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  1. they just put 100ppp, Dark theme is going to be awesome on that new board.
  2. Shinobi was pretty much right about it, the board did changed in the last years.
  3. Good riddance, the board was toxic for the past last years. OTs were probably the best part of Neogaf.
  4. @JaidynReiman its a character from FE6, but i'm pretty sure he meant Celica.
  5. Teasing fire emblem Switch could be awesome, not referring to the musou fire emblem.
  6. Was a hype announcement for sure! Totally looking to give a shot when it release.
  7. Its been awhile! Jubei was announced and so BBCF2 during EVO weeks ago. I believe CF2 is released in japan on arcades.
  8. Good thing they stop the teasing, it look glorious so far.
  9. hmm that's strange to see people widely open about saying that Sonic Generation was not as good. Looking for that E3 this summer.
  10. I was able to watch Kimi no Na wa twice this weekend. One with the english dub and the other with sub only. totally enjoying so much the Sub only version, the soundtrack vocal and visual overall is great and if you have the possible chance to watch it, i recommend to do so. its worth to take a look of it! Now hopefully they gonna release a silent voice soon!
  11. Well, here's the thing, a lot of games are actually as good you think, metacritic/reviews shouldn't be a matter if you're interested over the game.
  12. Well from what i did see, there a lot of close reference from the other previous games from the child timeline. Maybe that's just me exaggerated, but i do feel there chance this game is around that timeline, child one.
  13. Anyone noticed how Ranch Ruins look like lon lon ranch?
  14. well hopefully there 2D sections, but i could totally loved if its just 2D with boost.
  15. That artwork is very close of what Sonic classic japanese is, loved it! the feel of the 90s.
  16. Colors was good, so Generations. after using the same paste for the past games, i expect something else better and new.
  17. well i was expecting something new! lol! Is this some Sonic Colors gameplay only? where's the other teases?
  18. is it doing to be on motobug by chance too?
  19. Daisy-Fan


    I love Jontron early works too, pretty much stop watched the moment with star wars ones. the home alone games and mighty max one is pretty great. videogamedunkey is worth watching if you love funny content like the old jontron.
  20. Daisy-Fan


    Maybe you could proably put this on the political thread, you know, since its a mix of America politic last posts.
  21. Daisy-Fan


    how's that Blatantly incorrect with the negativity? dont you see? Not only here but in the internet and so /rJontron. seems everyone want to crucified the guy for expressing himself. Or maybe you shouldn't give attention about it instead? Why bring this politic disscutions about a youtuber who is not very informed well about politic discussion? i'm out.
  22. Daisy-Fan


    I seen it, alot of it. There no need to remind me about it at all, tho very appreciate.
  23. I do love the game, but once you finish the game, there nothing memorable at all i do find, 4 beasts are short, Some parts of the Soundtrack feel abit underwhelm, Bloodmoon cut scene, tho you can skip it, but its annoying. Weapons durability but as i mention once you know the locations of the weapons you won't have any problem at all. Hyrule Castle is pretty good, wish it was more complex then that, its totally my only favorite part of the game. i'm actually playing a other run because i love the exploration. 124 Hours atm on Wii-U
  24. jim sterling review on BotW remind me of jeff TP review from Gamespot.

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