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  1. south park persona 3

  2. c: hello u r my bes fren ermagerd hai lol.

  3. I'll be honest, I'm not too thrilled about this being a WiiU title, something about the WiiU seems strange to me, but that may just be because i don't own one yet. Regardless, I'm really looking foward to this title; and I'm glad some information FINALLY got out about this, took ya long enough, SEGA.
  4. pmoth

    Azookara's Art!

    yo azu your art is........ WAY PAST COOL (GET IT BECAUSE SONIC)
  5. azoo

    what the heck is this

  6. Cola

    WOW WHAT IS THIS I SEE????????

  7. Without getting hit? I still haven't been able to beat it. How sad is that?
  8. I think that the whole idea behind the cryptic text was to let the player imagine, you know? As in, you can depict it however you want to. So it could be something platonic such as a promise of reunion, or something more romantic like a hug or kiss, depending on where you stand or how you interpret it or whatever. At least that's what I would assume.
  9. Diz

    Welcome to SSMB!

  10. These are more creepy than mind-blowing, but the Pokedex descriptions for various Ghost/Psychic types can get... weird. Here are some good examples: I guess the mind-blowing thing about it is that they actually included such disturbing descriptions in a game geared towards children. I mean seriously, this is scary stuff!
  11. I dread to think what the creature itself must've looked like :s That face reminds me a little bit of the Incan god Viracocha: Viracocha was the main deity that basically created all life. Maybe Labyrinth Zone was meant to emulate Meso-american ruins?
  12. Wow, I completely forgot to include my most disturbing Sonic moment in that last post. Way to go, me. Anyways, there are a lot that I would choose, many that have previously been listed. But one of many for me is Tidal Tempest Past. (Skip to around 1:44) Not only is the music incredibly eerie and empty feeling, but it feels so... desolate. It's almost as if theres hardly anyone/thing inhabiting the place. Kind of like those sleepy little towns you see in your average horror movie, you know? I dunno, maybe it's just me, but it really gives me the creeps.
  13. That seriously reminds me of this, although it holds no real relevance: Pothead the Porcupine, anyone?
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