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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Ming Ming Hatsune in NeoGAF & #metoo   
    Just look at how the strong and pathetic the dictatorship is. This is Kim-Jong/Trump stuff. We have to praise EviLore or keep our mouth shut about him if you want to survive.
    Dare you say anything bad about the owner. BANNED.
    Dare you question about the owner. BANNED.
    Make any reference about the owner and what he did? BANNED.
    Funny thing is, if you did this even before the crisis last weekend, it'll be the same! Instant permaban. It's just that before they kept it well hidden from the innocents. 
    NeoGAF has always been poison. Yes I'm still bitter with the ban I got but my ban fits perfectly on what I'm saying here about the dictatorship.
    Even though GAF is back, it'll never be the same.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Conando in NeoGAF & #metoo   
    On my end, I just want to say what I meant by "shithole echochamber", I was really referring to the habit the moderating staff had of banning people who voiced something they didn't agree with. Pretty dick move on their part, but that's not the average users' fault for sure.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Rummy in NeoGAF & #metoo   
    I'm gonna be completely rude here but good riddance, get all the good people from that site into better sites.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Conando in NeoGAF & #metoo   
    It was a shit hole echo chamber, so I can't say I'm sad it's going. I do feel for those displaced, though. Sucks to lose your community like that. I just hope no one is defending Evilore, are they? As I heard this hasn't been the first time.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Balding Spider in Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back   
    That moment you realize we're in the Darkest timeline.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Nepenthe in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    Because arguments that insist that Sonic needs to be a memetic laughing stock to continue be relevant enrage me. No other franchise that didn't start out comedic, subversive, or satirical has done this to itself.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Crow the BOOLET in Motobug: SSMB's Official Streaming Hub! E3 Details in latest post!   
    I'm happy to be onboard. I'll try to do my job as best as I can.
    I will say I may or may not be planning a little something. We'll see. ;D
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Gemster312 in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    Okay is everyone just ignorant to the fact that just because Classic Sonic is here doesn't mean it's a Generations 2?
    Sonic Generations: Celebrating 20 years of Sonic. Revisit old stages across the years and re-experience the stages using modern and classic sonic.
    Sonic Forces: Could be LITERALLY ANYTHING, it just happens to use Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and Green Hill zone makes an appearance.
    People really really loved Sonic Generations. Not Sonic Lost Worlds. So wouldn't it make sense to use the formula that everyone loved? It doesn't have to be a sequel. It doesn't have to follow the same rules of going back to old levels but some can be included (i.e. Green Hill just because its iconic and its what Sonic is associated with).
    Who says they are bringing back Classic Sonic again for NOSTALGIA? That's honestly been bothering the hell outta me. I personally don't believe that because Classic Sonic can co-exist WITHOUT BEING A NOSTALGIA FACTOR. If his gameplay works in these titles, it's just another method of playing the game. It's like saying Sonic Mania shouldn't exist because we already had Sonic 4 (a callback to the "classics") and Sonic Generations.
    No, Sonic Mania exists because the classic formula works and it's being used BECAUSE IT WORKS not because its nostalgic. Yes the rehashed zones is nostalgic, but Studiopolis isn't nostalgic. It's not ALL about nostalgia.
    If classic sonic used to work, then modern sonic evolved but it split the fanbase, bringing classic sonic BACK TO LIFE ISN'T NOSTALGIA, ITS BRINGING A SYSTEM THAT WORKED BACK INTO ACTION.
    Classic Sonic was nostalgia for Sonic Generations (that's the whole premise of the game).
    Classic Sonic is not a nostalgic factor for these titles though. He's here because he's a gameplay aspect that people love to play and have fun with.
    It's like when the Twinky business went away and everyone lost their shit. If it just came back for a brief time, that's nostalgia. And they could advertise it as "its back!"
    But if they suddenly are re-igniting the flame and its back for good, not just like a month, then suddenly it's no longer NOSTALGIA, it's bringing back something that works. It's bringing back something people love.
    I plead, stop saying Classic Sonic = Nostalgia. He's not nostalgia anymore. He's a character that was left behind and has now been revived in the modern games. Treat him as the sonic we used to love, not as a "tool for nostalgia". God im starting to hate that word. Nostalgia. Psh...
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    Daisy-Fan got a reaction from Syntax Speedway in Yooka-Laylee (Playtonic's spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie / ONE, PS4, PC)   
    Well, here's the thing, a lot of games are actually as good you think, metacritic/reviews shouldn't be a matter if you're interested over the game.  
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    Daisy-Fan got a reaction from Potada in Yooka-Laylee (Playtonic's spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie / ONE, PS4, PC)   
    Well, here's the thing, a lot of games are actually as good you think, metacritic/reviews shouldn't be a matter if you're interested over the game.  
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to KHCast in Jontron   
    Well we're in a age where people shouldn't be held accountable because "opinions & freedom of speech" apparently. Let's get upset at the people getting upset and using THEIR freedom of speech vs the person saying ignorant shit.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Diogenes in | SPOILER THREAD | The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild   
    This feels like more than just coincidence to me.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Wraith in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii-U, Switch) 2017   
    Wallpaper from Nintendo!

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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Speederino in | SPOILER THREAD | The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild   
    Alright, now that I've finished the game, it's time for the most important discussion ever: BotW's placement in the Zelda timeline. I know, I know, you're all super excited for this. Now, the one thing that seems certain is that this game takes place at the tail-end of one of the split timelines, in the distant, distant future.
    As I said in a status, I at first thought it was the "Hero is defeated" timeline since Ganon (and Ganon specifically, not "Ganondorf") is an ancient evil that keeps terrorizing the world. But then the game went and made that blatant Twilight Princess reference, so that seemed rather definitive (although I personally find it strange that the Hero of Time's story from the "adult" timeline is public knowledge outside of the royal family. Like, the sages are all remembered for doing things that they never technically accomplished in the child timeline).
    BUT...is it just me, or is there a blatant reference to a character from Wind Waker? You know how all the Divine Beasts are named after historic figures from each race? Naboris = Nabooru, Ruta = Ruto, Rudania = Darunia. That just leaves the Rito's divine beast: Medoh. Unlike the others, this is never really properly hinted at, but the only possible correlation in my mind is Medli from Wind Waker (plus it's the only other game that has Rito, so). And if that's the case, trying to place this game on the timeline is now next to impossible.
    For now I'm just going to assume it's after TP until I hear otherwise, but there's enough evidence for all three timelines here. I feel like Nintendo is toying with us. XD.  Incidentally, I've heard a theory that this takes place is some kind of unified/reconverged timeline that ties all three together. I kinda like that idea, although I have no idea how it's physically possible unless Hyrule Warriors is suddenly canon.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Milo in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    The first Adventure? They did exist (HA chains and hallways anyway, rails didn't exist yet), but their use in that game was minimal compared to later titles. I'm only contesting Adventure 1 though; Adventure 2 threw the baby out of the bathwater and it never improved from there with the 3D games from that point onwards.
    Anywho, I'd argue "lol not classic/Adventure" is exactly the point of why some people aren't interested in a discussion about improving the boost--they don't want it improved, they want something else completely. The boost playstyle is at its heart crafted around boost and boost management, and if that's not what certain people want out of 3D Sonic, altering it further to their tastes as a sort of compromise isn't going to change that. If anything, I think Generations' attempts to adding more platforming segments actually hurts the appeal of the playstyle due to how it breaks up the flow of constant fast speed. Meanwhile, Colors feels more like a spinoff of boost gameplay than it actually does feel like a true installment due to its higher focus on 2D precision platforming and Wisps usage. Dare I say you can even see this as far back as Rush--the points where the game locked you into a room to defeat a number of enemies to continue, or hop around platforms over bottomless pits were among the least-fun elements of that game.
    I don't really care for the boost gameplay nowadays, but I do realize it has its fans and I actually did have some enjoyment of it in the past, so I'm not really going to sit here and take it to task or debate with those who champion it. But at the same time I really wish the boost playstyle wasn't the (new) standard for 3D Sonic gameplay and wish it was more of a side series. I'd still like to see a 3D Sonic game that isn't so linear/speed-oriented and was closer to the momentum-based gameplay of the classics.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Meta77 in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    I am not sure who you are speaking for cause this sure as hell is not what i wanted them to return to. What I wanted was something along the lines of an adventure/ unleashed game without the constant cop out of simply boosting through a stage. stopping to hit something and then boosting again to the end. But ill wait for more gameplay before slamming the nope button and pouring my money more into mania.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Diogenes in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    No one gets upset that Mario still has goombas and koopas.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Tracker_TD in Sonic Mania (August 15th 2017, Christian Whitehead, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch) - The New Classic   
    I... might just need a moment.
    Sonic Mania continues to be my favourite thing ever. I can survive the delay no worries, just make this thing perfect.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Sonic Mania (August 15th 2017, Christian Whitehead, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch) - The New Classic   
    I'll throw my thoughts out right now, although I'll likely expand on them tomorrow.
    I do not like Sonic 1, 2 or CD
    I only like Sonic 3 & Knuckles out of the classic games.
    However, I while it isn't enough to push them to me loving them, I find the mobile versions of the game to be a lot more enjoyable and fun thanks to the high level of work, effort, and love went into Whitehead remaking CD, 1 and 2. And it saddens me a great deal that Sonic 1 and 2 got restricted to Mobile. Under any other circumstance, I'd likely be moaning about a new Classic game by SEGA/Sonic Team because it'd likely disappoint me due to emulating closer towards Sonic 1/2/CD. However, that has changed. I am absolutely fucking excited for Mania, because Whitehead took games I flat out hated, and managed to at least push them to decency in my own opinion. To the point where, I can like Sonic 1/2 mobile, even if I still dislike CD due to the more underlining issues, such as stage control. I have faith that Whitehead will bring an great game. A game that could live up to Sonic 3 and Knuckles. I am so excited.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Carbo in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    Back at Comic Con they made it clear it wasn't going to be Generations 2, which implied a new style of game play, and well... I guess technically they ended up being right. It's not "Generations 2" in that it's not revisiting old levels and it has apparently one more play style - but systematically everything else is based as if it were a follow up, which is where some of the disappointment stems from.
    As for the topic of them going back to a formula that works, well, that's about the best thing you can say about it - it works. We've had three games with it but I wouldn't say it's a formula that's particularly deep or rewarding to experience. This trailer in particular exhibited some of the formula's worst tendencies of zero-effort boosting corridors. We're likely to see something better tomorrow, but it doesn't particularly fill me with confidence starting off.
    Another problem with the formula is a fact that's endemic to Sonic which is that there needs to be huge levels to accommodate moving fast. The boost formula enables reductive level design, and they become overly long stretches of detail that the player doesn't get enough time to appreciate, nor do they give them a lot of things to do. But a lot of man hours go into those stages regardless because you're always moving at a fast pace and they need to feel like they're something. It's why they pepper a bunch of distractions like in Sonic Adventure and Generations with set pieces like the orcas, helicopters etc., because there's not something actually interesting to experience through play, so instead they need to be visually interesting. With Generations, presumably Sonic Team worked on it ever since Unleashed - and 2-3 years of development yielded a game that was only about 2 hours long, and that's even accounting for all the filler work.
    Sonic games these days are more about making the player feel fast rather than allowing them to be fast. It makes them fun for a playthrough but also rather fleeting and ephemeral, which is a shame when Sonic games used to be a lot more.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Wolfy in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    Kinda disappointed to be honest.
    Look, Gens is fun and so forth, but what they decided to show today was Sonic running down a snaking corridor with boost pads, boosting through enemies without any form of trade-offs or danger (again), tired HA chains, and big filler jumps to look pretty. I can understand while some people are kinda "huh?" right now, as it looks like what we were shown 10 years ago with not much changed that I can see. I loved Unleashed, Colors, and Gens, but there was a big part of me hoping for a clean break away, or at least something shown to show that complaints about the boost-style gameplay was carefully evaluated and tweaked upon. I didn't see any of that today.
    I'm willing to hold my breath and not judge the book by its 20 second cover, but what I saw today coupled with 3 supposed gameplay styles and wisps, I can already see it just being a continuation down the same rabbit hole we've gone down for a decade now. Again, it's not that I think it looks BAD, it's just I was hoping to be shown something that shows they're really striving for gold this time, instead of just pumping out the same biz because it worked 6 years ago with an average of 8/10 score. The "Sonic Mania" treatment is a little bit more complicated when you apply it to your modern line-up. With all this updraft in Sonic attitude lately, I wasn't expecting to see a Sonic Unleashed DLC to kick things off.
    I really do hope to be floored later on with more footage, but these are my thoughts on what was shown anyway. Looks pretty as fuck though, and while "eeeh?" on the theme song, it's not bad either.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Polkadi~☆ in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    We like them, but not ten times over.
    It's the same reason some people don't like Call of Duty games, it's the same thing year after year.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to FriendBot in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    So TSSZ seems to have some sort of teaser image of 2017 hidden in their BBFA3 review.

    I have no idea what's up with this.
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Meta77 in Jontron   
    While I agree lumping a entire group of people is wrong  but trying to compare what's been going on in the world next to right wing attacks?? As a bit far. What has the right done besides some foiled arrsons and their typical racist babble compared to the Paris. Christmas.  fort hood. Boston. Attacks all being carried out in the name of a religion. Honestly I don't think we fesr things till it happens to us. Easy to blow off something as not serious till your sitting in a stadium or nightclub with family bundled up on top of you dead.
    But eh. He's making money. Popularity corrupted him some I think
    Though this goes back to the main point of jontron. I like and love his early works.  still do. But after around I think banjo or starcade is when he stopped being funny and much much slower st uploads.  he's just not funny anyone sadly
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    Daisy-Fan reacted to Nepenthe in Jontron   
    The solely political derails can be moved.
    However, discussion about JonTron's shitty views belong in the JonTron thread.
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