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  1. Hey guys remember when every Sonic character started getting their own energy-based attacks when Shadow was introduced in SA2

    Whatever happened to those huh

    1. Diogenes


      they were thrown in the trash where they belong

    2. Miragnarok


      Too bad Lost World dug Sonic's out of the trash. And hey, giving characters PHYSICAL projectiles could make up for it.

    3. Wraith


      sonic stopped being fun

    4. Miragnarok


      And the one time it tried to be fun, it became a paraplegic. Except for the comics, but even then...

    5. Kuzu


      The duality of man is at work here.

    6. Tarnish


      What do you mean by energy-based attacks?

  2. This is not what i was expecting in all the worst ways

  3. EJLdUQVXkAUqTy8.jpg

    Nah blue arms are better

    Outside of that the spines for Movie!Sonic are a little too short for my liking to be the perfect silhouette for Sonic, but for a movie presence in 3D they work absolutely fine; better than most models when viewed from less flattering angles. It's not the best but it's pretty close, which is crazy to think about considering what we came from imo 

    1. Polkadi~☆


      While not the best model to represent the mainline Sonic design, it can be used as a springboard for ideas. Instead of keeping the noodle arms and legs from Classic and Modern, a mix of his SA1 and Movie design could help to create a Sonic that is:

      - Reminiscent of the best parts of Classic and Modern Sonic

      - Well proportioned

      - Still cartoony

    2. Tarnish


      Gotta love how they are fucking with the one thing left that was actually fine, which was his model. His universe is in shambles, every characters is a joke, the writing is beyond shit, personalities are more one dimensional than ever, voice actors suck...but lets fuck around with the model instead of fixing any of the the real issues.

    3. Polkadi~☆


      Chill out, everyone works on different things in a dev team. The designers and 3D modellers don’t have the same role that writers do.

  4. Screw it, Sonic games should take less than two hours to beat. It's not like SEGA's ever going to satisfy the "Where are my 20-40 hour stories" crowd by stretching all the content (especially mission requirements) along a linear campaign, so might as well embrace the arcade-y design by divvying up the content across optional paths for tighter playthroughs anyways.

    Really tired of getting halfway through Sonic games in one sitting, hitting the slowest stages in the game, looking at the clock, realizing I'm not gonna beat it before I have to *insert responsibility here*, and giving up on it altogether because I hit the lull in terms of the game's pacing, honestly.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I mean the slogan is "Gotta go fast!" after all

    2. Strickerx5


      I am 100% ok with short games. If there's still a decent amount of levels with great replayability, I couldn't care less if it's only a 2 hour endeavor as far as gameplay is concerned.

      Though with that being said, I still want a decent story. The standard "1 short cutscene per level" probably isn't going to cut it here so, real talk, I say just go full fucking Kojima with that shit. Give me some 5, 7, hell, 10+ min cutscenes in between levels. Just throw a skip button in there for the people who don't care.

    3. Wraith


      The longest Sonic games are already short by modern standards.

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @Strickerx5 I always thought Colors' "Egg shuttle" mode was a good idea on how to deal with it, if they just made it an arcade mode flat out. Leave the full campaign as connected to cutscenes and dialog as possible, ala Forces' in-game dialog and cutscenes, and then a separate mode for people wanting to run through the entire game without any interruptions.

      Skip button is a must if that doesn't exist though. Even Sonic Mania's opening cutscene bored me so much in vanilla Mania, I would have rather played through a save with all emeralds than start another no-save run because of the whole cutscene playing out

    5. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      I've tried explaining to others in the past the benefits of a dedicated arcade mode alongside the main story mode that drops all the story, hub, and menu grinding but have never been taken seriously before. It makes me glad to see it being suggested again and I am all for it. For example, I love Unleashed but hate having to shuffle through menu after menu to just go through the main stages. If I had a dedicated arcade mode I could just boot up and go which would be far more enjoyable when I want to run through all of the stages in order and quickly.

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @Wraith Can't tell if you're agreeing or not but that's my point exactly

      Sonic games already entice players to finish their games in one sitting by nature of their just-short-enough length that it fits within a full day of free time, but despite that they've never been just short enough that you could wrap one up in a timely manner, either. It's a wierd middle ground where someone can sink their teeth into the game for one entire day at best, but can't finish a playthrough with the ideal pacing (in one sitting) at worst.

      Why not give the people who have that time at their disposal the option to do so with all the challenges they lock progression behind/more side stages, and leaving the choice to the player? Or in the case of classic Sonic, make zones themselves alternate routes ala afterburner, outrun, starfox, etc for the same amount of content

    7. JezMM


      Egg Shuttle was so good and I'm so annoyed it didn't become a mainstay for the series.  Having it be an option from the start would be kind of bold but not unreasonable. It's a shame that the REAL solution would be "make a story people care about this time", but unfortunately the franchise's past has built up too much bad will that a lot of adult players are predisposed to not care about the story.

    8. Wraith


      I'm very against them getting any shorter but a playlist mode where you can play all the levels in a row or even make your own set to run through is something I've wanted for a while.

    9. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Multiple paths through the games is yet another thing I would love to see done just for varieties sake. And it's not like there is no precedent for it. The Taxman remake for Sonic 2 includes Hidden Palace as an alternate level, in Spring Yard Zone in the original one of the acts has two different finish points, and Sonic CD with it's alternate time zones all show that it can be done. It's honestly the kind of thing that would make a Mania 2 pop for me while showing new ways to explore the classic the pre-Adventure main game approach.

    10. JezMM


      The only thing I'm not keen on with alternative routes is that you end up with a Shadow situation where you play the first level(s) 3-5 times more often than any others when you do a playthrough. In a game with alternative routes, once I had all those levels unlocked I'd play a "marathon mode" every time if it was available to me.

      Granted, if alternative routes was the game's entire shtick, I'd prolly be more welcoming to it - as is in Sonic 2 Mobile I'm always kind of annoyed that I have to choose one or the other each playthrough.  Usually I end up just playing Mystic Cave normally and then doing a runthrough on Hidden Palace on Time Attack after the credits.

    11. Menace2Society


      Considering the fact that most of the longer Sonic games are only that length because of excessive padding (looking at you, Heroes), then yeah, it is preferable that they’d be shorter.

      That being said, if you’re gonna have a shorter game, you damn well better have some extra content attached to increase the longevity of it. I know for a fact I certainly wouldn’t be happy that spent 60$ on a game I had beaten in less than 2 hours.

      As stated by others here, an arcade mode and alternate routes  are good starting points, though I can’t say if that would be good enough, really.

    12. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Playlist mode was my top billing for a while as well, but that was for moreso whenever I got bored by the stage repetitions themselves after playing the game 10 times in a row and wanted to mix it up for variety's sake, or ignore the stages that were shallower than others. Now that I play them less often, I'm more focused on the structure of the game as a single experience as a pick-up-and-play campaign, and it's just bothering me that this is the way it is when it already leans so close towards this direction in the first place.

      I do get it though, especially with the alternate route dellimas, since I oftentimes found myself wanting to experience all of Star Fox SNES or Star Fox Zero whenever I had the time, rather than their brief playthroughs. I do think that 64 avoids this by enabling so many different routes from the start that every playthrough feels worthwhile, however.

      Idk I'm just mad I keep ending at Hydrocity/Mirage Saloon/Oil Ocean in Mania tbh; legit wish Discovery existed every time I end up turning it off at those points specifically, and it gets my goat that the entire series is like this whenever I end up playing through them for a quick replay, as well. They're all short. Just not short enough.

      @Menace2Society: Yeah but Sonic games are $50/$30 games nowadays anyways tho

    13. Wraith


      Deliberate pacing is a powerful tool in games when wielded skillfully and I prefer it over the star fox approach but if people want to fuck around with it post credits I dont care.

      I'm just against the games getting shorter because they already offer an embarrassing amount of content for their price point. 

    14. dbzfan7


      I don't mind short and sweet, so long as it doesn't cost full price like other games. 

    15. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Okay so I've always thought it fit because the "alternate" pacing is so ingrained into the series' DNA it's not exactly asking for much to travel to a different zone rather than traversing a different pathway, or a player going out of their way to defeat every boss for every zone rather than screwing about for every power up and secret in a single playthrough, so I never really questioned it much

      I'm starting to realize this all kinda falls apart for me when I consider acts like Flying Battery 2 in Mania, though, because no matter what I do I can't help but feel I'm missing out on a part of the act because I'm choosing one over the other, and the two are so radically different experiences it causes a bit of fomo compared to the rest of the game, honestly. Which outside of throwing a wrench in the alternate route theory... it kinda sucks because it implies that there might be something fundamentally flawed with making a single zone visually and mechanically distinct in different areas rather than one consistent aesthetic and gimmick throughout. FB2 is great imo because it felt like an evolution of what a single Sonic zone can be, but if it clashes with the player's best interests that badly in terms of self-pacing and choice, maybe it's not worth it?

      I've always thought Sonic zones could do better in terms of environmental distinction like this, ultimately diverging into different zones but also stacking diverse areas of the theme itself into one zone and different routes instead of splitting them up into "acts", so this is kinda taking the wind outta my sails, not gonna lie

    16. Ryannumber1gamer


      It depends how they do it. Generations is also short, but Gens also has some of the most replayable levels in the series that will take you a long while if you go for 100%.

      Unleashed’s problem in terms of length for me isn’t Werehog stages, I can deal with them even if they have difficulty spikes later, but needless and frustrating filler like the sun/moon medal requirements drive me up a wall, and is what stops me from wanting to do a full replay.

      It almost makes me wish we could have Unleashed’s levels slightly redone and ported to Gens, or previous games’ levels ported to future boost titles, maybe similar to how Rayman Legends ported over a lot of Origins’ levels as the Back to Origins mode. I know the Unleashed project did just that, but it’d be nice to see it in an official capacity.

    17. DryLagoon


      As much as I enjoy hub worlds (with quick options for those who don't want to walk around them, like Splatoon for example), I always felt like SA2's stage select was the best for replaying levels quickly. Just a simple map with some info on your progress in each level and where they were roughly located during the story. SA2 already had a boss rush so a playlist wouldn't be too bad either.

      As for an arcade mode I think it could be interesting. Back when I played Overwatch I found myself playing the arcade modes more than quick play. Some variations on the main levels or mini games in those settings maybe?

      For game length I don't mind the gameplay being short as long as the story is interesting. Missions can be fun when it's something like hard mode or challenging you to explore the level more. If the stage itself is fun, then just replaying it can be fun, but missions can extend play in a fun way when done right. (Shadow being a case of it being done wrong)

      I think a good compromise is split paths with different things to do. I also miss the semi open areas where you can still blaze through them, but if you slow down there's room to find items or power ups.

  5. Y'know with everything likely ending up as backwards compatible next gen, Gamestop might have a second wind all things considered. On the other hand, might be best to get shopping for a backlog before their prices go up and game start to sell out...

    That'll be weird. We'll be in the ideal all-digital future with streaming and Xbox Game Pass competition, but also lasting support for physical media from generations past? Where's the catch? What did the monkey's paw do this time?

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      We'll still never get Gamecube VC.




    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      I think it’s supposed to be his tied up moustache.

  7. Screenshot_2019-12-04_at_22.43.41.png



    Those are pretty cool

    1. Solister


      Seems shots from CCXP which is running on my city. The line up is not half bad with Sonic movie stuff and Star Wars (Including the main movie actors and producers).

      In case you want some translation:

      February 13th in Theaters
      The Movie

      Made to

      There you can also play some Sonic games related (In the likes of the SEGA Joy, I think) as well make your hair like Sonic, 'cause why not?

      Also found this:


      Though the art has nearly nothing to do with Sonic style, seems pretty cool. Guess the 2nd and 7th were my favorites (Left to Right, Up to Down).

  8. Also on the topic of the Cybertruck that was announced...


    On the one hand I get all the memes about it and why nobody makes cars like these for commercial sales/the everyman trying to fit in, but on the other hand

    This is basically a commercial hot wheels car on the road/offroad with how many conventions its breaking for the sake of style, and the world could always use more of that specifically

    Plus, imagine what different color schemes and liveries could look like on this thing


    Heck, some people have already started with photoshop

  9. *encounters a transforming arwing amiibo in a dream randomly* *wakes up in a cold sweat*

    Wait there was an arwing amiibo for Zero's release right


    Oh right, stupid me, of course it was just a drea-

    *scrolls over this article*


    Why do my dreams want to dunk on me like this

  10. Tbh this angle is playing it safer; it's leaning on the idea of the audience who is either familiar or unfamiliar with the character to only look down to him as a cute little mascot they've always loved to watch from the sidelines, rather than the childhood hero-angle of a strong-willed protagonist who the audience is supposed to look up to. Kids would eat the latter up for sure, but for the entire family and adult movie goers? Kinda similar to Classic Sonic's "identity" in a way actually. Cool doesn't or didn't exist. Only cute. Look at the cute hedgehog go! Back when Sonic games were actually bearable to acknowledge, amiright?
  11. AAAND english trailer is out:


  12. New Sonic movie trailer has dropped in a foreign language:


  13. I like to think that in the far-off future, if the Sonic fanbase still exists, every "bad" Sonic game will have been remade to be some perfect vision a small group of fans see in it's identity, kinda like how the 8-bit games, 06, and Adventure 2 fangames/mods, but on a much more complete scale

    SLW but without the jank and more elaborate level design

    Black Knight but either substituting the gameplay with more freeflowing platforming or doubling down on the on-rails score attack/combat angle but better

    Sonic Unleashed but werehog is better implemented as a slower stretchy/fierce Sonic than generic 2006 beat-em-up

    Rise of Lyric but rebuilt from the ground up by whatever fans there are out there

    Sonic Heroes but with a revamped gameplay loop and more layered level design


    Despite that I can never see Forces ever truly being fixed though.

    It just... stays like that. Forever.

    1. Blacklightning



      if the Sonic fanbase still exists

      There's no "if" about it. There are franchises much more obscure than Sonic that don't even get games anymore but still have particularly dedicated fanbases nonetheless. For better or worse, Sonic made marks on history, and nobody's just going to drop it and forget it the moment Sega goes under.

  14. How does everything Tyson touches turn to gold like this How Also good to see they managed to scale back their own influence on the design even in this form. It looks sooo much better without the nike shoes, jointed/boned limbs, and gloveless hands, it's insane
  15. Boost Sonic but whenever Sonic is boosting the music and sfx disappears entirely





    1. Polkadi~☆


      Finally, I can understand what boosting is really like.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      So Sonic transports into space, then?

    3. Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      not much different from how it actually is honestly lmfao

  16. Wow Pink Dimond was the worst, I can't believe she did that to-




    O h

  17. Welp, I'm finally starting uni this week after pushing for it for so long, so between working my way through school and my now extremely limited sleep schedule, don't expect to see much of myself around here honestly. Not that I've been that active in the last few months anyways, but I just feel like I should give an update on where I am currently, what with my recent radio silence.

    Regardless !!! I DID IT!!! FINALLY going to university! Getting a degree in computer science hopefully, already joined a cs club with a bunch of cool people and events that should help give me programming experience, there's even an opportunity for me to pitch in and help build a full-sized solar car, race car, and a legit BattleBot for the school teams adkfkjsh

    It's gonna be legit tough all things considered, so I just hope I can hold out for the long haul or work something better out later on... but STILL !!!

    I'll probably pop in every now and then if I have the downtime, or whenever the next big thing hits, but until then, keep it real y'all

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Sounds good man, good luck with it.

    2. Failinhearts
  18. I'm sorry, I know it's been several pages, and it's an age old argument since the game came out, but How is a story with sudden confused, bitter arguing over a lack of communication between the two main characters, plot points that prove no one to be right, drama that could have been removed from the story entirely and the end result would have been the same, all capped off with a "it's cool bro" hand-wave apology at the end... somehow have a story worth telling, or even a "healthy relationship" between Sonic and Tails... But a cartoon where an Ego boosted Sonic takes a kid under his wing, a slightly insecure Tails gets begrudgingly jealous and misinterprets the situation, but they both support each other until Tails' insecurity is ultimately invalidated with an earnest and reaffirming heart-to-heart from Sonic... is somehow worthless to the plot, and an unhealthy relationship??? Honestly I was pretty surprised at how this episode turned out; based off of what I've seen of OK KO, flanderization for the sake of character conflict kinda seemed to be it's shtick episode-to-episode, and with the clip we got I expected them to go all in on the jealousy/ego angle. I was expecting some good references, jokes, and animation here and there, but I wasn't expecting to actually enjoy the characterization as much as I did. The way Sonic is still a good-natured guy with an attitude, but with a side of ego that can misguide his judgement from time-to-time, and Tails behaving more of a sidekick than he's usually portrayed in the main series after Adventure, but his resulting insecurities and friendship with Sonic making him feel more independent and fleshed out simultaneously, and the way the two bounce off each other as a result... I dunno, I just really like it is all. The way KO switched gears to fanboy over Tails at the end, leading to Sonic impatiently yawning when KO uses his "Way past cool" catchphrase to describe Tails... it might be seen as mean-spirited, but that's a pretty neat layer to something that's always been a part of Sonic's character, but never acknowledged in-universe for what it is. Would be kinda cool if it could be explored in other situations entirely, honestly. Oh and the Knuckles cameo joke ended me, not gonna lie. If it had just been another "Knuckles got tricked, huh? You don't say..." joke I probably wouldn't have laughed, but the one-two punch of revealing how he got tricked, and their subsequent reactions, it's like they treated it as a subversion of a long-running gag for a series the episode was never a part of, and that's hilarious imo
  19. Catching bits and pieces of E3 so far. BotW sequel is cool so soon, but I'm worried it might not be that thematically distinct if it's using the same aesthetic and overworld as BotW tbh. Best case I can think of is if a majority of it takes place underground, while the overworld is re-contextualized into a horror/survival angle with undead invading/a heavier atmosphere, but eeeeh... I dunno. Feels like it'd be better suited as $40 DLC than an entirely new game for now tbh


    EXACTLY what I felt BotW needed more of. If it is reusing the overworld, I hope Hyrule has been razed all over the place, rather than only under Hyrule Castle. Finding underground caves/ancient temples in inconspicuous places is my jaaaaam

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Being fair, MM started as an expansion for OoT

    2. Strickerx5


      I'm just praying them reusing assets and the engine from botw leads to a much shorter dev time.

    3. Ferno


      I also hope that they go wild af with the story and stuff since all the asset creation is already finished.

  20. Why is Promare Japan-only rn aaaaaaa I want to watch it so BAD

    1. Polkadi~☆



      ugh, i really want to see this, i'll even take it subbed if that's what it takes to see it in theatres

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Your best bet is flying over there for that tbh, I don't expect this to hit theaters outside Japan in any form. Only big names like Dragon Ball and Ghibli ever hit the big screen in limited runs, yeah?

      The fact that there's basically nothing close to an effort to localize anything, even the trailers, is what's driving me up the wall rn. Even the anime community itself doesn't seem to care about this enough to make their own fan-subs of trailers or anything. It's killing meeeeeee...

    3. Polkadi~☆


      Being by the same director and screenwriter who made Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill, I am baffled that this movie is barely getting any traction. I'd trust the two of them to make a fun and satisfying movie, but I haven't got the chance to watch it in the first place

    4. Ferno


      if we respected animation over here in the west instead of treating it as kiddie fare to babysit toddlers then maybe we'd be getting Promare and other anime releases that aren't shonen jump-based or Ghibli. [/salt]

    5. Wraith


      this is like if the wonderful 101 did cocaine with gurren lagann

    6. Polkadi~☆


      Ferno, place the blame on the movie's publisher deciding not to release the movie outside of Japan :V

      Localisers need permission from the publisher to do their work. As of right now, it's been decided to only be distributed in Japan.

    7. Ferno


      I mean like, just in general tho

    8. Polkadi~☆


      If my local theatre can play some Fate:stay-whatever weeb shit, I'm sure we can get Promare if other countries got the distribution rights.

    9. TCB


      I expect the eventual Fuimantion Bluray release in 2025 at the latest, 2022 at the earliest then 

    10. Polkadi~☆


      Studio Trigger's work is usually done by Aniplex, not Funimation.

    11. TCB


      Oh riiiiiiight

      So the wait is probably even longer.

    12. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      The trailer shows Toho is the publisher at the jump guys :V

      Also ended up finding a bunch of stuff that I can hopefully gnaw my teeth on for now, like the opening five minutes of the movie:


      The first fight scene in the movie:

      Most of the OST:

      And even a ten-minute prequel setting up the main cast:


      Nope, that just made it even worse


    13. Polkadi~☆


      oh, if it's toho, then funimation will definitely do it

      and watching all those videos dID NOT HELP WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT

  21. Not to mention that caveat actually lends itself to the premise of the world quite well, in it's own way. Pokemon are supposed to be fantastical monsters of their world, so if a couple of them do look demented, gritty, or animalistic because of the added detail, it's of no detriment to their concept itself when you think about it. It just lends itself to a different contextualization of the same universe, technically.
  22. Alright, it's gonna keep me up until the sun rises, but I got tickets for Endgame the day it comes out! I'll be on the cutting-edge of the discussio

    Also me: *sleeps for two days straight from exhaustion*

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