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  1. So I've posted my work here a long time ago, when I did some mockup music for Sonic 4 Episode 2, which went down fairly well! So I thought this'd be an appropriate place to post my new project. I've been teaching myself animation over the last year and the end result is a ten minute long animation where I took heavy inspiration from the Sonic series, but used my own original characters and assets. I also wrote the score myself. It takes place in a snowy mountain and a spooky haunted house among other places, and follows the story of two music note people trying to find a NotChaos Emerald before an evil robot. Not the most original setup but it's what you do with the setup that counts! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viOPSzQzLQo I'll freely admit that I don't think it hits its stride until the second chapter because I was still in a learning stage for the first one, but I hope people enjoy it!
  2. the standard for Sonic 4's music should be set by Sonic 3K's. I don't think saying "it's okay for a HD return to form to have repetitive music because the inferior 8bit version of the first game did"
  3. hm let's see, when people act like SA2 was the best Sonic game of all time when to be honest, I found it just as faulty as games like Shadow. I mean, only 1/3 of the game isn't slow and bland as hell. Also people who get mad about any kind of Sonic 4 complaints and stereotype everyone who wasn't happy with the game as a "Richard Kuta".
  4. well because the game didn't just not reach expectations, it didn't even get close to them. The new physics engine disregarded what made the classics good games (but that's only apparent if you're a retro fan, aka Sonic 4's target audience), the homing attack made creative enemy design and powerups redundant, the 3 characters were cut down to 1 (then upgraded to 1 1/2 in episode 2), the boost pads and bubbles chains made it feel a lot less like the games it was following on from and more like just another Modern Sonic game, the zones were just retreads of old levels (to begin with) and basically, what sega tried to do and what was expected from Sonic 4 were two wildly different things. Don't get me wrong; I occasionally play the games on a rainy day and they're by no means unplayable 06 esque games, but Sega's complete disregard for what they promised to deliver makes me dislike the project as a whole.
  5. Gladly! I've had a few ideas for Sonic remixes that I've been meaning to create. In the christmas holidays when I'm not as busy I'll submit a few things
  6. Thank you kind sir! I listened to your work and I have to say I'm a fan. I'd be really interested in doing a collab at some point, but right now I'm a bit caught up in work and don't have much free time. I'll be in touch when I do :v
  7. One more; it's only a fragment and it's rather quiet Not sure if I should finish it since my Sonic project's completed and this is just like, an extra.
  8. Being a Sega guy growing up I never played Super Metroid. it's been sitting on the wii virtual console for years now. I played it and was actually incredibly surprised by how good it was. It's like...a huge maze, yet you never really get lost and you always know where to go. And the atmosphere and music are fantastic. Currently stuck on Ridley because I wasn't actively hunting for missile tanks during my playthrough.
  9. When Shadow the Hedgehog was announced I just got this sinking feeling the series had gone down this dark, "serious" route. I pretty much ignored the series after that. I remember glancing at the 06 boxart and being like "why is Robotnik realistic? what happened to the sanic that I used to knowwww". It's funny, I didn't like 06 before I even found out it was terrible. My brother bought Secret Rings. I found it okay but didn't like it much. I got Rush for christmas and liked it. Was decent, despite its less complex level design, and Rush Adventure was cool too. Had a neat story and fantastic boss fights. Then Unleashed got announced. I didn't care for it, the realistic artstyle, day stages that looked like they more or less played themselves and the werehog made me think Sonic was following the Crash of the Titans route; taking a unique platformer and transforming it into a dull beatemup. I figured the game would be received well and be the "return of Sonic" in everyone's eyes but mine. I became really interested in Sonic again at Project Needlemouse. That was also when I discovered I wasn't the only one who missed what Sonic once was. There was...a lot wrong with that game. I had fun with it for what it was, but still...the physics, the reused content, the homing attack and the current design being used didn't really make it feel like "Sonic 4". Colours was what got me back into the fan base. The graphics, soundtrack, gameplay and, to some extent story, were all fantastic. Then Generations came along and was even more perfect. And now that I'm a Sonic fan again, there hasn't been a main series announcement for a bit of a while so that kind of sucks. The end.
  10. I don't know why I've not listened to your work before. I really like your style. Could honestly listen to Glass Dome for ages. it's so chilled out and relaxing. Makes me think of the Saturn version of Sonic 3D Blast.
  11. oh wow, people actually noticed that? Cheers! yeah I definitely see where you're coming from with that. But I kind of wanted to round off the whole thing. Like, the peaceful music would be concluded by the "act clear" part. but thank you for the kind words
  12. Thanks a lot! not goin bad for a first post so far yh, I added in the voices just to give the boss more characteristics. Robotnik's best known for his quotes after all
  13. Wy hello and welcome to the SSMB! Hopefully you enjoy the much more rational discussion (then that OTHER place..........)

  14. First, I'd like to say...hi :v I didn't create this with any sort of disrespect for the original arrangements in Sonic 4 episode 2, I just decided to create some originals which would fit in with the game. I don't need to say I didn't create the Sonic 2 boss theme, but the rest of the music there's mine. Anyway; I decided to create several pieces for this stage, as opposed to just the one in the original. Nothing wrong with Senoue's arrangement, but I wanted to portray several moods in mine. The first is the slow, intimidating march that plays before the boss starts. This is to give the player a feel that something big is coming, something threatening. I also incorporated references to Robotnik's theme in Sonic Adventure 2, to give it a familiar feel of who you're fighting. After this finishes, I decided to have the boss theme from Sonic 2 play. Just to compliment Sega's "totally not a rehash" sense of humour before this boss starts. This music fades away after the true boss makes its appearance, to show this stage is more than meets the eye. The music I created for the actual fight kicks in when Robotnik smashes the pillars and his machine roars. This is the moment that the fight kicks off so I decided it was fitting for the music to kick off too. I decided to make the music instantly exciting and fast paced, to compliment the brand new, rather threatening looking machine Sonic's confronted with. I wanted the player to feel intimidated, but also excited. When the theme gets going, it changes pace (as pointed out by Robotnik). I just did this to stop the music from getting too repetitive. It's a relatively long boss fight, after all. When the boss is nearly dead, it makes one last effort to destroy Sonic. I wanted to represent this moment of urgency in the music, so it changes into something darker and more threatening for those last few seconds. After the boss is defeated, several explosions ring out. The last one brings in calm, light hearted music, as if to say "the danger's gone. We can relax again now". The final track I created is just a variation of the light hearted music, which concludes the stage and gives the player a feeling of satisfaction knowing that they did it. And after that there's just me messing around with the Sonic 4 soundfont during the credits Welp, enjoy! I hope I haven't wasted too much of your time
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