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  1. Prime 4 is gonna be such a wildcard, honestly. On one hand it could end up barely comparing to the original games, on the other it could take everything the series did right and make a dream sequel out of it. It might be completely different than the rest of the series, or it could be a complete rehash like Samus Returns tried to cash in on. Until the actual game is revealed I have no idea to be hyped for it or not, lmao

    I just hope the amount of time it's taken them to reveal even the name of the game to the public is evidence of them taking their time on this, and not that they just started developing it. We've had confirmation of the 3D side of metroid being in development since 2014, so I really hope it's continuous development and not just passing ideas around studios. A solid Metroid would be good enough but if they could knock one out of the park with a pure masterpiece, that'd be amazing

    1. Patticus


      Prime 4 probably wasn't really properly in development when it was announced, much as Prime 3 wasn't when it was announced.

    2. MegasonicZX


      Pessimistic as it sounds I kind of expect it to be like a lot of sequels these days, an improvement on some of the things that the older games did without doing anything unique or truly groundbreaking to really making it stand out. It'll more than likely be a great game but it's not going to invoke the same feeling that people had playing those older games.

      Personally speaking, I consider the Doom reboot more of what I want in a metroid prime game than the prime games themselves so the sequel has got some big shoes to fill for me.

    3. Wraith


      Ideally Metroid Prime 4 would be the ultimate first person adventure because that's how I felt about the first game when I played it. The truth is a lot of games have been influenced by it in the past 10 years and Nintendo should be playing all of that stuff and doing research so they can deliver an immersive sim like nobody's ever seen. 

      The reality of it though is that we're probably getting a modern take on the first game's ideas which is...good enough? It's fine. I'll take it. I'm starving here. 

    4. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      it would help if we had gotten something besides a logo and the confirmation that sylux will appear


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