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  1. The manga of One Piece is so GOOD, WOW

    Blows the anime's pacing and story structure out of the freaking water; I mean it was obvious with how much everyone talks about it, but every single chapter feels like it's a big event with a satisfying conclusion or cliffhanger now, and I love it. The artwork is fantastic and goes really in depth with the backgrounds, which is really surprising and mad cool to read, (especially with those occasional page spreads :eyes:) the pacing of the humor is almost beat-for-beat how the anime pulls it off, (it's actually just about as funny after getting used to the format imo) and it's great to see how the action unfolds as it was originally drawn up, uncensored, concise, and everything

    Gonna miss the voices and OST, and it's still a shame that my preferred form of media feels ill-suited to the story in the first place, but with how close to perfect these are so far, I don't think I'm gonna be that begrudging of the fact while reading through these at aaallll

    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Also, these all being in back orders of Shonen Jump, means I finally have access to several other big ongoing series going on, like MHA and HXH, as well. Which means...


      The tables have finally turned




      "Great, we're on this arc. Can't wait for it to be over so that we can get to that moment at the start of next season, though..."

      "Hey, _____ fans; y'all ready for tomorrow?"

      "Don't worry this makes sense much later in the series when-


    2. Marcello


      The manga also has the cover stories which are mostly missing from the anime, despite them being relevant to the plot.

    3. RedFox99


      I never understood why Toei didn't just choose to adapt the cover stories whether than making up filler arcs.

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