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  1. Steven Universe Future is great and all, but every time I watch it I'm always left with a "Why am I watching this now" feeling inside

    Like every episode is a great breakdown and followup to the characters narratively, but Steven's having so much stress and anxiety about very real and relatable problems when growing up that I see myself having some parallels to, (waaaay too many) the further and further he gets into his own head the more it feels like it's just acting as a boosting signal for my own anxieties as well

    I mean seriously the same exact episode where he's spiraling out of control with his own responsibilities and time management was at the same time I crashed and burned with work and school w one hour of sleep per day, all because I was too eager to carry the load for someone else

    Like I went into the series expecting more of this, alongside space adventures and some life lessons I guess


    But instead got a look into a freaking mirror instead


    It's both incredibly hilarious and concerning at the same time

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      I guess you just want a stronger conclusion than Change Your Mind?

      I haven’t seen all of OG SU, but I’m heavily invested in Future at the moment, which is surprising since I only hopped on with the movie. I’m enjoying the real look at stress, trauma, growing up, and losing purpose, but I do have to admit I really don’t know how to feel, which I don’t know is good or bad.

      I do think apart of it is it does feel like there was a bit too much mood whiplash between the first part of the season, which bar a episode or two - felt a lot more like Classic SU, while it suddenly shifts into insane levels come Episode 10.

    2. Strickerx5


      It's that feeling when a piece of media connects with you on a personal level. It's a double edged sword really. The high points are even higher for you but the low points are... depressing.

      Specifically remember my experience with Monster's University as I was just getting into that part of my life at the time. When Mike and Sully got kicked out of their dream program, I felt that shit.

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @Ryannumber1gamer Well in a way I wanted a look at Change Your Mind in the same way Future is handling the characters, where it would have looked at the situation more carefully and analyzed what each character's mindset and motives were while being less glossy towards the whole "reformed" aspect of the diamonds, alongside maybe some anime-esque new villain "tiers" to encounter. Steven Universe's main problem has always been painting people like Rose or events like the conclusion of Change your Mind as "good/bad" a little too easily, almost like it was the start of the show and a kid's perspective is enough, but the show is doing exactly what I was hoping and deconstructing everything that came before and what it actually means for some of these characters.

      It's just that they're directing all that energy at Steven's new mental health issues and it's been getting a little too real for me is all lol

      Been following the series from the start though, and I wouldn't say the tonal whiplash is totally out of nowhere, as I noticed this direction all the way back at the end of the prison arc, where Steven actually started thinking like an adult and started hedging a burden on himself. It ended almost as fast as it came up as his honest emotions couldn't handle keeping the truth from Connie, but that was the point where I was like "Oh... so this show isn't going to be about some witless kid have every major event roll off him like a cold shower while everyone else gets big emotional moments and development. He's just a kid right now, is all." So really, the series is just following up on that obvious thread that was left dangling in the wind, just by dumping the entire spool of buildup on everyone in the process.

    4. Lord-Dreamerz


      Personally i feel Steven is among the worse few characters of the show IMO. He is such a whiny control freak who is never really happy for more then a hot minute, it bothers me to no end. I wish this super long drawn out emotional breakdown of his would had been over ages ago as it so tedious to watch.

    5. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      He is a control freak but the show does address that as well; it's one of his character flaws that is coming back around to bite him in the ass, here and now. The fact that the show isn't afraid to address a protagonist with a savior complex is one of it's strengths, and why outside of my own situation, I would say making it the focus of this season was the best call overall tbh.

      I mean from the drop - I have never liked Steven as a protag, but when the show actually grabs a hold of his character, motivations, and flaws, it gets really good imo. In a medium where the protagonists are often the least interesting out of the entire cast, that's kind of unique in a way.

    6. Lord-Dreamerz


      Am not a fan of when the protagonist is the most generic character in the cast either. But I just can't bring myself to ever like Steven nor do i find him interesting, i even like his dad far more. But I often am uninterested with the main character on many shows, so not hugely different in this case. Anyhow for this show I always look forward to watching Peridot who is my fave.

    7. Kuzu


      The main character is very rarely the most interesting part of the show to people.

  2. First day of online classes and the links for the video meetings aren't even working, or straight up don't exist on the page they used to anymore. Greeeeaaaat...

  3. PS5 deep dive is on rn, hop on if you're bored lol


  4. Aaaaand that's that. Final projects for labs are canceled, everyone is fully remote, engineering center completely shut down, and the dean is in talks of the entire semester remaining online.

    Kinda surreal this is the way my first year is ending, but hey, on the other hand, I get free online classes, and with no more commuting, drawn out lectures, and pointless busywork assignments from the core classes...

    ... I might have some free time for a change...?

    *sobs* its been so long dont ever leave me again bby

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Uni: aight, imma head out

  5. Okay now the Mario Lego set has me seriously wanting a Sonic version, as good as the lego ideas set is. Let me blast through green hill zone while racking up rings and getting a high score with my plastic figures, dangit.

    Seriously it's such a cool idea for a video game series toy. I may be too old for it but go on and try to lie to yourself that booking it from one end of a room to another while taking out as many badniks as possible isn't, like, the ultimate Sonic the Hedgehog toy that there ever could be made.

    1. Ellipsis-Ultima


      What if they could make the figure roll like a ball and pop up to it's original form after that

  6. Also it's crazy how seriously people are taking this so far in America. I'd expect most companies and institutions to be stubbornly in favor of plowing through this in favor of stability and profit, but nah, people are being given as many sick days they need at work, and if things continue on like this, my University is considering shutting down and going fully online, which would be crazy if it happens. I know a uni just a couple counties away that basically ended school for the semester and graduated early in fact. A bit extreme imo, but impressive all things considered.

    1. mayday2592


      Yep the university I work at shut down and so did a few others here. But better safe than sorry I guess, esp since the number of cases is rising here.

  7. 🦀🦀🦀 E3 IS DEAD 🦀🦀🦀

    🦀🦀🦀 E3 IS DEAD 🦀🦀🦀 

    1. KHCast


      I have to remind people saying how horrible and sad this is that the esa leaked MULTIPLE times people’s info and for years talked down to people concerning the psychological harm of lootboxes, and were intending on turning E3 into a show focused more around and for the influencers more than around gamers. It was inevitably going to get here, since people were jumping ship already, Coronavirus just sped up the process 

  8. Hey

    Yeah you over there pining for Lego Sonic to happen


    The Sonic Mania Lego Ideas pitch is just 100 people away from hitting the "considered by lego to be an official product" tier, so go give it the final votes it needs why don't ya

  9. Wait, so in Sonic X time goes slower on Sonic's world than it does in the human world, Chris traveled between the two in season 3, and he had... basically a girlfriend in the human world at that time

    Did he just


    1. StaticMania


      What are you asking exactly?

    2. dbzfan7


      Everyone knows Chris' true love is Sonic. He can barely shut up about him xp

    3. Tarnish


      After spending his teenage years and early adulthood studying to fix that machine, Chris was finally able to ditch those pesky humans and reunite with his real family: Sonic and his furry friends.

      SonicFox has nothing on Chris Thorndyke. Dressing up and pretending to be a furry is amateur-hour compared to giving up your family for real furries.

    4. Strickerx5


      I think the idea that Chris might’ve just outlived his friends is even brought up in that last episode iirc...

      Shit’s actually quite fucked when you think about it.

    5. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      *exits portal*

      "Chris, what happened? Where have you been? Are you alright?"


      "Yeah, I'm sorry... it's just..."



    6. StaticMania


      6 years = 6 months


    7. E-122-Psi


      Yeah the time comparison is inconsistent in both cases.

      Granted it wouldn't be out of character for this version of Sonic to have just got back instantly but spent months drifting and leaving his friends hanging wondering where he is without a second thought. :P

    8. Wraith


      Chris was only gone for a few months. He would have missed a few years of his life for sure but it could have been worse. 

  10. Still waiting for a One Piece movie that looks like this all the way through, rather than the usual AAA animation styles where everything's either buttery smooth as a ghibli film, flashy as a dragon ball movie, or focused on fight scene choreography as if that's the strong point of One Piece fight scenes in the first place. Framing and impact of moves/scenes will always be One Piece moments at their best, full stop.

  11. (I mean he deliberately gave chaos multiple concussions in-game but I guess if the cutscenes are anything to go by, sure :V) Maybe a good way to handle it would be to give the chaos emeralds a bit of a capture-the-flag quality to them - they're the key to winning the battle, and the more you have the more power you have, but the opposing team can make full use of them if they get their hands on them as well, and no one team really needs all of them to activate them/become super in the first place. Eggman often has a lot of them by the end game of most Sonic games, after all. Then the focus can be put on the tactics one party has to either retrieve all of them from the opposing team and win by sheer strength, buy enough time to pull off a contingency plan or figure a loophole out on the fly, or win via skill/a clever play in the face of rising stakes as the villains power up just by being near the emeralds/getting a hold of them all themselves.
  12. Okay everyone likes to go on about the voice acting in this series, but have there ever been any instances where any character has shown genuine emotion in the cutscenes?

    I've been thinking for a good minute but nothing's coming to mind atm. Mainly the stuff that's popping up in my head are lines like "Oh this is horrible" in a bleated sigh from Amy in Forces, the constant loud shouting from the 2000's games like Heroes, Unleashed's lounge-room dialog with occasional strained yells to the desk across the room, etc... Maybe the scenes from the end of the Black Knight? Even then it felt indistinguishable from the usual level dialog though...

    This isn't as much a dig at the series as it is me trying to find something btw. The Sonic X clip below set this off and it's been bugging me all night


    Does anyone have any moments on their mind that stick out to them?

    1. KHCast


      What about when sonic in lost world after amy cuts off while the world is being drained, asks if anyone’s still there? He sounded pretty defeated there

    2. Ferno


      we gotta have a scene in the next game where eggman stubs his toe and screams very loud

  13. I don't know the full details but if the leaked mad-libs book was anything to go by, Sonic got his powers via an accident with the chaos emeralds somehow. If they were to go with that, what if they tied his powers, and Super Sonic, to the emerald's "turning thoughts into power/amplifying the desires of the heart/whatever" and that being how the chaos energy manifests as Sonic's source of speed, increasing with either more chaos energy or his own willpower? It doesn't do anything to make the general storybeats any better than the scenario you're describing, but it could be a piece of cool context on it's own for this universe imo. Though, I kind of have difficulty thinking of how any of these final battles differ from that sort of mentality in the first place. Typically a good final battle has tension of some sort, where the heroes look to have a chance, then the bad guy makes it clear that he is one step ahead of them and "they can't possibly defeat him now", to the heroes realizing they have what they needed to be stronger all along, be it emotionally, skill-based, or just random dues ex machina/power-up they discovered. Just because the chaos emeralds are built around the same structure doesn't mean they have to be boring; if other stories can take these climaxes and make them legitimately enjoyable to watch unfold, the same should be able to be achieved with the chaos emeralds as well. Edit: Oh, I also didn't mind that Super Sonic was absent from this movie specifically, but I am bummed out that the chaos emeralds didn't appear and were scrapped, as that would have really tied everything together in a way that'd set up a lot of potential for the series. Both with Sonic's powers and origin, the worldbuilding behind the emeralds, and the set up for the Echidna's hunting down Sonic because of this power, which if they played their cards right, could have lead straight into Sonic Adventure's storyline. It wouldn't have played out the exact same, since the events would have been ten years ago rather than decades in the past, so no murals of Chaos or anything like that, but something like Chaos happening in live action is exactly what I was looking for from a Sonic movie in terms of spectacle that only Hollywood could provide, so I'd be all over whatever we could get out of a different take on Adventure's finale tbh.
  14. It's technically the continuation of the kind of storytelling the classics tried to have as window dressing with their ruins/labyrinths and later hidden palace with Sonic 3, and definitely the culmination of environmental storytelling in the series. I wish that the series tried to make more use out of this style of a level, but at the same time it also takes significantly more effort to craft something that actually progresses like this than the general themes the series usually relies on. I also find as time goes on, I'm finding myself more and more appreciative of the general craziness of Sonic's world itself rather than looking for a world taken out of Metroid Prime, just for the sake of tickling my sense of adventure via grounded settings. If a game could find a good middle ground between both of these styles of levels and a sweet spot for aesthetic that's flexible enough for both, they'd strike gold tbh. I will say though, the goal of the level is kind of weak on repeat playthroughs. It's a dead-end destination based level, but at the end, all there is is a mural that either isn't that important to Sonic's story itself, or information about the story that we already know. It works in the sense of a first playthrough, but I feel like it would have been stronger if, say, it was a location Sonic had to pass through in order to chase after Eggman to his jungle base, and the mural was lined along a final shrine rather than at the end of a basement.
  15. I'm disappointed because of how perfect the chaos emeralds would have been as the source of Sonic's "powers", like giving power to the heart's desire possibly being the reason it manifests as speed for Sonic, the Echidna's chasing after the power because of their search for the chaos emeralds, kicking off Adventure 1's plot, and Sonic eventually finding them and going super based off of willpower is the good kind of anime bs I enjoy... but at the same time it would have felt weak in this plot, so it's not that bad. As long as they tie everything back to this kind of potential in the sequels that's all I want out of it, so I can wait tbh

  16. Okay I haven't watched the Tangled tv show at all because it seems like something that'd mostly be filler and weak villains/storytelling, but introducing an anti-healing power to Rapunzel's hair is pretty crazy

    Oh I'm sorry did I say anti-healing I meant  D E A T H

    1. Teoskaven


      If you liked the movie you'll like the tv series. I'm halfway through season 3 and so far i haven't encountered a consistant bad episode, at worst one or two meh ones, but none outright awful.

    2. Teoskaven


      If you liked the movie you'll like the tv series. I'm halfway through season 3 and so far i haven't encountered a consistant bad episode, at worst one or two meh ones, but none outright awful.

  17. Mario Movie deleted scene: Luigi Gets Political (2022)


    Okay but what if the Mario movie had gibberish like this as well, since it is being made by both Miyamoto and the people who love to make the minions so much

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      The Ballad of GAY Luigi

  18. I will say that as someone who's been waiting a lifetime for a good male cover of Reach for the Stars, I wish this version was raw-er in terms of vocals than it is. Something that ditches the auto/chiptune vibe of the original vocals altogether. I know Nate has that vibe in him, so this is kinda a letdown. Still good, though.

  19. Guys

    Did you know

    Endless Possibility is actually the UNDISPUTED goat of Sonic themes?

    It's true. I heard the big man say so himself. Yup. Can't argue with that amiright

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I love Endless Possibility, but not this cover. Nate's voice isn't nice to listen to.

      As for being the best Sonic theme tune... Eh, I dunno. Whilst it's certainly up and is one of the few Sonic songs that isn't total cringe when you actually listen to the lyrics, I really don't like the rap part. It brings down the rest of track.

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @Blue Blood Really? Might be the caffeine talking but I thought the rap part was really fixed here, with how the focus is less switching into rap with the same high-end tones like the original, and more transitioning to a kinda low end guttural growl and shouting, that complements the energy a lot better imo. And the ending of the verse is especially better comp. to the collective "oooo" sound the original has at the end of the verse, feeling especially limp lol


      Yeah the rap part has a whole slew of problems in the original, not gonna deny that. This version fixes basically everything for me while keeping everything except for the exact guitar tone, so I guess that's what pushed me far enough to say it out-and-out without a second thought lol. Aside from that my other two reasons are that exact same reason you have, it being the best Sonic song to listen to in the open as just a song in general, and... good gravy this theme is such a positive and determined song for the future that it works A+ as a backing for Sonic as a character, and honestly... life in general. Will not lie, I've had this track on repeat for most of my life, and it just feels like something you can grab on to and let the momentum take you anywhere you want it to. That's what makes it so definitive for me, above all else

      Edit: Yeah, caff wore off and that rap section is totally saved in this one. You can feel the story through the lyrics much better from the verse; Eggman goads Sonic to give up as he does the "gaia breakdown", but the added draw of the second line really highlights how defiant Sonic's recovery and retort is, and though more offbeat initially, it transitions into the defiant determination angle out from the positive determination angle much better than a basic tempo change does. That always threw me off about the original bc it all felt so out of nowhere and got progressively more aggressive and downbeat. This shifts all of that to the second line with emphasis so that everything else is uphill from there, and has clear contrast to the tone of the rest of the song.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Nah man I don't like the rap part.

    4. The Deleter
  20. *wakes up groggily after 3 hours of sleep after last minute assignments the day before yet again*


    *downs cup of caffeine beans*

    *starts scrolling through spotify subconsciously for something to kickstart the energy*



    "Album - NateWantsToBattle: Soni- *ERROR: BRAIN.EXE HAS ENCOUNTERED A PROBLE-*ERROR: *ER***



  21. latest?cb=20200127201942Iv

    I've never liked the designs of the deadly six as Sonic enemies, but they look pretty great* with a more cartoony and exaggerated art style. Gives them a loose unhinged vibe that the basic designs/renders kinda hold back from their full potential



    *Except for Zeena

    Zeena's just boring



  22. > Ape Escape Created and Developed by insomniac games

    ??? Accident or?

    1. Tracker_TD


      Might be because of the Ratchet Monkey that showed up in AE3

  23. *buys a surface pen* "Haha! I might be lagging behind on studying, especially with an exam in a week, but with this, I'll be able to take notes and work homework faster than ever, and my laptop will finally be basically an exclusive workstation to me mentally! Ha! Hear that, procrastination? You're done for!"

    *a couple hours later*









    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      It is a very good pen tho


      Too good infact; 'least the apple pencil keeps drawing clunky enough that erasing requires sifting through menus. Flipping the thing around for a quick and easy erase is too addicting tbh

  24. Honestly thinking about it, I kinda like the idea of warp rings as a root of Sonic's world lore. They've warped Sonic to crazy out-there locations to earn chaos emeralds in the past, but say, the two worlds example, why can't they warp between regular worlds/dimensions as well? It'd offer an explanation towards the more realistic locations that Sonic sometimes finds himself in, while letting stuff like stardust speedway to exist just fine in-universe. I'm not asking contrasting art styles to co-exist in the same games or anything, but why not use dimension hopping to travel to more out-there locations, as well, considering how many new locations Sonic finds in each game anyways? It works pretty well imo

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      It would be intresting to see the Goal Ring better define itself as exiting a level by litterally being an exit. It could work in showing how you return to (maybe even enter from) a HUB/World Map like in Crash, and better explain things like how Sonic goes from desert to dessert. But I wouldn't outright use that as a replacement for the more natural transisions from 3 and such.


      This concept could also simply work as an equivlent to those Mario 3D World warp blocks.


  25. Random thoughts about Sonic Movie spoilers:

    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      If Sonic gets his powers from an emerald that'll be fine by default imo, as it wouldn't be that alien from the games' logic of all emeralds = Super Sonic = faster. But if they actually do it justice and tie them to "the power of the heart" thing since the Adventure games, that'd be extra cool to see. Kinda like how his powers explode when on the baseball field and he's getting increasingly frustrated about his life on earth at that point. Maybe even give a reason for why Super Sonic exists, rather than being a random power up, as his powers are tied to an accident with the emeralds and being surrounded by them just gives his powers that much of a boost?

      Also not really a spoiler but I really think this movie working as a backstory for these characters isn't all that bad, with the relationship between Sonic and Eggman being impersonal enough that their rivalry in the theoretical future could be swapped out with the games and they'd make just as much sense as each other, so it feels like it's "true" to the series' characterization in a way. Same thing with Sonic's role in this movie, as while he is relying on the humans for some portion of the movie, by and large from the clips we've seen he's the hero of the day, so it retains for the most part his disposition as the protagonist while letting his story become more involved than it would have been otherwise. Also the movie starts with him growing up, how he got to earth, his story arc while on earth all throughout the movie, and ending with the start of his part-time career as a hero? That's a whoooole lot better than I was expecting from the "juvenile delinquent" synopsis we got earlier where it seemed like it'd revolve around Sonic and Tom "teaching each other what needs to be taught". It works as a decent origin story for Sonic, and hey, that's good enough for me.

      On the topic of the warlords and the owl and marble zone, (well, for one, I wish the Owl was an anthro like the Babylon Rouges but whatever) I like that the movie is taking material from the games and diving into it deeper than the source material did, but at the same time I hope that kind of mentality wouldn't be applied to every zone the series has to offer if the movies keep doing it. In comparison, using the Emeralds for Sonic's power, conflict in the series, and Eggman's ambitions is a lot better use of the worldbuilding, as is the giant warp rings from Sonic's world imo. It's all good, I just hope the series keeps at least some of the fantastical window dressing from the games as just that, or at least leave it up to the viewer to interpret rather than fleshing it out in great detail.

      And lastly... oh wow, the end credits leak. The fact that this movie could actually get a sequel is crazy to me. The additional fact that the story would set itself and the characters up perfectly to do this and other characters justice to the source material is even crazier though. What's even more insane is after all of this, compared to the original design they were using, it's actually plausible people will actively want this based on everything this movie has to offer already.

      I'm not particularly set on an entire universe of Tom the Cop, Jim Carrey Eggman, or this specific personality of Sonic lasting for more than one movie, but the fact of the matter is that people actually enjoy the looks of this movie, and depending on how the reception goes they could actually fund sequels. Bigger, crazier sequels than just a road trip origin story featuring Jim Carrey and James Marsden. Something on the scale of a perfect Chaos endgame, even. 

      Also I don't see the humans going away any time soon, but if they lean hard enough into the two worlds story they have going on so far, it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

      ... eh, outside of, say, Tom appearing in Oil Ocean and having to... do something the movie requires of him. Robotnik is fine because of how crazy he and his robots could be, but I'd get major Thomas and the Magic Railroad vibes if they overlapped the rest of the human cast with the world. No bueno.

      Whether I like it or not this movie universe still feels inherently flawed in this way. It's just, when you consider the amount of influence an actual cinematic presence of Sonic could have on this series, it's kind of crazy it's all falling into place like this. For all intents and purposes, this should have been a disaster in the making, but then Tyson did one small thing and... it's just crazy to think about. It will never stop being crazy to think about.

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