehog and I'm standing by it. I think that Sonic's stretchy arms have too many interesting physics applications to just drop the idea. You'd have to retool his kit entirely for this to work though. Cut one of the attack buttons and put a bigger emphasis on his grapple to  hook on to pieces of the environment and grab objects and enemies. Let the werehog gain inertia that he can release and roll around to knock enemies and objects around. Let him keep one attack button as a general way to defend himself and put some pause combos on it for variety's sake but otherwise emphasize the big, sweeping movements and attacks you can do with the grapple. I like the idea of attacks that can only come out after you've gotten enough momentum going. Most, if not all combat encounters would be optional with a bigger emphasis on movement and dense, layered design. Think Sekiro, Bionic Commando, and Overwatch's wrecking ball mechanic over God of War. 

    So, yeah. The game would essentially be cut into two halves again, but bringing the halves closer together and making more meaningful interactions happen with the day and night cycle would present an interesting gameplay concept, imo. Imagine a few more levels like Eggman land where you have to switch styles on the fly, or levels that take place in the same location for day and night, so paths you can take in the day stage are affected by something you did at Night. say a wall you break down as the Werehog becomes a shortcut for when you revisit the level as Sonic. 
    The hubs are the last bit and I'll stick my neck out here and say this part needs to be emphasized more. The idea of streamlining them is a good one but in general I'd like the majority of the story to take place here. More meaningful side missions and interactions would suit the game's roadtrip feel more than trying to go for something grand and epic. I think it'd be easy to implement the extended cast here along with plenty of new characters that represent the locales in the game. 

    I'm most excited about a sequel because I loved the idea of using the real world to build platforming levels around. A couple of ideas I had included Venice, with Sonic being able to use the waterway as a shortcut if he can maintain his boost and the Werehog rowing the boats around. A castle in Scotland. A dense, layered Favela in Brazil. Hell, the usual Sonic Metropolis level could be based more in Tokyo instead of an american city. You could have a lot of fun with this. 
    Medals come back since they're a good incentive to explore but they shouldn't affect progression at all. I agree with other suggestions in the thread like weather affects, streamlining the hub and the dynamic level progression that made a lot of the levels in Unleashed a treat. 
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Diogenes in Where do you think Shadow was during the 6 months of Sonic Forces?   
    Stuck in the bathroom dealing with his IBS.
    I mean there's obviously not going to be any kind of satisfying answer to this. He was never meant to be anywhere besides "not here" until they needed him. You could imagine he was off fighting Eggman's forces elsewhere or trapped in another one of Infinite's illusions or whatever, but there's no evidence for any of it and it's never going to mean anything.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Demonic Frenzy Ultima in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS   

    I guess both remixes are coming to the games then...
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Demonic Frenzy Ultima in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS   
    That is actually the Judgement version.
    Still rocks tho.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to kalion in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    They've confirmed visual mods so at least you can see them this time.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Bobnik in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    While it does concern me that they haven't shown customization yet, there are hints that the customization will be a little bit more in-depth. For example, here's a character select screen taken from TGS demo showcase

    Here you can see that it'll be possible to change the front, the back, the wheels and the transmission (supposedly). Not only that, the visual customization has also been confirmed a while ago. I wouldn't expect really deep customization, but it should be at least more in-depth than the mods in Transformed.
    And hey, the game was delayed, so now there's time to actually showcase that part of the game.
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    MegasonicZX got a reaction from Miragnarok in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    One thing that sort of popped into my mind earlier that's been sort of bugging me now, remember how one of the games descriptions was that we'd get customizable cars this time around? I'm feeling like it's probably just going to be mods again like transformed instead of full on customization since they haven't really shown that feature off, which would really suck since it was one of my biggest disappointments with transformed.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Blacklightning in What are some missed opportunities in the Sonic franchise?   
    I'll just get straight to the point.

    Someone saw this dude, with stretchy arms that grapple onto things, and for some reason decided he needed to play like a generic God of War clone rather than an analogue for freeform Spiderman swinging, and that just boggles my fucking mind. Nobody expected the Werehog to approach Boost speeds but at the very least this would still have made movement fun.
    Honourable mention goes to Forces letting you make custom characters but for some reason only allowing them to use guns. Honestly are there even that many OCs that wield arm cannons?
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Wraith in Why is Sonic Heroes unpopular?   
    I think it's one of the games that get hit the hardest once you experience a wider range of games and start really think about what you're playing. 
    Imagine treading the dangerous but kind of interesting idea of letting the player switch between Sonic Tails and Knuckles on the fly but falling into every game design pitfall imaginable. Linear level design combines with shallow abilities that have been nerfed from the Adventure games into the ground to create the ultimate case of linear square block in square hole obstacle design. You use the same abilities in the same way over and over again across the entire game because they aren't built with the range of anything else. The game's idea of taking the training wheels off is putting in less of those switch gates that literally press the button to switch characters for you.  The spindash from Sonic Adventure has been replaced by the rocket accel ability which combines the worst of the SA1 spindash with the SA2 one. It's flimsy, slow to charge and underwhelming when it finally let it loose like my personality. Knuckles's glide and wall climb have had their wings clipped so aggressively that glide is used to take advantage of wind currents and only that. It's use to cross horizontal gaps has been gutted so you use the more context sensitive triangle jump instead and climbing walls has been removed entirely because straying from the path Omochao intended is a terrible thing, my child. These abilities don't change at all over the course of the game unlike the level up items in the Adventure games. Instead, you "level up" your characters in a stage to access some basic quality of life stuff like the homing attack one shotting enemies like it's supposed to and an area-of-effect attack for your power character that helps you deal with the robots that surround you. You'll be doing the same shit again though because it doesn't stick stage to stage.

    The controls have lost all sense of friction and physics and now feel like trying to play Sonic R with boxing gloves on. This combines with the fact that the hallway level design comes with the asterisk that the hallways don't have walls and are suspended thousands of feet in the air. The type of level design that only Sonic Adventure 2's more questionable levels had is now the name of the game, and even the likes of Final Rush and Chase use vertical space and cluster objects together more to give you opportunities to make decisions and take shortcuts. Sonic Heroes dripfeeds you obstacle after obstacle that you're supposed to have a mostly binary response to. You can mismatch abilities with obstacles to take cheeky shortcuts or abuse checkpoints to level up Sonic and clean out the badnik mobs with ease, but this isn't actually all that fun. It's more like when your math teacher teaches you a "fun" short cut and math is interesting for like 3 minutes before the shortcut gets boring.

    The poor controls and abilities are disguised somewhat by the fact that there isn't much in the way of actual platforming in this game. Sonic Team seemed to have sensed on some level that the controls don't work and chose to lean on straightaways, rail grindings, "obstacles" and level gimmicks where you just toss out the right ability to progress, and  pseudo beat em up stages where you mash the B button to clear out waves of robots so the door in front of you opens. Almost everything in the game deliberately feels like it's here to drag out play-time rather than be interesting or fun. Fuck the rolling physics being gone: we've reached the antithesis of what Classic Sonic is all about at this point. It's a far cry from the Adventure games which are already a far cry from the classic games in terms of sheer game design. 

    Now I'll fully admit that some Sonic games will survive incompetence like this by how much fun the "ride" is for me. The story and the aesthetic in the game can take you on a journey all on their own. The Adventure games aren't particularly amazing stories but they're interesting enough to want to see through. Sonic Heroes pretty much has nothing going on. Each team is given a simple, almost classic-esqe goal but the game cares even less than those do about contextualizing what's going on There's an initial attempt to bridge two level sets together that they kind of say "fuck it" on later on. There are barely any cutscenes so the conversations have moved to the gameplay instead. I've gone back and forth on this but I've decided this is a bad call since if I don't feel like watching Sonic and Shadow flirt this time I can just skip it. If you happen to be annoyed by Sonic and friends you are absolutely shit out of luck this time, and the narrative has no merits or interesting ideas to make me want to back it up on any level. You just have the dialogue and voice direction to work with. Everyone's favorite parts of the Sonic series. 

    It's a mess. I revisited it earlier this year because I was in a Sonic mood and my SA2 disc was missing. I wasn't even really expecting much: I replayed Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Adventure  last year and enjoyed myself, so I was low-balling it so hard that i was rolling it across the floor to begin with. It might be the more "consistent" game but it's worse in pretty much every way that actually counts. I walked away almost convinced it was the worst mainline Sonic released. 

    it's unpopular because it kinda sucks
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Roger_van_der_weide in Why is Sonic Heroes unpopular?   
    Heh, I remember being bored by the repetition even before I realized I have to replay the entire game with each team over and over.

    Darn shame. The idea of having a more light, more focused and clean game after the epic but very cluttered Sonic Adventures was a neat idea, but it seems Sonic Team had no idea how to fill their stages with anything interesting. Especially compared with SA1 that jampacked it's level with so many surprises and twists. The visuals are nice, tough. Altough used badly sometimes. I love how the city skyline of Metropolis looks like, but then most of the stage just takes place in endless boring green rooms all the time. Hmm.
    But yeah, I mostly remember the game just being empty and very copy paste- ey.
    They kinda did with Sonic advance 3 I guess, which was also received poorly (Tough not for the Teamwork aspect I think)
    And Sonic Heroes' "Cast is constantly discussing the story/ level with each other during gameplay" schtick was revisited in Sonic Forces.
    And I suppose Team Sonic racing it revisiting the concept to a degree again. We'll see how that ends. So at least Sonic Team's still experimenting with the idea from time to time.

    One thing that surprised me about Sonic Heroes, I was checking wikipedia out of curiousity to see if it had considerable less development time then the Sonic Adventure games.
    But they say it's the opposite.
    SA1 had 10 months, SA2 had 18 months and Heroes had 20 months of development time according to Wikipedia...
    Weird, you think with double the development time as Sonic Adventure and only one gameplay style to focus on, it should end up better.
    Then again, looking at the endcredits, seems SA1 had 3 times more staff programming and designing the game then Heroes.
    Altough SA2 seems roughly the same size team as Heroes.
    And maybe Wikipedia is wrong. Can't find any other sources for development time.
    There's more then 10 months between Sonic Jam and Sonic Adventure 1, so if Sonic Jam's 3d level was an early prototype, then it's been brewing way longer.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Ryannumber1Scarer in Why is Sonic Heroes unpopular?   
    I mean, to be absolutely frank, this was my very first Sonic game. It's one of my first video games period (at least one of the first games I can remember playing, at least) and yet when I tried to go back to it, I couldn't get on board with it. And honestly, you said it right there and then above:
    These problems right here are far far far too negative compared to the positives. Sure, it focuses on Sonic's gameplay from Adventure...except the controls is about fifty times more slippery, causing you to feel like you're practically running on ice. The level design itself isn't incredibly good. I can remember a lot of the level layouts, but only because I played the game so often when I was younger. The art-style is nice, but really hit hard by the early PS2 era graphics, especially in terms of the models that would later carry over into other games like Shadow and Riders. The point here is that Heroes does several things decently, but the other elements are done so downright awfully that they're counteracted into an unenjoyable experience.
    It also doesn't help that this was very clearly the beginning of SEGA's rushed development and lack of quality control. Originally, Heroes was meant to only release on GameCube and Xbox IIRC, but of course SEGA needed to have it all, so they slapped together a broken PS2 port which led to many framerate issues and bugs with the game. But even then I'd argue that with the GameCube port, it's just so an insane chore to finish the game. Between the bad and slippery controls, the need to finish the game four times, The Chaotix's lackluster missions, the godawful Special Stages needed to finish the game and get the final story, etc. There's too many downsides to a game with only a few upsides. In the end, you've really answered your own question.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Dragoon in Sonic Forces Anniversary~   
    Never played it, don't want to. But hey, at least it served as backstory for the stellar IDW comics. Also, as edgy as Infinite's theme is, it totally slaps.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Wraith in The idea that the other characters need to "play like Sonic (with an extra ability)" is narrow-minded and limiting   
    That's what they were designed to be. Sonic with alternative options. The fact that there's nothing special about Sonic is what makes him special. There's no cheat or shortcut to get around the level design. He's made for honest play.

    I have my own problems with how Tails and Knuckles are designed in the classics., but the solution isn't to gut the part that works. The part that makes up the basis of this Sonic game. You can't build game mechanics strictly around lore and character bios.
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    MegasonicZX reacted to Blacklightning in The idea that the other characters need to "play like Sonic (with an extra ability)" is narrow-minded and limiting   
    It's a good thing he didn't actually suggest any of those things, then.
    I'm really tired of all the strawmanning that's been going on in this thread. "Let's have a game that's actually consistent with itself and the series for once" isn't the same as "let's make the games braindead boring and have absolutely no variation whatsoever", just the same as "let's have a game where you can actually play as more than one character for a change" isn't the same as "LeTs PuT tAiLs In A mEcH", and by trying to boil things that far you guys are doing a huge disservice to each other's points and your own. Can we all just knock this shit off?
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