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  1. Two words: Gary Stu. Seriously, I'd admire the kid if he had a harsher background to start with and/or a deeper, somewhat flawed personality to overcome, but he seems to be like one of those whiny kids at a toy store begging for a new toy; they want everything they ask for and they want it their way only. Ok, to be leniant, he was pretty sweet when he saved Sonic from drowning and all, but after that he just seemed to get so irritatingly spoiled! Personally, if Chris HAD to be like that it would have been nicer to have him learn that he can't get everything he wanted. It would have made a good moral to the series, anyways...
  2. Glacio


    I'm not very fond of uber-screamo, rap(at least the ones about being rich and riding in shiny cars picking up chicks, etc.), country, and of course anything on disney channel, but otherwise I'll listen to anything. I'm really fond of Crush 40 and Nujabes is really awesome for when I'm relaxing/daydreaming, but otherwise I just find songs at random and buy them on iTunes or something if I like it~ I also really love movie scores, so a lot of my songs are movie soundtracks, themes, or scores from the most epic parts of the movie('cause they almost ALWAYS have the best music for the movie behind it~). Right now I think the best soundtrack out there right now is Coraline, the end credits sound awesome~ Oh and also, I play the bass clarinet and can pretty much play anything by ear if it's not super difficult.
  3. ~ Drawing while listening to music It's like nothing else is going on in the world~ ~Daydreaming(it's easier if I'm listening to music, though...) ~Being alone to think(preferably in a small forest or somewhere in nature. there's a lovely patch of woodlands in my backyard I really wish I could go to to think, but I'm not allowed because people hunt, play paint ball, etc. back there) ~Waterfalls ~Being with animals(I don't care if I'm at a crowded zoo or petting my dog, just watching an animal of nearly any kind just takes my stress away) ~Traveling ~Flying ~High places ~And I always respect manners. Just the fact that someone takes the time to say "excuse me" or "sorry" if they bump into you or says "please" if they ask for something just automatically makes me think higher of the person because they're aware that they are not the only or most important person in the world~ ~watching cartoons It's like daydreaming, just a nice little break from reality~ ~And of course, sonic the hedgehog
  4. A sonic fan on a sonic fansite?! NO WAI. Samurai Jack Possibly the most pure of heart hero ever imagined. Where do I begin? he spent his entire life to prepare to destroy the physical incarnation of pure evil with a magic sword that can be used for good, is then flung into the far off future where said evil rules with an iron fist, he becomes the most wanted man alive, and with all this still attempts to go back to his destiny. Not only that but but Jack has quite possibly the most flawless manners I have ever seen; with all the aliens and future technology that exists in this unknown time Jack respects and never questions any strange or bizarre customs that he comes across. Monkey D. Luffy I love this guy's personality. no matter what happens, no matter how thin the chances of surviving, Luffy always has this optimistic attitude, never backing on his dreams of being king of the pirates. And as immature as he seems, Luffy actually knows precisely what he is talking about (most of the time) and inspires nearly anyone he meets. General Grievous While the cgi movie version of grievous is cool and I still like him, his badarsery pales in comparison to Genndy Tartakovsky's cartoon version. hardly saying a word, this half-kaleesh cyborg can singlehandedly own and kill most of 7 jedi or more. not to mention he can use a lightsaber with his freakin' feet!
  5. I usually listen to either sonic music(Unleashed day stages=megaboost) or I just love to listen to really epic movie scores. sometimes I find orchestrals I love without having even seen the movie! I haven't seen a bunch of these movies, but they do have really good music~
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