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  1. Coming off the twitter post of "humanitarian archie Shadow", I don't like the idea of Shadow being overly compassionate. At least, not like this.

    Yes, he has compassion in him shown by Maria, and his instant moral conflict after laughing at the idea that Rouge was stuck on prison island, but he was still driven by apathy and bitter disgust towards humanity before remembering what Maria said at the end. Those were his thoughts, and he shouldn't be able to switch them off just because he remembered what Maria wanted him to do.

    He can make a choice against it, but he still has to eventually change his mind in the first place, on his own.

  2. Wisps are pretty cool tbh

    Just make it so that they're energy fields around Sonic rather than whatever these are


    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      They're also in line with the series' general aesthetic, which is cute, colorful, and wierdly surreal but having a specifically powerful and cool appeal when applied in an action scenario

      Just like Sonic


    2. mayday2592


      Honestly liked the unique forms, it made them more alien and bizzare and cartoony, sorta like when charcters would shape shift their bodies into certain items inexplicably in those old cartoons. But wouldn't mind if some sort of artificial mechanical wisps were introduced and created energy constructs similar to that pic around Sonic when used.

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I think that's my problem with them; they're a bit too cartoony as a transformation, too much of an animation gag for their own good. Their abilities revolve around energy in the first place, so I'd think having an energy field of the same shape/effects surround the character would be better than turning into a solid version of the character's head

      Actually now that I think about it did all the characters turn into Sonic's head in Runners' wisps or

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah I have to agree; the Wisps turning Sonic in a giant head always looked wrong to me. I prefer them giving Sonic a power, making him glow or whatever as opposed to physically transforming him.

      Fun fact, early builds of TSR featured Sonic's face on the cubes that you can throw down as obstacles, but it was removed later on. I would say this is because it's supposed to just be the Wisp instead of Sonic using the Wisp to transform, but the Black Bomb retains its face so it's pretty inconsistent. Not sure about the Orange Rocket and Crimson Eagle etc.

    5. Diogenes


      i kinda like the transformations, but i think they could stand to be a little more stylish. just having a swirly glow around sonic or whatever feels a bit boring.

    6. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      What if they gave Sonic a full body transformation, like Super Sonic? Asides from fur color, his spines could bend the same way as the head forms (maybe not as extreme) to match the Wisp power.

  3. hgkjdfitunf


    Yes I do

    Still waiting for an interconnected Sonic world to this day

  4. My favorite "comedic" youtube reviewers have to be FortNine tbh; they always have some sort of skit like most video game/channel awesome reviewers do, but never really let that skit or it's humor get in the way of the actual review they're making, almost coming off as a tv show like Top Gear that's more interested in entertaining the viewer than being a run of the mill review... while also avoiding coming off like casual fluff pieces ala Top Gear, not shying away from actual criticism/props where props are due to the point where it actually hurts their business relations, which is really rare for a "brand" reviewer


    Plus they make great mini-documentaries when they want to sink their teeth into a topic

    They're like an entire tier above most youtubers that I don't think even basic television has really reached yet; definitely the benchmark for the best youtube reviews can offer imo

  5. Everyone bets on the one piece live action TV show being *a bad idea/impossible to work due to the character designs, powers of the characters or the cgi it'll take to make it work, but the showrunners are probably still stumped on Zoro's three sword gimmick like


    1. Sean


      It's not impossible, it's just not going to be any good.

    2. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I mean... I guess it's technically "possible" in that it's possible to mix mayonnaise, hot sauce, and lemonade.

      But like... why would you do that?

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      In what world does three sword choreography work though lmao

    4. Milo


      @The Deleter in a world where people have three arms, duh

    5. DanJ86


      I thought it was going to suck because of Netflix?

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Both the Netflix-driven reimaginations that I've seen - the Devilman Crybaby and the Witcher series - have been nothing short of fantastic, so I don't see what that would have anything to do with it. Plus Klaus was the best 2D animated movie of the decade, but that was moreso an aquisition by netflix than an original product.

      One Piece is a whole other beast though so I don't see it actually working unless they take an entirely new direction ala "make it epix" and create a game of thrones-esque effort in the process

    7. Sean


      The live action destroys any appeal it could possibly have for me. One Piece is an extremely stylized series that I just don't see what you have to gain from doing it differently. Conversely, I'm open minded to the Cowboy Bebop series that's in development and I can see that working out if done well.

    8. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      The appeal to me is that we've never had a pirate story as sweeping and grand as One Piece when you look at the series in the light of it's most serious moments, almost reaching the point of a full-on adventure novel series, so to see everything that the series does do without the tounge-and-cheek nature would be... something else to see, but worth it if it could pull off the grand fantasy vibe it has going for it imo. Think Percy Jackson's take on Lord of the Rings, but waaaay more drastic than a reinterpretation of just dialog/presentation tone.

      Then again I hate half baked fantasy like Narnia or surrealist stuff like Alice in Wonderland, so maybe best to leave well enough alone

  6. At least Color Splash looked appropriately lively in its environments/set pieces for the adventure game they were going for.

    Oragami king just looks... empty and flat...

    1. Soniman


      From the trailer? Not really 

    2. Diogenes
    3. Wraith
    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I don't particularly care for the visual stylings of Origami King (or Sticker Star and Colour Splash), but what the hell are you smoking?

    5. KHCast


      Well that’s certainly a unique interpretation, but I’m gonna have to disagree with that. Like a lot.

    6. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon
    7. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      came here for the responses, did not disapoint

    8. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I was not expecting this to be an unpopular take, but alright lol

      What makes you guys feel so strongly about it? In color splash you were traveling through kinda dense/layered worlds, all I can see from the trailer is empty spaces so far, where the origami aesthetic takes precedence (which is just similar shades of color side by side for the most part)

      im not saying it’s uninspired or anything but out of all the arts and crafts gimmicks so far, this one feels the weakest in terms of presentation to me

  7. Funny how quick the online multiplayer conversation shifts into meltdowns when the concept of labeling players who use WiFi with an indicator happens:


    1. Tornado


      If you don't want your feelings hurt, run a fucking cable to your router. Acting like not connecting your game machine with WiFi is a privilege is about as laughably stupid as any other usual Era takes.

    2. Strickerx5


      Tbf, on one angle I can see where some are coming from. Say you're a kid/ teen who can only game from their room and the router for the house is downstairs or something. Not a lot of older homes have ethernet ports running through the structure so the only way to get that lan connection would be by running a long af cord across the house. That's something I can't imagine a lot of parents being down with. Not to mention the fact that not too many games nowdays necessarily need that kind of connection in the first place so it overall might not really be a concept to most.

      This being said though, yeah, an addition like this is really going to help players that do have a wired connection be able to find good matches and might forces a lot of others to switch over if they can. It's not a pretty move, but it probably isn't a bad one either.

    3. Wraith


      People can already choose to decline a match from you based on your connection. Not sure how this is any different 

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @Wraith Because connection stability as it's currently measured in the game vs wifi stability isn't the same thing. Download/upload speeds and ping are all relatively consistent things that can be measured from just a small sample of a player's connection, but wifi has the ability to lose packets at random times with random severity due to wireless interference, which can't really be measured accurately in the same way. It's why people usually encounter lag in games with good connections from all in-game appearances, and why the dev for the game has gone so far as to build this into the game to allow ethernet players to avoid it.

      Edit: This is dev in question fwiw

    5. Wraith


      No I'm agreeing with you. I'm just saying I'm confused why anyone was mad about this because you were probably getting denied based on your connection quality already.

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I mean like most people in the thread are saying, these people probably wouldn't have been playing SG itself anyways. It's just the idea that wifi gaming just isn't good enough makes everyone lose their cool apparently

    7. Bobnik


      I've been mostly playing online games through wifi because there's just no way for me to get a wire through my parents' room without making a big mess (or in a dorm where I live during working days). First-person shooters are actually very lenient to the type of connection you use, since they actually use dedicated servers.

      Wifi warriors should not be tolerated in ranked matches for fighting games and I'm surprised they're even allowed to play ranked.

    8. Kuzu


      People who use wifi don't deserve rights

  8. Final exam is over and just finished off my last week of work before my vacation days kick in

    Current mood @ 1:49:


    1. Perkilator


      You’re lucky. I got a French Final on the 18th.

      I had a cooking class final planned for the 15th, but I did so  well on my practice that got I exempted from it (all students who did well on the practice would get exempted). So I only have my French Oral, French Final, and a practical exam for cooking class left.

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Yeah a lot of universities seem to be on different schedules of when they start/stop classes from what I've seen. I've seen people (who I think live in the UK) say they were out of school several weeks ago, but then others who say they have their final projects due at least three weeks from now. Least everyone's out by June for the most part tho

      Also dang Sanji save some for the rest of us lol

  9. People really act like the only reason Sonic games or even the series became unpopular is because of specific individuals like an IGN review/podcast or Game Grumps are influencing the ignorant masses huh

    1. Kuzu


      When you think about it, that mindset makes sense; if you're younger and have no context for why the series gets so much shit, then you're going to believe the most common and vocal answer and that indeed would be that IGN, Game Grumps and the like are vocal Sonic critics. 

      Its like a child coming online for the first time and learning something that everyone knew for years, but acting as if its a big deal. 

  10. Been trying to fix my phone for a system error all week, so I plugged my phone into my computer to use a flashing firmware to fix it

    Ended up cycling through the button commands on the phone to try wiping it's memory manually one last time, but suddenly the screen on my computer starts spazzing out and then powers off my computer, and I'm just



  11. Reminder that Transformers Devestation's soundtrack goes so hard, the elevator theme is this:


  12. I haven't watched the full video yet, and am kinda rough on remembering the meta of each of Platinum's games exactly right now, but ever since Transformers Devestation came out I've been saying this. The emphasis on transforming to dash, close the distance, and attack all at once sets the perfect stage for a Sonic-based enemy design, and the focus on melee attacks, the enemy's ability to ignore/parry that and throttle you if you got careless, and the close-range fisticuffing that came with it always had mad potential for a Sonic-based action game imo The main problem with Devastation is that the melee wasn't exactly distinct with it's moveset, and it was kind of unpolished with what staggered enemies, what they would parry against, and in general just following the basic combos all other platinum games had that came before it, when it really should have branched off to become more distinctly it's own thing. It's the metagame of the windows where the enemy is open for split seconds due to your speed and range you can cover, the attacks being suited for specific openings like frontal bodyslams, dodging into the enemy to dive underneath, body slamming from above, or just the right kinds of combos to keep the enemy off balance in their own way that made the melee have so much potential. For example, Blitzwing is an enemy that basically never staggers in the game, and if you're playing with the wrong character on the hardest difficulty, you're kinda screwed unless you're astronomically precise with the dodge while managing your combos and expecting his parry pushes from the timing, kinda brute forcing your way through the fight through memorization. The ranged weapons are the best bet for dealing with him quickly iirc, but if you picked a character class that was heavier than him that could actually grab and throttle him, like Grimlock, or speedier than him, like Sideswipe or Bumblebee, you could add their specific tactics to the fight to make the melee more managable and more exploitable. Problem is I agree that the parry move probably shouldn't activate witch time like he says, as that also made Devestation simpler than it needed to be, feeling more like a copy of Bayonetta when it could have been more it's own thing, and more intense in the process, but I dunno how to do that without being slightly unforgiving to new players. It'd be like asking them to play a decent match of a fighting game for the first time and immediately grasp how useful invincibility frames are, rather than an entire window of time where they know they can go to town. Witch time makes the system easier to understand, but it's just that: too easy after a point, and can simplify melee to "I'll just wait for witch time to activate again" as the winning strategy.


  14. Also hot dang I just now noticed how sick the color scheme is for the DJ album artwork


  15. If the average human would have to run at 20 meters per second - or 44 mph - to run on water, doesn't that mean Sonic would have to run at, about half that, maybe less?

    Apparently he sinks if he so much as drops beneath the speed of sound in the boost games though so oh well

    1. Bowbowis


      It's not just a function of mass and speed, his surface area and the length of his stride are factors as well. There are also potential psychological factors at play. Sonic can't swim, so if he drops below a speed at which he knows he can stay on top of the water he may well panic, freeze up, and sink (I've seen plenty of novice water-skiers do exactly that). The article also goes in depth about the precise motions which Sonic presumably doesn't know, since he can go fast enough for it not to matter, and isn't interested in trying to figure out for himself (see again "can't swim"). Besides, he can't move at anything between the speed of sound and a brisk jog in the boost games anyway.


      ... Unless he's drifting. Even without the boost he can stay on top of the water indefinitely by quickly alternating between drifting left and drifting right (at least in the 360 version of Unleashed).

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      His shoes are the same size as a human's and his legs are half as short, so I figured it'd be less all things considered.

      I could probably do the actual physics if I wanted to but I'm too burned out rn to bother tbh

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