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  1. Lee, my best friend. I already said this on facebook but I hope you're having a great birthday today!

    1. goku262002


      Dramatic Chipmunk .

      Okay, I've been seeing you post this for the past 2 days and now you go and harass my friend with this youtube clip.

      What the hell are you doing?

  2. Blimey! Glad to see SSMB is still doing well. I used to help write the news here once upon a time. :)

    1. Uraraka


      hello there :D

    2. Klinsy
    3. canderson
    4. bolt7


      Thanks for the warm welcome, folks! Hello to you all too. :)

    5. bolt7


      Are there still any of the old Sonic Cage Dome crew floating around at all?

    6. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      i mermber you

  3. Hey man, I have a couple of things you could try, but I can't guarantee they'll work! Reading your post, you have tried a tonne of possible solutions already. Firstly, I'd try removing all of the GTAV content from your machine and clear the system cache. Apologies if you have tried this already and it will also mean that it'll clear all the title updates from your 360 (which are basically the small patch downloads you sometimes get when starting games.) It shouldn't be too much of a bother though, if you have a half decent permanent Internet connection! After deleting the V install data and title update data, try clearing your system cache. You can do this by following the steps on this page: http://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-360/settings-and-initial-setup/clear-system-cache Once this is done, restart your system and try installing the game again (install Disc 1 to the internal HDD and do not install the play disc (Disc 2.)) You should also receive a download prompt for the first title update. I believe this will happen shortly after popping in the install disc, so make sure you're connected to the Internet and that you accept the update. I notice you have written that you tried clearing the cache before; but if the new slimline is a used system, it may also be worth giving it a shot on that too. If this doesn't work and after installing / updating V on your new slimline console and the issues still persist, I recommend opening a ticket with Rockstar Support. You can do so at the following URL: http://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new If you explain your issue as clearly as you have done here in the support ticket, I'm confident they will get back to you. Hopefully things work out man and I'm sorry if I couldn't be of any further help!
  4. I don't think it's Ecco. If you've played Burning Rangers, you should remember there is actually a dolphin character found in one of the stages. IIRC, it helps you escape the burning facility at the end of the stage.
  5. Not going to happen; no-one is migrating over. The store closes, the staff there lose their jobs, it's as simple as that. Thousands of us getting made redundant today, myself included. We literally found out on the spot (I was even serving a customer at the time.) We had to politely ask the customers to leave and then put the shutters down. First we were told we would re-open tomorrow and have a closing down sale. An hour later we were told to screw the closing down sale and come in for the rest of the week to box all the stock up ready for being sent back. It's a very sad day, especially since GameStation is favored by customers over GAME in my town and they still shut us down.
  6. Happy Birthday! =D

    1. bolt7


      A belated thanks to you! :)

    2. bolt7


      Holy crap and that was from 2012... wow! I really haven't visited here in quite some time. Thanks all the same, though!

  7. bolt7

    Nintendo 3DS

    Okay, I need some advice. My 3DS just seemed to pack up on itself last night. The buttons stopped responding, the touch screen would not calibrate properly and even with the system un-touched, it seemed to cycle through the menu itself and select things randomly. The scary thing is, I look after my stuff to the point of OCD with cleanliness; I have absolutely no idea why this happened and looking around the Internet for advice, I'm just discovering more and more problems the 3DS has been having. Luckily, the system was still in warranty and I managed to get it swapped for a new one. Now, I swapped the SD Cards over (all of my data on the old system was saved onto the card) and linked my Club Nintendo account up to the new system. Why is all of my data gone? Why can I not re-download all of the games that I paid for from the e-Shop? It's 2012; if the same shit that happened with the Wii (I had my console replaced and lost all my Virtual Console titles) is happening again here, I'm trading the bloody thing in. I notice there is a system transfer option in the settings... but obviously my other system is in the shop now (plus the touch screen and buttons had stopped working properly, so I wouldn't have been able to get into the settings to transfer the information anyway.) Should I still be able to access my download games? What about my ambassador titles... I paid £220 for one of these at launch, only for it to break and quite possibly have lost all my stuff? If so, Nintendo really need to get their act together... I've never had any problems with losing stuff like this on any of the other systems (you can just recover your account and re-download... simple!) Edit - I log onto the Club Nintendo website and can see all the games I've downloaded... and yet, on my 3DS with the account linked it says I have no titles?
  8. Anyone here have a link to all of the Sonic Generations concept art you can unlock in-game for online viewing? :)

    1. King Frosty
    2. Blue Blood
    3. bolt7


      Cheers for the link; I was hoping for a page where I could download them though. =X

    4. bolt7


      360 / PS3 if possible; the artwork that can be unlocked in the Art Gallery. I remember seeing it all on Flickr once... can't find the link anywhere.

    5. Dreamcast


      If I remember correctly someone posted a megaupload link on the Sonic Retro forum.

    6. bolt7


      http://www.mediafire.com/?dv2q1q08pt721jt - Found it! I think. Thanks to Lanzer (Goku262002) of Retro. Cheers guys.
  9. 6F5QH-F5MIP-AH3CR - Two free Steam games for whoever wants them. =P

    1. Swiss


      Why thank you! Crayons! :D

    2. Neon


      Damn. Swiss took it. What is it?

    3. Cola


      An indie bundle pack

      Eh, I already have Crayon Physics Deluxe

    4. bolt7


      Should've really mentioned what they were in case someone already had them. =X Crayon Physics and Aquaria. They were going spare so, just thought I'd post them here.

  10. While I do agree CG movies are not necessary, it would've been amazing to have another opening as fantastic as this. Still the highlight of the game for me, they really pulled out all the stops with that intro.
  11. I need people to talk to. 8

    1. Diz


      Try the new Skype chat. =3 Go here for more info:

    2. King Frosty
    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      There's always PMs. :P

    4. bolt7


      Thanks guys, I posted in the Skype topic. 8>

  12. bolt7

    modern demo?

    Just as at GAMEFest, I prefer the Modern stage over the Classic. I always enjoyed the day time Unleashed gameplay and it's a blast in Generations too. The classic stage is good, but just as before, the jump physics and the rolling just ruin it for me. It may be minor things to complain about but I can't enjoy it as much when I'm constantly comparing the gameplay to the other 2D games I've played so many times before. The Modern stage was linear, but very detailed and I absolutely love the amount of little paths. The corkscrew at the end goes side by side with a rail; the corkscrew is the shorter path and the rail the longer one. What Aaron Webber was saying about the branching paths and the better the player is, the faster the path they'll take was absolutely spot on.
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