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  1. It's cool to see Steven Universe is actually finished by now. It may not have been the most engaging story to follow along, but honestly, seeing how much Rebecca Sugar struggled to air sections of the show itself, much less probably selling modern-day CN on the concept and keeping it afloat in the first place, it's just... really cool to see it actually reach a conclusion, at its own pace, with the original team, and the creator at the helm. It's what TV should be at its best: a piece of art that's allowed the room to breath and finish what it started, even if it's not the biggest moneymaker or hottest kid on the block. And at the end of the day, that's the only thing that matters imo, even with the hiatuses.

    Also, good ending. I can see why people would be wierded out that it just... stops like that, but I saw it coming a mile away with how the show works, so it was just as satisfying as I was hoping it'd be, even with how predictable it'd go down and all. Great climax, resolution, and bookend for the relaxed fun and wholesome messages the show was all about, imo.

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