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  1. Green eyes...GAME RUINED FOREVER. Always annoys me. And how horrible 06 turned out. The ORIGINAL:teaser, the one where Sonic is surrounded by swat bots and goes Super...had so much promise.
  2. I think I speak for everyone when I say any time I drown in an underwater level THEN the air bubble appears. All that waiting just for the game to do that...happens every time in Labyrinth Zone.
  3. When my Wii formatted my GameCube memory card and I lost everything. To this day I still miss Rascal the hero chao.
  4. Dark Gaia transforming into Perfect Dark Gaia...why? Just why?
  5. Hello! I'm Danny (As you probably guessed) I've been a fan of Sonic since the age of 4 when my older sister introduced me to them. Sonic has always been my favourite video game character, but was replaced by Crash Bandicoot as the time of the Playstation arrived. I was reintroduced to Sonic when Heroes was released on the PS2. (I didn't have a Dreamcast, shoot me) I've enjoyed the majority of games in the series (I don't like CD out of the retro series. I'm going to get killed aren't I?) My favourites include Sonic 3+Knuckles, Adventure 2, Unleashed (Although, Werehog sections...eh) Colours and Generations. I hope you guys enjoy having me around! Watch out for Doctor Robot...er, I mean Eggman!
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