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  1. Hey, I haven't seen you in awhile, hope everything's alright and you have an awesome birthday :3

  2. What does my personality have to do with you acting like a twat? I'll help you leave here actually, it's the least I can do.

  3. hope you don't mind, I kinda informed him of his mongitude anyways ;)

  4. I'm gonna go beat up Bloodfetish also xD

  5. Any idea who took your starcount down? I'll glass 'em!

    The user who 1-starred me when this place first started made it pretty obvious. The fatty (ok, so pot meet kettle, amirite, lol) didn't even make itself anonymous =P

  6. What is it pumpkin pie sweetcake? =D

  7. Elly~Belly~Pudding~Pie!

  8. Hope everythings ok

  9. I'mma going to miss you.

  10. I'm sorry to hear that you're not going to be active here anymore, Eileanach. You were a great member, and it was a pleasure discussing various topics with you. I'd love it if you could PM me your contact info (I already have your AIM by the way) so that we could stay in contact.

  11. Then please, PM away. =D

  12. Yes, I have MSN, thats it. If you want it I'll send it through PM. Also yay for still being able to be perverted buggers!

  13. Youre (Indirectly) leaving D:> Damn, my day just started sucking now... Well ts sad to see you (indirectly) leaving.

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