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  1. Okay everyone likes to go on about the voice acting in this series, but have there ever been any instances where any character has shown genuine emotion in the cutscenes?

    I've been thinking for a good minute but nothing's coming to mind atm. Mainly the stuff that's popping up in my head are lines like "Oh this is horrible" in a bleated sigh from Amy in Forces, the constant loud shouting from the 2000's games like Heroes, Unleashed's lounge-room dialog with occasional strained yells to the desk across the room, etc... Maybe the scenes from the end of the Black Knight? Even then it felt indistinguishable from the usual level dialog though...

    This isn't as much a dig at the series as it is me trying to find something btw. The Sonic X clip below set this off and it's been bugging me all night


    Does anyone have any moments on their mind that stick out to them?

    1. KHCast


      What about when sonic in lost world after amy cuts off while the world is being drained, asks if anyone’s still there? He sounded pretty defeated there

    2. Ferno


      we gotta have a scene in the next game where eggman stubs his toe and screams very loud

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