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  1. I just saw a spoiler for an anime I hadn't finished yet that only came out last year. For the second time within 7 days.

    Do people just think that everybody's finished an anime just because they have? Am I gonna have to stay off the internet entirely because people don't know how to mark spoilers anymore?

    1. MegasonicZX


      General rule of thumb with anime is to never look up anything remotely related to one your interested in. I can't think of a single scene in any anime that I've watched that doesn't have the plot spoiled in some fashion or another in the title of the video, its like they expect everybody to have read/watched the Japanese translations or something.

    2. Alienrun


      The more new and popular something is, the more likely it will be spoiled.

      On this specific notion tho, it doesn't happen often to me, and when it does it tends to increase my enjoyment in said show/get me interested in it to begin with lol

      insert evidence here on how its been scientifically tested that spoilers increase one's enjoyment of a piece of media


    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


      How are you gonna watch anime if you're going off the internet for good? :?


    4. Dizcrybe


      @MegasonicZX But that's the thing, I saw this spoiler on a Doki Doki Literature club subreddit, and that has nothing to do with the anime in question, Anime-Gataris.

      Plus, it's not even that popular.

    5. Alienrun


      @Dizcrybe True...but DDLC is popular and the overlap between it and anime is pretty obvious so...

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