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  1. For a second I thought Splatoon 2's gyros and camera sensitivity options were way worse than the original's, but turns out I had them set to the opposite end.


    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Wait, how do you adjust them in the testfire?

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      On the weapons selection screen, press + and you'll find it

      Also hooooooooly crap split joycons are a dream with this game, yo

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Just found it. Now I can get around to enjoying the last 10 minutes!

      I'll have to try split Joy-Cons tomorrow.

      Also, you can't play in handheld mode.whilst lying down if you have motion controls on. You can't centre the camera 

    4. Nix


      My Switch's internet connection got all fussy whenever I had the joycons separated from the Switch.  Couldn't connect to it at all, but it was a-ok whenever I had it in the standard handheld mode.

      Sucks cuz split joycons is the GOAT control scheme for everything.

    5. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Yeah, removed joycons take a hit on the WiFi signal strength for me, too. Didn't effect anything here, thankfully, but it definitely has been noticeable in the past.

      Probably eats up the battery, too, having to manage 3 connections at once. An hour of Splatoon like this took my battery down to 60%, which is more than BotW ever has in the same amount of time...


      @Blue Blood I'll have to try actually lying down to test it later on today, but I don't see how it'd be any different from aiming normally, sitting up? Press Y to re/set the camera height, use the joystick to properly turn your character around, etc.?

      Unless gyro controls go haywire when above your head, or there's something else I'm missing here...

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @The Deleter Basically, there seems to be a limit on the angle at which you can centre the motion controls. If you're sat with the Switch either in your lap or in front of you, you can use Y to centre the camera just fine. But if you're holding the Switch above you (so that the screen and Joy-Cons are pointed towards the ground), you're unable to reset the camera past a certain point, and thus it's always pointed towards the ceiling. So it works fine, unless you're lying down. If that doesn't make sense, just give it a go tomorrow and let me know what you think. I can't figure out how best to explain it. 

      Oh yeah...

      Pressing Y with the Switch above you will reset the horizontal axis just fine. The vertical axis remains fixed though. Unless it's my controllers screwing up specifically, it's a really daft design whereby someone decided that you're not allowed to be lying down as you play.

    7. Gregzilla


      I played a couple rounds, using the Pro Controller.  Having not played the original very much, the motion controls were weird.  Motion for aiming seems fine, but I kept getting confused when using the right stick since you can't move it up and down, which was really odd to me.  Tonight I'll try other control types and see how it all feels.

    8. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Ah, so it's an outright limitation. Ah well. I'll see what comes of the later testfire, but I'm betting it has to do with either the actual gyro sensor limitations or design in the first place, yeah.


      @Gregzilla: You can turn off the Gyro controls to get full access to movement with the analog stick, but if you stick with them, just think of them as the torso+arms and legs to be used tandem. Gyro for the limited body swiveling and aiming, and analog stick for turning your character in full 360° when needed. Adjust the sensitivity options to best suit that, and you should be good to go from there, I think!

  2. Honestly Sonic bosses will always feel subpar just from the fact that their damage mechanics and feedback in the gameplay feels... weak, tbh Like fair enough with the classics, that's how the overall gameplay worked and it works well enough for a 2D game of it's time, but for stuff like the boost games... the only feedback we ever get for damage is a mere ricochete, and a sharp, but small "ding" as a result. And that's incredibly lame for a hedgehog supposedly tearing a robot overlord to shreds. And usually, it always carries the same weight against the rest of the games enemies, as well. Like, compare the boost games to the Sonic Rush games; they work the same way generally, but the sound effects for running into enemies still has a "crash" element to it, and the screen temporarily stutters when you make contact, implying weight and force, at the very least. Not only that, but bosses and their elements have a weightier feel to them than normal enemies, as well. It's not much and it doesn't make much of a difference in the long run, considering simple homing attacks are still the best way to deal damage to the massive robots, but it's there. But then compare the Starlight Carnival boss for Sonic Colors, and the Rocket Wisp attack you can pull off on it. Forget which version had the most satisfying feel to it, but just slamming the previously unmovable ship out of the sky, and dealing far more damage than normal with it, is probably the most memorable moment I've had with a modern Sonic boss, combat-wise. If we could just get a more involved "Speed = Force = More damage" system going on, I think we could reach that level of satisfying at least, without having to go to any ridiculous combat levels like Werehog or RoL style. Problem is, we've had this system for so long, I don't see it changing in favor of a more impactful effect anytime soon. Feedback or depth-wise... And that kinda stinks, tbh. :\ I mean this is a hedgehog that is supposed to slice through robots. How cool can that be when done right?!?
  3. I still don't understand why we're still talking about Black Knight's swordplay, and what it has to do with Forces, tbh... I mean fair enough whenever a topic is just a tangent for an element in the game a thread is centered around, but... I just can't see where this argument is coming from
  4. Sonic may be a buzzsaw in the most basic sense during normal Sonic games, but you gotta admit that buzzsawing enemies with a sword for near miles, lightning-fast, is way cooler in execution, no matter how dumb it may seem But then most don't even bother trying to learn the move in the game so Wait why are we talking about BK now?
  5. More RoL than Heroes, (hence the pain :'[ ) but yeah, basically the same idea. Heroes just felt like it was too... Passive in its use of teammates? Like it never really felt like they did anything besides run alongside you like ammo, and their gameplay is only justified with the sake of their three second abilities, rather than because they're a full, unique character. Makes them feel more like static gameplay tools outside of the dialog, that help the main character out from time to time because the game says they should, occasionally. But, Heroes' formula is still preferable to this, I guess. Just not the best example that could be learned from, imo. The examples above, for example, sound waaaaaay cooler in comparison
  6. Eh, exposition is something I'd expect to be used the most often in a system like this, to the same "obvious" degrees "Bounce pad!" and "Look at all those Eggman robots!" could be. It's not as annoying, no, but it is relatively dull for what it is. Something with a bit more effort and character would be preferable to that alone. ... Though, I just realized that may just feel artificial and "Pontaff"-ish here, considering the circumstances. Destroyed cities and solitary stages, probably better suited towards as low-key dialog as possible. Hm. Probably a better case for this system, would be where the characters were actually side-by-side, fighting as companions rather than commenting as side-characters. .....
  7. Dunno what the full context of the current argument was, but Rise of Lyric's in-game dialog has been mentioned on the offhand, and welp, now I'm kinda hyped about how the "Radio Chatter" could turn out in this game, too. Huh. The main problem people had with RoL's dialog was repeated "obvious" lines, which could end up being the case for Forces too, to be fair... *looks at Time Eater* ... But on the other hand, the whole system is based around "events around the world", which seems like it could be pretty divorced of even the possibility of that even happening. Key word being seems, of course.. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think anyone disliked RoL's actual in-game conversations, did they? That was one of my favorite parts of the game, just for the sheer amount of character and levity they added to the game throughout. If this same aspect can be pulled off in this game with a decent enough script, we could have one of the most "fun" Sonic stories on our hands, imo, apart from the storybook games. Doubly so with the Chaotix involved, so I really hope they can pull off some good banter here. Plus, it also reminds me of a certain PA system... Perhaps it could be making a comeback, too, just for the sake of it?
  8. They could feature all the past special stages in Mania, with each one simply tied to their method of access in their respective games. Sonic 1's being end-goal "50 rings" rings, Sonic 2's being checkpoint rings, and Sonic 3&K's being the gold rings throughout the stage. Would be sort of a letdown compared to getting a new special stage altogether, but better that than sticking with just one of the originals I guess... Though to be fair, I have yet to see an actually good idea for a special stage in a fan game, tbh...
  9. I tried watching Samurai Jack once, got up to that episode where he helps out the dogs excavate their civilization, and then stopped because of how boring it was

    I'm... Guessing I misjudged it???

    1. Dejimon11
    2. goku262002


      Yes. you did.

      You very, very much did.

    3. Josh
  10. Real talk, the best chance we'll get at predicting who's the third character in Forces, if they're not revealed by then, is the story synopsis for why Classic is there, really


    If it's time travel, expect either an Adventure or "Future" Sonic...

    And if it's dimensional, expect Boom :T

    1. Tracker_TD


      Why is the "Adventure Sonic" meme so prevalent tonight

      That's just Modern Sonic

      Anyway, this doesn't take into account the chance it's not another Sonic, which given we already know there's a new character, is a fair chance

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter


      Can't get rid of this :S

      oh my goodness it's not a meme

      Regardless of whether we think there is that great of a difference design wise for that version to be in the game, there is some legitimate demand behind it that shouldn't be ignored. What game has Iizuka heard brought up time and time again at conventions? What else could have enough demand to make its way into a game through sheer demand in the same way Classic Sonic did?


      Before, people were just asking about the possibility for him to be in the game, and that's odd, sure, but now the situation makes it a very strong possibility. A meme is the last thing this is, and you should honestly prepare your sanity if you think it's an absolute impossibility, tbh.


      Also, I thought the new character bit was a mistranslation? Was there a better source on that, or?

      Because it could be a pretty big clue on to which one of these this is, if so.

    3. Tracker_TD



      It's absolutely a meme

      Anyway, that wasn't a mistranslation, no.

    4. Diogenes


      of course it's going to be time travel. and it's gonna be future sonic. bet on it.

      @Tracker_TD i really wouldn't doubt at all that they'd consider a different Sonic to be a new character. that's basically how they've been treating classic and modern Sonics.

    5. Tracker_TD


      That's the thing though Dio

      'Adventure' isn't really any different to Modern at all

      Like with Modern and Classic there's a clear difference, but 'Adventure''s just Modern with a different artstyle

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      you're the one who made that, mate :U

      Anyways, just checked, and yeah, that seems pretty legit. Wonder if they'll actually stick to the Sonic theme with how not "completely new character" that'd be, though. Hmm.

    7. Tracker_TD


      I know I made it

      I made it to debunk the Adventure is a separate Sonic thing :v

    8. Diogenes


      oh yeah I'm not saying adventure sonic is going to happen, I don't think there's enough of a difference there. as I said, my money's on the "new character" being old sonic, to counterbalance young sonic.

    9. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Obviously my hard argument for either Adventure or boom Sonic being in this game has been considerably softened, but still...

      Treating this as a serious reason why Adventure Sonic is literally impossible, I swear is gonna drive me up the flipping wall 8|


      Is anyone arguing that Adventure Sonic is a different Sonic than modern Sonic? No. Just the same way no one would say Sonic 1-3&K Sonic isn't a different person from current Sonic. But that didn't stop Sega from bringing the two together and differing them post-creation, did it?

      Does Adventure Sonic have as radical a design difference as Classic Sonic from modern? No. And technically that could be a nitpick to say they can't market him with it, sure. If he didn't have his own kind of shoes to differentiate himself with, regardless of whatever tweaks Sonic Team could do to him, in the same way they changed Classic's color scheme, attitude, and the like.

      So all that's standing up in the argument is "I don't think he's different enough to add into the game", which is fair enough, but that never stopped SEGA, or any other company for crossovers and time-collisions, either, so that doesn't really factor in when you have legitimate demand

      mostly have the same opinion as you on the design front, but it really by all means impedes nothing in the grand scheme of things, so... Yeah.



    10. ShroomZed


      @Tracker_TD Speaking of that guide to classic Sonic thing perhaps you should change the CD Sonic one to the version more recently shown since it's more accurate to how he looks in the animations

      or don't it doesn't matter that much lol 

  11. For a new gameplay style, and a potential additional Sonic for the lineup, the announcement of the third playstyle at SXSW was pretty low-key, all things considered; and odd that it just now came up, rather than being showcased in the reveal trailer

    It's almost like they don't want people to freak out at the character being in the game, and are trying to ease everyone into it once all's said and done...


    1. JosepMelloZSM


      Is not Boom Sonic.

    2. Tracker_TD


      On the other end of the equation, if it were just Boom Sonic I doubt they'd hold it so close to their chest, given it's the obvious choice innit

    3. Blacklightning


      If Sega has seriously been entertaining the prospect of three playable Sonics over simply giving the rest of the roster some playable time I am going to lose my shit

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @Tracker_TD Well that's the obvious conclusion to come to normally, yeah, but when you factor in that it's likely to be another Sonic from the game's theming alone, and that there's only two obvious choices, adventure or boom... It either becomes the case of keeping it a surprise for the former, yeah, or the much more likely reason for the latter. And when they're already trying to be insistent on the game not being a Generations copy/paste mere moments after the trailer dropped, why not show off why it isn't in the actual trailer, the thing the public at large is more likely to actually see?

      That, or its an entirely new Sonic/thing. In which case, we can either predict who will be in the game, or we can't. *shrug*



  12. Today in a nutshell:


    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      More like this



      Whoops sorry, image cuts off some of the dialogue.

  13. Come on guys, you really expect them to make a Sonic game with the title "Sonic Forces", and put anything less than three Sonics on the boxart and promotional material? Dunno about the "forces of good and evil" bit, as that isn't really saying anything about playable characters so far, and more what the game's set up villains will be, (as well as requiring more than one "force" in that case as well :U) but expecting anything other than a third Sonic at this point is even more of a pipe dream than Adventure Sonic tbh. It just wouldn't "work".
  14. I like the Forces theme, but I wish the composer had used different, or at least more than one guitar tone throughout the song. The tin-ey sound worked for Runners fine, but this should sound a lot richer for a main game theme, imo. Hope the instrumental part of it is still a work in progress, as well, just for potential improvement on that alone...