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  1. New Folk Punk band coming to Splatoon, because why not


  2. Playing 3D Land over again and good grief it's making me realize how little I care for 3D World and Odyssey's wider and more forgiving platform/level design. It's been a nagging thought in my head after playing those games, but this definitely confirms that I prefer a tight, precision-based 3D Mario game, tbh.

    And level 3-1 is still the best open-ended 3D Mario level I've played to this date, what on earth??? I remember hoping 3D World would surpass it somehow, but I would have actually expected Odyssey to eclipse it if I had remembered it that long...

    Just wish I could move the camera permanently... Staring at the ground is the worst perspective for this kind of a level :\

    1. Shiguy


      It's because 3-1 designed like a 3D Sonic level isn't it? :V

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Kinda yeah

      Reminds me of 64 though, as well

      I need to go back and 100% that after Odyssey, just to see how it compares now...

    3. Shiguy


      See, i'm willing to bet that part of 3D Worlds design philosophy hinges on the fact that it incorperates multiplayer (even at times when it doesn't feel like it) which would probably explain why it isn't overly "tight" with the platforming challenges.

      It has it's moments where it mimics that of the 2D Mario gimmicks but in 3D (i.e cannonball hopping in one particular level/ Goomba stomping to get higher etc.) those momments are pretty rare throughout the game though.

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Oh definitely. And I do appreciate 3D World's design in a way, as the open spaces both in and out of multiplayer do make score running much more of a challenge, running between one thing to the next to get as much or the best score possible. It's just, as an A-to-B platformer, I really didn't enjoy my time with it as much at all. Key highlights were those moments you mentioned, yeah, but that's it for the most part.

      A focus on score should definitely come back for later games, alongside timed records I think, but I don't think the wider design is worth it at the cost of the basic, first-time-through gameplay...

    5. JezMM


      I definitely preferred 3D World to Land but kinda like Majora's Mask to Ocarina of Time, it's one of those games where I prefer the sequel while appreciating that the sequel needed the previous game's groundwork to build from.

      3D Land still has the best final boss in a Mario game I feel though, I just felt 3D World was more substantial and experimental - EVERY stage in World feels like it has a unique identity, 3D Land doesn't (and the post-game relies on remix stages far more than World does).

      What I will say about both Land and World is that while they didn't have the same sense of wonder as the exploration-type games, they were 100% fun from start to finish.  Every stage felt satisfying and carefully crafted.  Odyssey has a LOT of unnecessary filler at times.  Sure, playing jump rope in a park is a cute experience, but when it comes to gameplay, what the hell were they thinking, y'know?  Imagine if a special world stage in 3D Land was literally just "get a score of 100 on a jump rope minigame".  There are certain things you can "get away with" in an explory-type action game but that doesn't mean it's good gameplay.

      It is for that reason I do feel Odyssey is JUST a touch overhyped and gimmicky/style-over-substance at times.  3D Land/World are Mario platforming in it's purest form pretty much from start to finish with very little filler/bullshit.  The costumes expand or warp Mario's platforming language, whereas Odyssey's capture mechanic just replaces his platforming language with a simpler, more gimmicky one for a short period of time.  Luckily, a lot of them are still platforming-based at heart with some ideas so creative I feel you COULD make a whole game out of them (particularly the birds in the second-to-last stage), but yeah, it's very different from the "pure Mario" experience of the 3D-brand games.

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's been a fair while since I played 3DL, so I had to look up the level that you meant. It's not particularly open-ended. Instead, it just has a defined path through a wide area. 

      My thoughts on the game are essentially that it's my least favourite 3D Mario, primarily because it plays so much like 2D Mario. I don't care for the precision as much as I enjoy the freedom to take things leisurely and repeat the same task in numerous different ways as I replay. That's probably the main reason I prefer classic, adventure and Lost World Sonic to the boost games, Sonic to Mario and Sunshine and 64 to other 3D Mario titles. Odyssey is probably the worst offender for having so much useless filler that's never actually very fun to begin with and certainly not fun to return to. I don't necessarily find that fun comes from mastering precision, but I appreciate it to Odyssey's approach to awarding everything.

    7. Shiguy



      Same. 3D Land being the stepping stones for 3D World ironing out the foundation, added some personal flair of it's own at the cost of scarificing some touches of 3D Land's Charms in order to create a wonderful experiance. (YMMV)

      Strictly adhering to the the 2D Mario style format rather then the exploration type gameplay common in almost all of the 3D games and more just being it's own beast really. 3̶D̶ ̶S̶o̶n̶i̶c̶ ̶c̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ ̶l̶e̶a̶r̶n̶ ̶a̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶o̶r̶ ̶t̶w̶o̶ ̶f̶r̶o̶m̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶


      Jump rope isn't that bad tho. I'll tell what IS shit though, fucking volleyball never pull that shit again jesus.


    8. JezMM


      Yeah, volleyball is definitely the worst, I haven't beaten either yet tbh.  Yet to try the 2-player technique for volleyball which apparently makes it easier but, y'know, shouldn't be there in the first place.

    9. Shiguy


      Oh i've beaten volleyball (both challenges) without the 2-player trick, and while I appericate it for being "unique" to say the least, it falls under the "trying to do more then what the game is design around" not broken or litterally unplayable but "passible" enough to work.

      Koopa Free Running is the shit and I want more of that more of that even as DLC plz.

    10. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @Blue Blood ???

      It has a defined path, yes, but several different methods of accessing it and clearing it intentionally exist around the tower. There's plenty of exploration in the form of the comet medals to find around the level, and secrets here and there that give you lives or power ups that let you play the level differently. The area outside is already more involved than most of the flat areas in Odyssey with the way the enemies home in on you while you explore, and the note challenge actually demanding something by swerving between shifting Pokeys.

      It's just a single level but it justifies it's open space far faster than Odyssey ever does imo. The fact that Odyssey is mostly based around a defined path for it's main moons as well, yet has such non-existant level design makes it all the worse imo.

      Why do you prefer a level that doesn't demand you to do anything, though? I can play all of these 3D Land levels over again in ways almost completely different from one another, with different jumps, different priorities, different speeds, etc. Difference is these levels eventually require the player to use the mechanics in different ways. What reason do people have in Odyssey to use different moves, when it's as empty and basic as can be? When a single jump is all that's needed to clear a wide platform? When the ideal way to play is basically longjumping and capthrowing till the cows come home?

      It feels like a waste of good moves, if anything. Potential for good and complex design.

      @JezMM: I'm going to have to replay it again to refresh my memory, but... despite World being more creative, definitely, I never felt that amounted to anything comparatively, really? Like 3D Land definitely has less gimmicks and ideas, but it also took time to flesh out those ideas it had pretty far for the game overall, from what I've seen on this playthrough. World used the 4-step gimmick introduction method for one or two isolated levels, and outside of that I don't ever recall them expanding upon the design much past that...

      And fwiw every first level of a world, and even most of the other levels in Land are leaving an impression on me, either due to the environments or the level design. There's some seriously good stuff in here, like climbing a giant tree from the roots up, navigating a maze-like mole cavern, swimming into a murky trench, flying with the propeller box along platforms only dotting the sky in the distance, or that desert tower in 3-1. And call me crazy but... they feel a lot more natural and grounded than World or Odyssey in practice?

      Not as thematically cohesive for a single world as I would like, but it's definitely better than what World offered iirc...

    11. JezMM


      I dunno I just feel World just had a unique, memorable thing going on in every single stage.  Like, excluding the mushroom and flower worlds, I feel I could describe every single one with a very simple sentence.

      For example... there are two snow courses in 3D World.  Only two.  The first is the one where you skate around in the goomba shoes.  The second is the one with the big windy guys who blow you off cliffs.

      There are two circus courses in 3D World.  One is the one where you have to hit all the switches in each room to progress.  The other is the acrobatic one with the swingy polls.


      I feel if you left me in a room with a piece of paper it wouldn't be a momentous task for me to remember and write down 90% of the courses from memory like that.  Just for whatever reason I don't have QUITE that same feeling with 3D Land overall, even though it was still a plenty creative game.  Of course the disclaimer here is that none of 3D World's gimmicks felt like they replaced platforming gameplay, just provided new challenges or complications for it.

  3. "I think there are more cutscenes than there is gameplay!"


    He's right you know...

  4. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Well my main point with that post is how you felt "this isn't how you fight mediocrity". That's the only point even closely related to my original point, after all. :V With the way my thoughts on the situation are, I don't think my stance on the rest of the argument needs much explaining. Yes, Sonic Team aren't likely to read nuanced opinions of why Forces is bad in general. So what if it can be flipped back around? I'm not saying it to dismiss people from taking this approach towards the game. I'm saying that your argument that this is the way people should approach the game overall for feedback's sake, doesn't necessitate itself here at all. This approach still has merit in any other form of discussion, it just doesn't send a discernible message in this situation at all. Hoping for the game to be blasted, and not supporting the game directly - clear, direct messages, is the only thing SEGA themselves listen to. Which... is hypocritical at a glance, as we don't want Sonic as a franchise to sell poorly overall, yes, but it's better when it's something we, as a fanbase, can control, rather than down the road of sheer mediocrity, where people just... stop buying Sonic games because they don't care about it anymore. At the very least, we still care about him. For the most part, at least.
  5. One thing I don't understand is why, in the boost games for the 360 and PS3, they didn't make the drift react to how far you squeezed the triggers?

    Sure it'd mean that the PC would have to be left out for Generations unless someone hooked up a special controller, but it makes so much more sense than keeping it attached to one arc, that you can't really control

    I've died countless times on the hairpin turn in Empire City. If it were any other drift where I could control my arc, I don't think I'd ever have an issue like that...

    1. Strickerx5


      The controller issue is a bit more common than you'd think. It's why a lot of games don't really do that pressure sensitive controls for triggers. Not many controllers actually have that (like most Nintendo controllers). Better to just void your game of it than risk running into issues down the line if a port were to arise.

      Also, most pc players use xbox controllers that (to my knowledge) have that feature so that wouldn't be too much of an issue.

      Though, in terms of the game, yeah it could be done a lot better. Maybe could've worked like drifting does in MK8 and have to be heavily tied to the direction your currently pushing.

    2. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      I found that weird too. It made those African-themed stages' speedrun-themed missions hell because I could never turn sharp enough without falling off the ledge or slowing down significantly. I still haven't beaten many of them as a result.

      A good compromise would be to let you move the control stick down to make the turn tighter or move it up to make the turn looser if you so desired (kind of like how Colors handled it) while you have the drift button pressed and enough momentum. But I imagine even that would be pretty difficult to implement.

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Oh right; handle the drift like any other racing game out there, of course

      I'm dumb, lol

      Only thought of the triggers being used because that's what they're attached to by default, I guess. *shrug*

      @Mad Convoy: I don't remember that being in Colors? Though I never really tried to do that, either...

    4. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      I recall having some level of control over how tight your drift was. The extent of the control was rather limited though and very rarely needed, so I'm not surprised you didn't notice. Had the drift sections been better designed, I honestly think Colors would have been held up as an improvement on it from Unleashed for years to come.

    5. MegasonicZX


      I kinda like the drift as it is to be honest, yeah its hard to get used to at first but when you know how the general arc works (inside-outside and outside-inside, kinda like how making a corner in a race works) it stops being too big of an issue, only time where I will say its not as consistent is that extra mazuri mission where you have to get through all those curves. Not to mention I just really liked the sense of weight and speed that the drift gave you in unleashed and was pretty sad that they changed it so much in gens, it felt less like a drift in that game and more like a pivot which you didn't even really need a lot of the time anyway.

  6. He is the tallest of mountains

    He is the roughest of waves


    He is the highest of terrors

    He is the leaping of days

    1. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      So he doesn't have heterochromia or a scar?

      They've must been really lazy with his unmasked face model. (inb4 someone replies "lol just like this whole game durr hurr)

    2. Shiguy


      Oh holy shit, he still has his emblem on his shoes before he became infinite

      Pfffft subtle foreShadowing

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @Dee Dude: I'd just chalk it up to another inconsistency between everyone's versions of the narrative/models/lore. The games have tons of them, after all.

    4. A hyper KING heavy engine

      A hyper KING heavy engine

      Why does he remind me of pepe 'le pew?

    5. Celestia


      I think it's more likely they just didn't bother with the details cuz...you never see it. You see that kind of thing a lot in games, whether it's character models or environments.

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      But... that's so lazy though...

      What ever happened to the old Sonic Team, huh? The one that went above and beyond for the finest of details?






    7. Celestia


      If anything that's an argument against details like that. >:U

  7. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    That's a nice thought to have, and as someone who has played and enjoyed almost every Sonic game in some form, and believes that there is a potential direction in each and every one of them, (Rise of Lyric included, as you all know :V) it's a situation that I would much prefer to be in, honestly. Only problem is we are not in a reality where that can, or should, matter anymore The developers for this franchise have never been able to parse what people's nuanced thoughts and issues with the games are, due to being a Japanese development team, or are being unconsciously obtuse towards what they are told, for whatever reason. For example, Aaron himself relayed the overall feedback from Classic fans towards Sonic team after Sonic 4's release, in the form of a presentation iirc, from the physics to the nostalgia rehashing. They had this feedback from a loud minority directly presented to them. Did that change how they handled the games from that point onward?... From all looks and appearances, no, it didn't. And again, it was presented directly to them, in a way they could understand it in their own language. This form of feedback, until we actually see a change in the consumer relations department, is effectively irrelevant. Sonic Team operates by the loudest voices, and it's own priorities and decisions, first and foremost. Because of this, near every single one of Sonic Team's decisions for Sonic games is dictated by their own decisions. And their self-dictated history for the most part is composed of mediocre games that have potential in their ideas, but have so many faults and lack of execution that they always fall short. Their sequels? Either ignore the areas that should be polished and expanded upon, or completely scrap the potential, in favor of a completely different focus. The outliers are Colors, (arguably) and Generations, where they actually took the effort to realize what potential the Unleashed gameplay had, and polish the core they had to make it as presentable as possible. All from their own initiative, as well... Skip ahead more than half a decade later, on the other hand, and what has been accomplished? They scrapped the foundations they were building on for a completely different direction that ended up in mediocrity and failed execution for one game, and then after that, went back to their roots of their most critically acclaimed games... and completely botched the execution somehow, leading to, once again, a mediocre product not worth the industry's time, with a whole bunch of failed ideas vying for attention as well. Not only that, but one of the main theories there was, for what Sonic Team needed to actually make a great game out of their ideas, was that they aren't given enough time to actually perfect, or even make presentable, half of the ideas that they have for a game. Be it story, game physics, level design, or game effort and cohesion overall. 1-to-2 year dev cycles were the cause of it all, and they just needed a break to make something with a genuine effort, is all... Forces has come and gone, had an actually solid base to build off of with the previous game, Generations, and with 4 years of development backing it, what product did they produce??? Another poorly-thought-out package of mediocrity. This isn't just a failed experiment. This is a failed sequel. One that proves that this isn't the exception, but the common tenancy. To "Tolerate mediocrity" is to keep supporting it, regardless of the consequences, in favor of "what could be". And keep the faith if you want, I mean Colors and Generations did happen after all, but we need to acknowledge that Sonic Team being perfectly content/mostly capable of mediocrity isn't the exception here. Or at least try looking at it through the eyes of people who aren't partial to the direction the game takes to the same extent as yourself. Supporting a game and wanting to see the good expanded upon, and the negative realized and done away with, isn't a reasonable stance to take anymore in our opinions. The simple fact that it is blatant mediocrity, should be the biggest issue people can have with the game. Something that on paper may be forgivable for a one-time passer-by or those interested in the concepts, but in the full context, isn't something worth perpetuating. Every form of mediocrity has potential in it somewhere. (And yes, that includes RoL >:V) Probably even stuff we really like. But at some point... you need to know what limit you're pushing in this kind of a situation.
  8. Mario Odyssey is fun, but... 90% of the time, it doesn't feel like I'm actually exploring, if that makes any sense? Like the worlds are really enjoyable to traverse, and technically you need to look for moons up and down and all around, but... I never came across any moments which made me think "WHOA, cool, I found this!", or any moments which made finding something seem rewarding, honestly...?

    Meanwhile I just booted up BotW again, and after playing around a bit, I spot and make my way towards a neat looking mountain, and when I reach it, it's teeming with vegetation of all sorts in several different pockets around it... and despite the items being consumables rather than a goal, I feel more reward from all of these items, and just the general uniqueness of the mountain in the world overall, than I did with any of the moons in Odyssey...


    Odyssey is really fun as a 3D Mario game and a collectathon overall, though. And the premise of travelling the world was great, especially with how many locations were visited and the narrative beats. (Plus, when I booted up Zelda, I felt an instinctive urge to ground pound every small hill I could find, lol) It's just... it doesn't work that well as an open-ended exploration-based game for me, though I dunno why...

    1. Jovahexeon Ace Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Ace Joranvexeon

      I think what you mean is that a lot of the time, there's not always much else to do except just head for the finish point in stages that aren't like New Donk City.

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Nah, I've been 100%ing worlds for a bit now, collecting all the post-game moons and exploration-based moons. They're still sometimes at the "end" of platforming challenges, but there are lots that are just hidden in a spot that you need to throw cappy at, ground pound, look around in a linear hallway for, or get to from another angle. They're the ones I'm talking about.

      Haven't yet gotten to New Donk, though. Dunno if it's any different...

    3. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      Even when making Mario's world a tangible setting, Odyssey fails to capture the scope and scale an adventure of it's type should really have. The lack of any thematic gradient in it's levels, and the fact that you literally pick areas from a list without any sort of realtime travel between them (not even a hub world) means that it doesn't feel like a journey. Nothing's connected, and nothing feels like it's part of a bigger world. Which arguably was...sort of...the point? I mean presentation-wise Odyssey doesn't totally know what it's doing anyway, but the fact that every level is basically a giant floating box in the middle of some skybox is the real killer.

    4. Blacklightning


      Oddessy does have its surprises - they're just MUCH harder to get to.

  9. Like Forces or not, we should all be biting our nails at the results sales-wise

    If it manages to break past the sales of Lost World, and come at least somewhat close to Generations, we can breath easily, as that means there's still demand for Sonic as a mascot platformer

    If not though, and after SLW and all the Boom games performing so poorly... Eehmenehemenebeh...

    1. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      I say let Sonic die so SEGA can focus on other things. Come back to Sonic when they can figure out what to do with him. 

    2. Polkadi



      Mate, if Sonic dies, there WILL BE NO coming back to Sonic.

    3. VEDJ-F


      Generations sold 3 million, what kind of benchmark is that?

    4. Ferno


      to me i feel like what's the point, because they may just take it as everyone wanting more boost games like forces, built on top of colors & lost world's structure and not even having a drift function

      its a rock and a hard place situation for me right now

    5. Strickerx5


      If Sonic goes then that's a pretty substantial chunk of Sega's funds gone too. You know, unless they plan to downsize to Japan only with a small UK branch for Football Manager... god, now that I said that out loud it does sound possible...

    6. Person


      Hasn't Mania sold a whole bunch? It's still in the Switch's top downloaded games every week. I'm sure it's sold a pretty sizable amount on everything else too, seeing as how it's unanimously praised.

    7. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @VEDJ-F: Last I checked it was under 2 million and that SEGA considered it to be an underperformance, but the digital sales have probably increased it to that amount by now, probably. Dunno; it's just a benchmark for "near success" that a company like SEGA apparently needs, so that's what I'm going with.

      Not like around 2 million is a bad thing, is it?

      @Strickerx5: They still have Yakuza, Atlus, Creative Assembly, and SEGA Sammy, a pachinko machine business. Sonic isn't the only source of income they have going for them at all.

    8. VEDJ-F


      That was for the first three months, and was referring to general profits falling due to "sluggish personal consumption". The game didn't stop selling after that point, it eventually got to 3 million. 


    9. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @Person: It's been "At the top of the charts" in the eShop regularly, but I'm not so sure we can trust those charts for numbers the same way other charts work. I'm waiting on the hard numbers, personally...

      It did sell much more than Forces on Steam, though, apparently

    10. Strickerx5


      @The DeleterThey have those properties yes, but Sonic is still considered one of their major properties too. Which is why if it goes, we could probably see western releases (SoA) gone too with considerable downsizing in other parts as well. I mean most of the things they do have don't even perform that well in America to begin with.

      Hell, it'd also add to that whole SoJ screwing over SoA bit too.

    11. VEDJ-F


      Honestly, what would SoA even do without Sonic except technical stuff like localisation?

    12. Ferno


      i keep forgetting that "part 1" of "push SoA off a cliff" already happened back in 2015 with the downsizing and closing of their old and (presumably) bigger offices. I guess they've been on thin ice ever since

      then again other than Boom, all the sanic failures have been coming straight from SoJ in recent years, soooo..

    13. Cayenne


      Well, Sonic is Sega's main cash cow in the west. Low sales, bad games or not, there will be new titles.

      I would like to see more love for other classic Sega franchises as well, though. The company has a very diverse library of games, but making the 10.000th Genesis re-release is still their top priority in 2017. Meanwhile, titles like Jet Set Radio Future and Panzer Dragoon Orta are tied to the orginal Xbox and can't be played on another console.

    14. Polkadi


      You also have to take in mind merchandising, licensing, and brand name.

      If Sonic dies, it's not just video game funds that hit their pockets.

      Taking down an entire franchise puts a MASSIVE dent in their funds.

  10. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Now see this? This is dangerous. If there is one thing SEGA values the most out of their IPs, it's their ability to sell. The only reason Sonic has managed to live this long so far, is because he sold millions in the first place, no matter the game. I... still think numbers like the Boom games and SLW are far fetched, but the only reason those titles didn't cause any worry was because they were console exclusive on a system that flopped. One half of them, at least. If this game, and the series keeps up these low sales, though... Honestly? This is why we shouldn't "put up" with mediocrity. Sonic's practically been asking for it for decades, and if his reputation actually catches up to him, it'll be more deadly than anything else there could be for the series. SEGA won't see a point in a dead-end franchise, especially in an era where mascot platformers attempted and failed to get back into the spotlight. This is the next big "wait and see" period for this game. I don't expect anything below 500,000, personally, but... I didn't expect this low of a metacritic score, either, so I'm not making any bets on this at this point...
  11. Green Hill is actually the best aesthetic and you should all be ashamed for hating on it

    You'll take your definitive open-ended 3D GHZ stage one day, and you'll like it, too >:V

    1. Strickerx5


      Angel Island is better :v

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Could you run through Angel Island every other game in the series? Could you base every other first zone in the series off of it from aesthetic alone?

      It just doesn't work, now does it. :U

    3. Strickerx5


      oh shit ur rite ur rite

      looking foward to it returning in mania 2z and dimensionz

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter


      Very good

      Yes sir I like that

    5. Nix


      For real though, Green Hill Zone design is incredible.  It's a wonderful blend of the very early surreal 3D designs you'd see in the likes of older music videos and nature itself.  It works fantastically and it's a perfect showcase for the early Classic Sonic aesthetic.

      I'd prefer for SEGA and Sonic Team to do some new things sure, but man Green Hill is good.

  12. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Ever since the quote of the first day sales only being 4,000, people have said that SteamSpy is inaccurate for the first few days allegedly, so I'm waiting before making a call on sales tbh. This is probably closer to the actual first day sales, though that isn't much, all the same :S
  13. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    They just said in a recent interview that they're going to be looking into bringing what people enjoy about Mania into the 3D games Forces had Modern say "I'm sure we'll see him again someday" If anything this is possibly the worst possible scenario for this kind of a situation, considering how Sonic Team never even listens to the criticism past the "dark stories" and "shitty friends" outcry after Shadow and 06 released, and that's just because of how loud they were. No mass amount of public opinion has pinned Classic down as the main and sole reason why Forces is a bad game, in comparison.
  14. Ace Attorney confirmed to be in the pipeline for the Switch, apparently

    1. Red


      I'm becoming pretty burnt out on the series lately so I don't really have any high hopes for AA7. Especially since AA6 came out not too long ago and my favourite character was put on a bus, so eh.

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Ace Attorney is one of my favourite franchises but 6 felt like it was punishing me for playing it. Add in the fact I don't have any interest in a Switch at the moment makes it feel more like I'm being punished.

    3. JosepHenry


      imo they should reboot the series. This series just turned into a massive clusterf*ck. Or make a game that takes place around the time of the trilogy.

    4. Red


      Considering how they brought Maya back and Apollo is gone, they're probably pushing for a "original trilogy" only for the future. Trucy is becoming independent so she's probably next to be put on that bus. Athena will probably go back to Europe never to be seen or heard from again.

  15. Three days in, and we only have around 24 reviews for Forces overall

    Comparitively, SLW has 64, Generations has 98, and Mania, a digital side-game, has around 108 to it's name

    ... That's uh...

    1. Gabz Girl

      Gabz Girl

      Unlike those games Sega didn’t release any review copies though sooo...

    2. Super Mechanio

      Super Mechanio

      That's almost even more alarming than hate. It's apathy.

      Like I said, there being a new Sonic game is barely a blip on the general public's radar.

    3. Ming Ming Hatsune

      Ming Ming Hatsune

      What Gabz said.

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @Gabz Girl @Ming Ming Hatsune No, review codes have definitely been sent out by now:


    5. Ming Ming Hatsune

      Ming Ming Hatsune

      What I mean (and maybe Gabz too) is that the reviewers didn't have the game before release so they are behind. The reviewers still have other games to finish off, but they'll eventually play Forces and review it.

      Mania and LW didn't get their review codes sent out after release.

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Game reviewer publishers don't have the luxury of falling behind. The later a review, the less relevance it has, and the less attention it draws for the sites and articles.

      I'm sure there'll be three or four more reviews from the smaller names as time goes on, but three days is an awful long time for a 3 hour game. I don't see it growing much larger than this at all.