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    Hello, old gamer from the middle 90s and huge fan of Sonic games until the sega golden age, Also i do have a lot of experience with games, i do enjoy a lot of them, could be puzzle RPG to Fps and others more, also i love read Manga and listen a bit anime but not much big intro anime to be honest. also if you looking for a good person to speak or be friend its a big honor always be friend with you, ima a polite and social person so its pretty easy to make good friends in or outside of the internet. also i do have a good sense of humor and i can tell then someone try ed to troll or not. but maybe im too much old for these things.

    Beside here my list of favorite sonic games for me.

    Sonic 1
    Sonic 2
    Sonic 3
    Sonic and knuckles/3
    Sonic CD
    Sonic advance series,
    Sonic Rush series,
    Sonic unleash wii version tho,
    Sonic adventure 1 and 2, battle dont really count.
    Sonic The Fighters, hit me up on PSN if you looking someone
    Sonic Generation
    Sonic Colors
    and other more, but ima sure missing some.
    Also my Skype account is on my profit page, but just make sure to tell on the request dat you are from Sonic Stadium before sent it.

    Also terrible sorry for the awful English im french Canadian. alright take it easy and have a great one! :D
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