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    1. Strickerx5


      You ok there?

    2. Stasis
    3. Adamabba


      you good brotherman?

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      It'll come out eventually

      You'll see\

    5. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Are you talking about the Sonic Rangers name? Or just being cryptic?

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      It was the Sonic rangers details leaks, though more is out there 👀

    7. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon
    1. McGroose


      Sega: "Oops"

    2. Thigolf


      ...why not just say it if you already have the title

    3. Strickerx5


      Huh, would explain the forest at least.

  2. SONIC RANGERS (prototype name???)


    1. Stasis


      Even better when you go through the thread and some guy called it Sonic Rangers 10 hours before

  3. I know there's a controversy and a half around Sonic Omens, but Area 99 is probably my favorite Sonic stage to play through in recent memory. There's still flaws to it but I can't help but imagine an alternate reality where all of Forces stages were like this instead

    Insanely fun stuff

  4. Movie Knuckles Sighted 😳


    1. Cuz


      Please tell me he's driving the truck!!! 👹

    2. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Man he's buff. He's been working out.

    3. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      name a more iconic trio

    4. Tornado


      Sonic movie Knuckles

      Sonic movie Sonic

      Fleetway Tails

    5. Ryannumber1gamer


      Alternative theory - early gameplay of hyper-realistic Sonic Heroes 2 on the PS5/Series X 👀

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter


    7. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Even if that ain't final it at least it gives us something different to dicuss versus the same ol' stuff like this-maxresdefault.jpg

      Superb balance on fusing the normal and Boom proportions as well.

      If this is towards the end (where I assume after Knuckles quits being a bad guy), I hope this isn't in Green Hills again like in the last film's final battle


    8. Cuz


      "Sorry Knuckles, Nike won't sign off on any product endorsement deals for this one. Lets have it. Hand in stripes."


  5. Yo go check out the game @Kaze no Klonoa's team is working on; it's looking like an absolutely amazing Rhythm/Adventure game so far!



    1. DanJ86


      Neat. I like the visual art style and animation. Plus I do enjoy a good rhythm game.

    2. Kaze no Klonoa

      Kaze no Klonoa

      haha thanks! I'm really excited about the project, working on getting the [white label] demo out tonight ;_;

  6. I really hope the added content for the game is going to be crazier than just a few simple additions. Colors is the one game where you could add tons of new content to with the least amount of assets to be made. And even then, a Mother Wisp side story would be pretty amazing as well.

    Won't get my hype up until I see a trailer with the confirmed additions yet though, lol

    1. Ferno


      It would be nice if the Ultimate name implies that the story elements include the DS stuff as well, like the extended cast being up there too, even if they felt shoehorned in.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Dreaded thought: What if they tried shoe horning not just the DS Wisps, but the Lost World, Ghost and completely new wisp altogether?

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Yeah the ultimate name carries a lot of weight to it. If the new content is only like, new multiplayer maps and that's it, it's gonna feel weaker than if the game had no subtitle lol

      At the same time it's hard to imagine what content Sonic Team would consider worthy of the Ultimate name. All we know is that it's new so I'll just wait until then tbh

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @Supah Berry Oh yeah that's actually a thought I had as well lol. It'd be way more work but like... technically that would be the ultimate Sonic Colors experience wisp wise. Just bring them all back into the game that started it all, with new challenges and stuff

    5. Ferno


      back in the day I wanted the game to be called Sonic Spectrum, but if they called this thing Sonic Colors: Full Spectrum or something that would be perfect

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I wish it was called Sonic Colors Unleashed even if it would have rubbed salt in the wound lol

    7. Winston


      I really hope that we get some remade music too. Colors has a fantastic soundtrack to me, but it'd be great to have a choice between a remixed sountrack and the original like in the CTR or Spyro remakes, especially if it's by the people that handled the TSR soundtrack. I agree with everything else you guys said, it'll be lame if it's called "Sonic Colors Ultimate" if it's just a remastered port. No other Sonic port has a subtitle at the end of it like that, so I sure hope it's truly the ultimate version of the game. The only thing this can be compared to is SADX and SA2 Battle which each had new content added to the game.  I guess it's not really that big of a thing in the series to begin with outside of Lost World getting ported randomly to Steam. 

    8. Jack-al


      Yep, it'd be lame. Tbf I have a big list of things that could be improved or added, but it's too much, unrealistic and it would require a remake, for example:

      - Rewritten and re-voiced dialogue

      - Playable Tails 

      - Nega Mother Wisp secret boss

      - Side story or expanded Terminal Velocity

      - Reworked Game Land and Co-op

      - Additional DS Wisps Burst and Void

      - Side cast for missions

      It's just too much, we are lucky if we get 2 of these.

    9. JezMM


      I can't see extra Wisps getting added arbitrarily, the wisps and their placement is entirely based on level design, you can't just throw in the ones from other games without editing the levels significantly to give them something to actually do.

    10. The Master

      The Master

      Well they have a HD model of the Mother Wisp now thanks to Team Sonic Racing, just need to make a dark version.

    11. Wraith


      don't expect added content to be significant

    12. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I expect content. How much content is yet to be determined one way or the other, but not like we need it anyway when mods exist for the PC version tbh

      Don't forget the last time a Sonic port dropped with an added subtitle, though

  7. Alright, new Zippo leaks y'all, thoughts?


    1. Thigolf


      I mean, it sounds believable enough, I guess. Nothing out of the ordinary, the usual internal Sega BS that has been going around forever, so it's also easy for someone to just come up with this, but it certainly sounds like something that could've happened. I totally forgot about the Jazwares sign.

      I would absolutely adore seeing in-development screens of that project if it's actually real. 

    2. TheOcelot


      Well, if it's true then it's such a shame remakes got cancelled.

    3. Dejimon11


      I heard a rumor similar to this a couple years ago in a discord server. They did say that SEGA hired a Chinese company to remake SA1 but they weren’t impressed with how the product was turning out. So there might be truth to this. 

    4. Diogenes


      could be true, could be false, doesn't seem to matter much at this point.

    5. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Yeah my memory is a bit more fuzzy than not, but I remember hearing rumblings about it several years ago as well; specifically where the info was coming from, and a recent BSC video is what triggered this blog post specifically, so 🙊

    6. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Does Zippo have any stuff like Nintendo he'd share, or is Sonic his one focus right now?

    7. Adamabba


      Man I remember how much I wondered what the 2015 game on the Jazwares sign was supposed to be.

    8. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sounds interesting. But honestly, what is there to discuss here? Internal projects by SEGA got cancelled. There's no proof to speak of. I don't doubt that this sounds plausible, but there's really nothing else to say.

    9. Thigolf


      I always thrive on more reasons to dump on Sega so I'm down with more ammo :V

    10. Wraith


      Thank god they got cancelled 

    11. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Not really sure to believe it or not even if it does sound like something that Sega would do. I know that there was a Shenmue remake that was in development but was instead scrapped and replaced with ports of 1 and 2. Apparently Sega of China were also working on ports of Skies of Arcadia and others but the retro releases on the PS3/360/PC didn't sell as much as expected, probably also doesn't help with the issues of the NIGHTS port based on the PS2 version that they had done.

      It might have even been exaggerated as pitches happen all the time, it sounds like a pitch that went ahead only to be denied later on.

      Besides something seems off with that post. The Wii U was more or less dead in 2015 with one of the last few games being Zelda: Breath of the Wild that ended up being a Switch launch title. Also to even have a remake, would Iizuka/Sonic Team have to have the go ahead even if they were busy working on something else?

    12. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I will say this; I've noticed SEGA Shanghai in the credits of lots of Sonic games and quickly looking them up on Moby Games reveals how big their list of credits is. They look very much like SEGA's go-to support studio for a lot of things. It seems quite believable that SEGA would off-hand remakes to them and still pull the plug early because of their own mismanagement. We know that Boom was  complete and utter disaster that was at least in part due to their own ineptitude  

    13. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      (I like how some sources say that these remakes were going great and were top tier while in production while others say they were going poorly and got cancelled as a result lol)

    14. Milo


      i feel that even with sega of china handling development instead of modern sonic team, i imagine the developers would had found a way to make the game design worse (esp. for adventure 1), so no real loss there

      beyond that ihavenostrongfeelingsonewayortheother.jpg

    15. TheOcelot
    16. FReaK


      he also claimed that we would get news for the next game by the end of march, which as we all now, did not become a reality. I call BS.

    17. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @FReaK No he didn't. The actual quote is as follows:

      My guess is that this will air from between the next few weeks [from February 5th] and the end of March, and should go over at least a good bit of what I laid out today. We seem due for a reveal here pretty soon, so i'm of the belief that we may be mere days away from something substantial.

      The "when" in Zippo's leaks was only ever a guess and far less important than the "what".

    18. Zaysho


      I just have a hard time believing they'd have ever bothered. Sega knows they can make money just making their legacy titles available with no bells and whistles on nearly every platform nowadays. I mean it'd be cool if they were considering it and if it's true that Boom gave them cold feet (which, if I'm honest, was a failure that deserved to happen) then that's a shame but I can't be too broken up about it.

      I'd prefer they make a new title in that line and just re-release/remaster/whatever the old ones on whatever platforms don't have them yet anyway.

    19. FReaK


      @Blue Blood thanks for pointing that out, seems like I was wrong there.

      Let's say I will believe him when his previous leak turns out to be the truth. I will wait until then.

    20. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I mean the two aren't really related tbh

    21. Soniman


      If it's true man did we dodge a bullet with Pontaff being involved 

    22. Piko


      I know Zippo has a good track record, but I’m not buying this at all. Even if it was true, it’s not like we needed remakes anyway. SA1 and 2 are solid games, not perfect but they don’t have enough issues to warrant a remake from the ground up. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

  8. 2t8r9a.png

    1. LeekyBum


      It’s boutta go down lmao

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter


      any second now...

  9. Might interest everyone to know that the character designer for the Spyro Reignited trilogy was just hired on for Sonic Prime's character designs?


    1. Polkadi~☆



      oh no, he's in too deep

    2. SonicWind


      This is one hell of a pick. Can't wait to see how he worked his magic on this show.

      In related news, Betty Kwong (Ninjago) is also working on the show as a designer:


    3. The Master

      The Master

      That last bit scares me. Now Penders has more of an in than just it being called Prime.

    4. Jango


      The designs will be great then. Hell yeah.


    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Spin attack confirmed 

  11. The wait will be worth it.

    1. Strickerx5


      you know better

    2. The Deleter
    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      After 9 years in development it will

    4. Strickerx5


      Tails Channel sus

    5. Jango


      Dont do this to me. Dont give me hope. Also, do they actually know some shit or not?

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @Jango The manager of the website, Ryan Scarlett, already knew some actual details while Zippo was leaking stuff, so yes lol. It's just he's gone awfully quiet on this end lately after updating the banners even on the discord to this, which is :eyes:


      He probably got a press kit tbh


    7. Dreadknux


      Its best not to let others overhype things for you. It keeps expectations in check.

    8. The Deleter

      The Deleter



      In reality it's actually preparing everyone for the november shadowdrop due to the pandemic and the long months ahead agh.png


  12. (Sonic Prime info) Hey guys

    You might like this one :^)



    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I'd take my winnings here and now for calling it, but I hereby raise my bet that the main Sonic is the only character from the main verse in the show

    2. JosepHenry


      Honestly... if Prime sonic is alone and we have a roulette of characters each dimension... it could work


      Like the first dimension is 2 episodes long and it has tails knuckles and amy

      The second has shadow rouge and omega

      Third Cream silver blaze


    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Yeah alternate characters are what I'm hopeful for as well. Something along the lines of Tawna in Crash 4

    4. JosepHenry


      God imagine something like

      One dimension is styled like a 1950s detective movie and has the chaotix

      And the other is like team dark being agents in a terminator esque dimension

      Then the other has knuckles and the echidna tribe



      That is the way to do it

    5. dbzfan7


      Oh that is gonna open some bad flood gates in the art circles lol

  13. I got the invitation; is this the right place??

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Sir, this is a Sonic Forum

    2. Zaysho


      I hope you kept the receipt for that toaster.

  14. 20210101_042001.jpg

    This is it

    The day that classic stans around the world simultaneously combust in confusion

    (unused animation from Sonic 1 beta for reference)

    1. Polkadi~☆


      lmao he do be boosting

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      The true UNO Reverse Card

    3. Ferno


      now we just need to find unused audio of him talking to really flip the world upside down

  15. Quick someone find the manual


    1. The Master

      The Master

      You can tell its fake by him calling it Sonic Adventure Battle 2. The 2 comes before the Battle, get it right!

  16. For all you Persona fans out there:


    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Ah shoot links dead

      Basically Persona5 Scramble coming to the west on PS4, Switch, and PC

    2. Bobnik


      1) of course Atlus would mess up like that (it's already removed even)
      2) It coming to Steam makes sure I'm not stuck to the worst version of the game, that's great!

      Here's a repost

    3. Adamabba


      Sweet. I've been hella anticipating this announcement since playing AoC

    4. NegaMix


      YES! Finally, a Warriors game I can be excited for!

      I'm probably gonna get the PS4 version, but I do also wanna see how the Switch version plays. Guess it's time to watch some comparisons.

  17. 2npxhky.jpg

    > SoA told Sonic Team to not include vocal themes since Generations in 2011

    > Crush 40's Sonic Youth released in mid 2012


    1. The Master

      The Master

      So does this mean it was potentially gonna be in Generations until SoA said no? Whtas wrong with vocal songs SoA? People adore them!

    2. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      I was gonna say, for some people, vocal songs are what they remember most about the games they were in. Why would Sega think having them was a BAD thing? I'm so glad that Iizuka fought to get them back for Forces. They generated a lot of buzz for the game. The benefits of having them are undeniable.

    3. Strickerx5


      And now I'm heavily concerned about SoA allegedly getting more control of the series going forward.

      Vocal songs are, and have always been, huge for this series. These things are sometimes the best part of the games for many and even transcend the games they're in, to the point where you'll hear the fucking Sonic R ost in random ass videos that have nothing to do with gaming.

      Hell, you can call me crazy, but I'd say that Live and Learn is only a few random ass sporting event appearances away from being just as iconic as gd GHZ; if it isn't already. More people recognize these songs than you'd think.

      The idea that someone within Sega actually wished for this simply confirms to me (more so at least) that there are people there who, quite frankly, don't understand this series at all.

    4. The Man On The Inside

      The Man On The Inside

      Where is this text from? What am I reading here? Is this the liner notes to the OST or something?

    5. The Man On The Inside

      The Man On The Inside

      OK, after reading that, I have to say, a sense of "solidarity with the characters" is definitely NOT the feeling I got from hearing Fist Bump during a double boost 

    6. Dejimon11


      @Strickerx5 I mean that was nearly 10 years ago things change

    7. Ferno


      i still remember back as a sheltered kid who mainly only listened to videogame and/or anime music, that the soundtrack and vocal themes were half the reason to be hyped for a new sonic game just to have a heap of new music to add to my mp3 player.

  18. He was a scooter boy

    She said see you lόόter boy


    *slams fist on table*


    1. Thigolf


      I dunno, looking at the pic, that art seems pretty lowbrow

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Funny, I hardly knew the brow was even there. If only because SEGA insists on making him express with his eyelids as opposed to the brows.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I like the brow. It just needs to be animated, because usually Sonic looks like he's had bad botox these days.

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Ideally it'd phase in and out, along with any other details they would've added to 2D illustrations of the character, but yeah we're stuck with literal eyelid emoting so not much point hoping for an entirely new rig for the characters

      I guess swapping out models would work though, since they do that with his side mouth in the first place

    5. Wraith


      Doesn't really look like Sonic without it

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter








      @Wraith I mean I understand that he doesn't look as determined as Brow!Sonic does, but the whole idea is to give back to the less determined expressions he could pull off tbh

    7. Wraith


      I said what I said

    8. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      That's fair

  20. Holy shit, the Sonic Mania Lego might actually have a chance


    Out of all those projects only one was chosen; usually it's two or three but the Sonic Mania set is "still being considered", which means they're basically trying to figure out through official channels whether the IP is actually available for a product.

    So basically it's either gonna ride or die by SEGA's word, or the conflicts it might have with the Mario toys

    1. Polkadi~☆


      At the very least, Sega is thinking about it. Maybe they'll think of doing something more.


      Reminds me of the Lego Portal project, which was super promising and got through voting, but then it was time to reach out to Valve... and they declined.

      A few months later, Portal got into Lego Dimensions. Huh, guess Valve had other plans.

    2. Dejimon11


      By conflicts with Mario toys you mean the IP or the fact that they want to make more interactive like that set

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @Polkadi~☆: Imagine a full-on Sonic Lego line 👀

      @Dejimon11: More likely the Mario IP. Nintendo spent about 4-5 years on the Lego Mario plans specifically to make it different from regular bricks; I don't think SEGA will be as concerned with innovation for the sake of it if they ever do give this the go-ahead.

  21. Is this a Lego show or Dragon Ball I can't tell anymore


    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Ah shit, got to catch up with the English episodes 9 and 10 tonight myself. Wonder if episodes 11 and 12 are out in Chinese yet.

      Edit: They're not. So either it'll be a morning update or they going by LEGO's ten-episodes format.

    2. Strickerx5


      Is that fucking Schemmel? lol

      Either way, this looks hype af. Animation is on point. Need to look into the studio behind this.

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I thought this was the end of the season so 11 and 12 would be news to me

      I know that they renewed the series for seasons 2 and 3 though so at least there'll be more to look forward to past this

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @Strickerx5 I think the studio's name is Flying Bark Productions. They worked on Glitch Techs and Rise of the TMNT, so the action is def. gonna be on point for the rest of this series

    5. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      It just seemed a little short for a season to me, even Ninjago in its current form is six episodes longer, and that got downgraded from 10 twenty-two minute episodes. Still, I suppose it doesn't really matter if the content is locked in to continue.

    6. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      okay I can't even do my catch up because too many people are in the folder this is bs

    7. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      What is this show, and where can it be watched?

    8. AWild No.1 washed up gamer
    9. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @PC the Hedgehog Lego's Monkie Kid, a Journey to the West adaption/toyline

      It used to be availible on this google drive but ever since this tweet the drive has been down all day 👀 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1O5Pq11QOEmttf_8p9Qy1PPEe0_ifLkUX

      Here's the pilot in chinese tho:


    10. Ferno


      I'm just really happy that we're finally starting to make our characters move in that insane dynamic fashion we always see in anime, while still maintaining a western look. Its a middle ground I've wanted the west to work towards since my teenage years.

  22. Okay hear me out here...


    Mario Kart Circuit Live


    But with Star Fox vehicles/airplanes/helicopters

    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Bonus points if it comes with the Mixed Reality tech that iphones have so that enemies could spawn on surfaces ala all-range mode

      It'd be this but irl


  23. Imagine what it'd look like for every piece of art Smash 4 got with each new character reveal, but with Steve already announced

    Painting: *An amazing homage and stylized take on the new fighter's aesthetic with every character*

    Steve: *exists*


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