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  1. So we're clearly past the point where "The art style doesn't matter, Sonic is Sonic" with how many people went from loving to balking at this project from a style shift alone, right?

    Like yeesh, I know the two groups of games went for different directions and should have different audiences, but it shouldn't matter this much, especially to the point people actually leak/sabotage fangames over it, of all things...

    1. Wraith


      Classic fans drew the line in the sand and declared anything released after the fact toxic and the franchise has largely started to adopt that logic. It's pretty natural for fans of later eras to think they don't really have a place when they see that artstyle.

      Sonic used to be Sonic, but it's not the case anymore.

    2. Tracker_TD


      Sonic is Sonic, until it's not the Sonic they want, and then it's not Sonic. Same logic as the Adventure diehard fans who criticise the brand's use of nostalgia (which is a totally valid complaint, obviously), but then demand... SEGA cater to their nostalgia. 

      I called this happening a while ago actually, I just didn't expect Project Hero being the impetus for it to come out in the open. 


    3. JezMM


      "The situation doesn't matter, the Sonic fanbase is the Sonic fanbase" seems like a much more consistent mantra to take up lol

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