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  1. Played the NES games for a while and... Yep, they sure are NES games.

    There are a few games that play pretty well or interest me, and a big draw is gonna be the multiplayer for me, since I can see these being good dumb competition when we got nothing better to do... but overall, not really for me. Plus, the single player titles reeeeaaally stick out like a sore thumb; at least the multiplayer games feel good for the most part...

    Also, outside SMB3, (apparently scrolling artifacting has always been a thing?) the emulation and service is as good as I hoped it'd be... But it also feels like it's missing stuff, like button mapping from the Wii U VC, and for NES games, not including a manual... really doesn't help with how archaic these feel, lmao. Also, while being pretty out there as a possibility imo, playing with randos would be rad, as well. It's pretty much near perfect quality-wise, but I wouldn't say the best it can be just yet.

    I think I'm ready to move on, though, yeah. As it is, this feels like it has more merit as a dump of solid multiplayer arcade games about as deep as your average smartphone game than an actual virtual console service with the games this console offers. It's a good service, but it feels a looooot more like the side-dish to the paid online than anything remotely close to a main course right now.

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