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  1. Looking back at Star Fox 2, the style of game it is seems really odd for the SNES Star Fox gameplay, but now that Zero has come out with it's newfangled gameplay... I honestly would love to see another Star Fox game like this.

    A Star Fox Wind Waker game, if you will. Speeding from planet to planet in the galazy, taking down enemy hoards and assaults inbetween them, getting a warp-speed option with the Great Fox, and finding small secrets along the way, preferably pretty densely populated. I mean one of the stages in Zero was basically just this kind of gameplay, but in a more linear fashion.

    And imagine finding a random, small moon ala Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time in a game like Zero, flying up to it, landing on it with the walker, taking out all the enemies and solving the dungeon/platforming of it, getting a reward, and flying off in search of more in the arwing again.

    That would be pretty awesome imo

    1. JezMM


      If they wanted to drop the "short game with multiple routes" style, I feel this would be a very cool alternative to just a linear game like Assault.

      The only reason I couldn't get into Star Fox 2 much is because, like Command, it was predominantly all-range mode missions if I recall.  So I'd definitely want the healthy ratio of scrolling to all-range missions that Zero had.

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I can see the planets getting that treatment no problem, but for an open-world space galaxy? Eh, dunno if being locked in one direction whenever the game felt like it is a good idea for that, and it'd probably be a good 50% of the gameplay time.

      What if they just scripted enemy patterns to behave as they do in on-rails levels during the space travel, no matter which direction you were headed, with the grander, directional setpieces kicking in when you're heading towards a clear destination? Maybe that be a good compromise between the controlled and uncontrolled 3D parts of the game.

      Or maybe choosing a fixed destination yourself, turning on fast-travel mode, and it enters a personalized on-rails mode with the enemies that would usually be floating in groups of 3 to cluster around and form the usual scripted patterns. And if they start to overwhelm you when you pass by a particularly huge hangout place, you can disengage into all-range to get the upper hand and wipe them all out in one fell swoop.

      Holy smokes the possibilities

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