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  1. So I've been trying for a good long while to come up with my own redesign of Sonic that I'd like to see in game, and that I hope the rest of the fans would be happy with as well. I finally think it's really starting to come together. AS I SAID IN A PREVIOUS POST: I have no problem at all with the current design, I think he looks better now than he ever has. I agree with what a lot of people have been saying about redesigns; that it's really the last thing Sonic needs if Sega want to further develop him as an icon and as a recognizable brand. So there's really no point in what I've been doing at all, but I can't help doing it so see what you think. I already posted this in my art topic, so I'm just going to copy over what I said there. Sorry for the repost but I feel like it's relevant here as well. I'll spoiler it so it doesn't take up too much space.
  2. I'm just gonna leave this here for you guys. http://nerfuffle.deviantart.com/art/Eggman-Robotnik-redesign-406075373
  3. There's no character Sega has ever introduced that doesn't have potential, however I really don't think any of them have ever been fully utilized and I am very happy that they're sticking with just the classic cast as it is right now. If they can just get Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Eggman nailed down, then we can worry about everybody else. As it is, I really hope they keep it at that for the foreseeable future. I also really wish they would stop introducing extra side characters on top of that in every single game; Chip, the Wisps, the Deadly Six, Orbot, Cubot... I'm really not interested. I do kinda like Orbot, but two bots is too many.
  4. Daaaaaang I cannot wait to see how disgustingly awful the faces are!
  5. As I said; it can be done, but it really doesn't make much logical sense. The simplest solution would be to remake the world with one uniform style/time period or else just to continue ignoring the inconsistencies and let every game be its own thing. That's not necessarily bad, it's just not my personal preference. Seems lazy. But hey, they've kept it up this long, why not keep going? But trying to bring these places together just really doesn't work in my mind. I'd rather they pick a world and stick to it. Personally, my favourite world is that of the genesis games where you have wilderness and ancient ruins being encroached upon by Eggman's high tech fortresses and factories with the whole world seeming to be uninhabited by anything other than small woodland creatures like Sonic and friends. Badniks vs. Nature. It's true, even in the real world there's quite a lot of variety from one place to another, but certain things just can't coexist in the way you're suggesting. How can there be a bustling, entirely modern metropolis full of concrete and glass skyscrapers, cars, trucks and helicopters in the same world as an equally bustling entirely futuristic metropolis of neon metal buildings and hovercrafts? Unless we're messing around with time travel, which isn't out of the question, but good god I hate time travel. That's another story. Anyway this has gone on far enough; the point of this thread is whether or not Sonic needs a reboot and I say yes please I would love one, as long as it's done for the right reasons. But even then it isn't strictly speaking necessary, I just want one.
  6. From what I'm reading here it to be the consensus that a full reboot is unnecessary. Lots of people have ideas for things that can be changed, most people in particular seem to think that the story --the lore, if it can be called that-- could do with some improvement, or at least being better defined, as many of the games don't even appear to take place in the same world. Sonic Heroes and Sonic Riders, for example, both take place in extremely futuristic brightly coloured worlds, while the Adventure games are much more realistic and Sonic Unleashed takes place in a sort of caricature of the real world. The Genesis games are much more consistent with eachother, but haven't got much of anything in common with the more modern games. It would perhaps be nice to have better continuity from one game to the next. Since there is basically no continuity a reboot is redundant. When every game is only vaguely related by similar gameplay and character design, without any relation in terms of setting or plot (not to mention all the other little inconsistencies such as Sonic's ever changing height, color, and quill length,) how can anything realistically be called a reboot? They can't change anything any more than they already have. Ironically, that's why a reboot sounds like a good idea to me. The series at this point seems random and while it's certainly fun and refreshing for every game to be different in some ways, there isn't really much to speak of that DEFINES a Sonic game other than the speed, and even that varies a lot from game to game. Adding definition to the plot and rules to the world; what can and can't happen, what does and doesn't exist can be done without a complete reboot of the franchise, but it's certainly the simplest way to go about it. So I'd like a "reboot," I'd like a retelling of Sonic's origin, a reintroduction of the characters, a new control scheme and move set, a new plot, a new world. Everything defined, every location mapped out and every character's every trait nailed down, so we really know where we stand and what to expect when a new Sonic game is announced. I'd like that, but it's not a necessity and most fans seem perfectly happy to do without. Exactly my point, much more concisely stated.
  7. I like how the VERY FIRST THING SAID was "I don't intend to bring out more discussion about Sonic Lost World." This was meant to be a discussion of how to handle Sonic in 3D, something Sonic Team have always done the same way (that is, lock him in a corridor so it's basically still a 2D game but seen from behind instead of the side.) Lost World is more open than usual, but it's still basically just a corridor. Just a much wider corridor that's twisted around in a tube. Just because you're not walled in, doesn't mean you're free to choose your own path. A lot of people seem to think this is the only way for Sonic to work in 3D. Some of the more hardcore classic fans think that he doesn't work at all in anything other than sidescrollers. I'm convinced that a well made Sonic game, barring bugs and glitches, faulty cameras and everything else that can be called objectively bad in the highly subjective art that is game design, with a more open style of level design would be the best 3D platformer ever to exist. The idea of a game where playing well means playing fast and where the better you play, the faster you go just seems awesome to me but without the freedom to choose your own path the player can't be rewarded with speed; the speed is built into the corridors the player is forced to run along. In every 3D Sonic game made so far there is no reward, there is no momentum, and there is no freedom; your speed is constant. Lost World is something new and different, and looks like it will be the most diverse experience we have been offered so far, but the changes are inconsequential. You can run up and along walls, but you don't do it through skill or by running fast enough for your momentum to carry you forward; you do it by pressing a button.
  8. Hey, haven't been here in a while. Here's some new stuff I did that doesn't have anything to do with Sonic at all:
  9. Here's some animations for an upcoming super secret project that I bet you guys will be excited about!
  10. Every game is another step forward. It's early yet, but I'm already convinced that this is not the game we've been waiting for. It looks to me like by far the best Sonic game to date, but that doesn't make it the perfect Sonic game, it just makes it better than all the others. Don't get me wrong; to say it looks like it's gonna be worth playing is a gross understatement. It looks spectacular! But there are plenty more improvements to be made. Here's hoping the trend continues and every game from here on keeps us moving onwards and upwards! One step at a time...
  11. On the whole, looks great to me! I'm loving the way sonic moves; obviously it's hard to tell without playing it yourself but it looks like the controls are the tightest they've ever been. I'm still not happy with the Galaxy elements, though. This is an interesting change, but I wouldn't call it any less linear than previous games; if anything it's more linear just with the added bonus of spinning around and getting disoriented. I want a game with level design more like Jak and Daxter or Spyro or any of the old N64 platformers. (but build more for speed, obviously. More curves and loops and less flat, blocky platforms.)
  12. The most important thing to me is flow. I never actually played Sonic Colors, but from what I've seen the wisps wreak havoc on the flow of the game. Sudden stops, shifts in speed and sudden changes of direction, changed game mechanics, it's just too much! I just want to play as Sonic; leave the gimmicky power ups to Mario. I'm very happy about the tiered speed system they're introducing, as well as the parkour moves. Both of these are things I've been desperate for since SA1. I just hope they're implemented well. They look pretty good from the trailer. I'm also worried about linearity. People are all excited about springs in that one screenshot that look like they send you to a different path, but to me that doesn't count as being non-linear. Multiple linear paths are still linear paths. I want an open world, something like Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Jak and Daxter or Spyro. I know that's not a popular opinion; people have been put off the idea of open world Sonic games by the terrible, boring, empty hub worlds in the adventure games and worst of all Sonic 06 of course, but if they were well designed and meant for exploration instead of just being hub worlds, I'm still convinced they'd be much much better than linear paths. Open world as a concept is definitely better, it's just a question of how well it's designed and implemented. Everything I'm seeing and hearing about this new game (with the exception of Wisps) looks awesome to me in theory. Again, it's just a question of how well it's implemented.
  13. Digging the parkoury whatsit, but I dunno... I just don't know. I do not like the enemy design; they hardly look robotic at all and it makes me wonder if Eggman is even going to be in this game. Maybe he's still stuck in limbo! No idea. I wouldn't have a big problem with that (assuming he'll be back eventually) but assuming those badniks are indeed Eggman's robots I much prefer the generations designs. Hell, even the sonic 4 designs! These are way too simplified, but yes, that's pretty much my only complaint and it's a very minor one. I've wanted a more open parkour gameplay style for ages! I am worried about the flow, the wall run implementation looks a little clunky to me. But it is a huge step in the right direction! I'm just worried that if it doesn't flow properly people will complain and beg for their boost to win back and we'll never get anywhere. Also, while this does look a bit more open than any of the other 3D Sonic games have been, it still looks like Sonic is stuck on a fairly narrow strip of land. Again, a step in the right direction. To me, every Sonic game since Unleashed has been a step in the right direction. I wouldn't say this is "the one," where we finally see perfection, but it's another big step. Keep it up, Sega!
  14. I've been seeing a lot of hate for stuff in Sonic games looking like Pixar stuff, and I really don't understand it. To me it's the only style they've ever used that Modern Sonic fits in with. Also, none of the things people have been complaining about looking like Pixar animator's handywork really look like Pixar stuff to me. These guys are too stylized; their shapes are too abstract and their proportions are too distorted. But it's really hard to tell based on silhouettes, there's really nothing to be said about these guys until we see them in the flesh. Speaking of which, I'm really not too interested in anything that's been revealed so far. I'm super pumped about SOMETHING being in the works, but I don't care about the setting and I'm hesitant at best to accept a whole whack of new characters. What I want to know is how much attention is being paid to the story, is it a good story, and is the gameplay going to be any different this time around or are we still playing it safe? Not that I'd expect them to release any info like that so early on, just saying there's really nothing to get worked up about so far.
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