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  1. This song is friggin awesome. Thanks for sharing ir

    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Hey no problem! Glad you enjoy it! 

  2. When I think about Metropolitan Highway on its own, it's music almost makes sense for it. If it were a simple "run through and reach the end" context, it'd be just as fitting as any other stage in the series, honestly. Bright, futuristic city with a upbeat and techno rave party in the background.

    Wonder if the same applies to the rest of Modern's soundtrack now, tbh...

  3. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed...!

    I mean so was Sonic Drift, but you don't see that stopping Sumo if this turns out to be true, do you? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed...!

    If the game is Sonic only, I don't see why it's not another R or Riders game. Karts seem especially lame for the series' characters, of all things, imo Here's hoping it's another crossover instead, like Sonic & Mario Kart All-Stars or Sonic Crash Team Racing or something...
  5. 17 years later and Final Rush still has the best vertical 3D platforming sections in the series so far


    It's a shame pulling off proper momentum on the L rails to jump higher and skip more platforms is so hard, bc swap them out with simple ramps and slopes and boom, there you go. Same difference, and should be just as great in practice.

  6. Nintendo Labo (April 20th, 2018)

    Apparently you don't have to buy the packs themselves to get your hands on the devices officially; Nintendo's offering the patterns for free Also there are gear shifts on the steering wheel what Wonder if it'll be for a full-on game the way the Robot pack is, with how complex it looks to be...
  7. Nintendo Labo (April 20th, 2018)

    With the way the announcement sounded the other day, I thought it'd be something that'd be the equivelent to Pokemon/YokaiWatch or Amiibo with Nintendo's hopes for it. Something commercially proven to sell with kids and another specific enthusiast audience, but otherwise kinda pointless. .... WELL THAT GOT BLOWN RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW Seriously, after trying to research the IR sensors in the joycon to see whether it could function as a mouse tracking and reading receptor, I was fully open and actively thinking about how many ways this thing could be used to change the way you could control the system, but nothing on this level, holy moley... Mad props to Nintendo for going all the way in their own direction, as well. I mean, the previous example of the tech was the circle pad pro, which communicated entirely through the IR sensor: And the steering wheel and pedal set up was something I was hoping they would try out, as an example. (fishing rod game would be what I'd expect, tbh) But an entire Giant Robot Suit?!? What??? That's... kinda crazy, not gonna lie. Don't know whether the game would be worth it, but I know some people who would like to get a switch just to play that. But tbh I'm not excited about this for the games and toys. They look neat and fun, and I do think I might try one out if it has enough content going for it, but mostly I'm excited from the potential this has from being brought into the spotlight by Nintendo. Stuff like the racing wheel could be a cheap pack in for the next Mario Kart or another racing game; stuff like Gamecube controllers could be just plastic shells that you throw your joycon into to have a completely different controller style; and... other stuff, that I thought of before, that I can't think of right now, lol Edit: Joystick. A cheap pack-in joystick was the other idea I had at the time. And they already did it, lol But most importantly I want to see whether the optical mouse functionality is actually fiesable now that Nintendo's thrown the IR sensor's potential out in the open for everyone to see. Even if it only ever happens for the PC, split joycon + mouse as a control scheme, kinda playing out like this... It needs to happen, that's all I know.
  8. Btw, the Circle Pad Pro also used the IR sensor to communicate with the 3DS, with the way it worked


    It's not limited to cardboard toys at aaaaaall

  9. NO





    I've always thought the IR camera had potential but not like that, holy moley

    Kudos to Nintendo for actually going all out with it. I mean a Giant Robot Suit?!? What???

    Somebody better get on making an optical mouse attachment for the right joycon ASAP now that this has been brought to the forefront tho

  10. Some new concept art for Ralph Breaks the Internet got released


    At the very least, this makes it seem like Disney's Inside Out version of "the internet" rather than the Emoji movie in a way, so I'm kinda back to being hopeful about it. We've already seen the bottom of the rabbit hole with that movie, at least...

    1. Failinhearts
    2. AlphaRuby


      I didn’t really like the first one, but I’m hopeful that this one is better

  11. Work got called off because of snow today

    On one hand that means I finally have time to actually kick back and relax for an entire day for once, thank goodness

    On the other hand though... we're working into Saturday now because of it... woo...

    The dual edge of snow days strikes again :\

  12. The resetera Direct thread in a nutshell:


    I need to know if I'll be able to watch it... Just announce the darn thing already Nintendo, yeesh

    1. JaidynReiman


      I'm pretty confident at this point that it got delayed, likely to next week.

  13. So I tried out snowboarding for the first time yesterday

    Only managed to master braking easily at the very end of the day, but I think I can safely say that my love of speed and slopes definitely carry over to physical activities like this now

    Don't think I'll be ready for flat-out stunts and tricks anytime soon, though, lmao

    1. Failinhearts


      You certainly have more courage than me, man, getting that sense of speed by doing something like this. Good job, even if you just managed to break!

    2. KHCast


      Your snowboard experience wasn’t like a cheesy 80’s film tho

    3. TCB


      in time you'll be able to be cool, be wild and be groovy

  14. So this is what Green Hill Paradise's developer has moved onto (only as a tech demo probably tho)

    So uh

    Once FighterZ gets finished, can we get an ultimate DBZ game in the same vein as this

    Because I would play the crap outta that, especially if it had a story mode

  15. Watched TLJ

    I don't get why people apparently hate it?

    It feels pretty close to the originals, including the flaws, imo

    Don't see how this ruins Star Wars at all, tbh, or why people dislike it, considering the same movies this franchise is built around and loved for in the first place. I don't think this franchise was made for me with how consistently "it's okay" I feel these movies are either, though, so ah well...

    1. Solister


      I think one of the most hate of the movie is because of Luke wasn't the same anymore. Even Mark Hamill didn't like to play Luke Skywalker saying he wasn't the same anymore:

      Sorry, I couldn't find the video of Mark saying this by himself, that video is down for some reason (Probably was temporally hosted).

    2. Boomer


      For me I didn't like it as it seemed to have contempt for the previous mythos imo


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