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  1. I've only just thought about something. While used games do hit the devs and they get a bit peed off about it. What about those who just want people to play their game? Take Edmond Mcmillan, the designer for Super Meat Boy and a part of Team Meat. I remeber him saying that his doesn't care if you pirate his game or not because he just likes knowing that people out there are playing it and having fun. Now if more devs and publishers were like this then we most likely wouldn't be in this situation and everyone would be happy about it. The retails get the money they oh so love and devs will get the feeling of being awesome knowing they made a best seller.
  2. First things first. That figure of Eddie is worth 150 bucks. I wasn't referring to collectors, I was referring to little action figures that you would see in say toys'r'us. What injustice am I talking about. I wasn't talking about hardcore collectors who will go out of their way to grab a figure, I'm talking about a casual market who would buy it for their kids and have fun with. And don't tell me it's too violent of a game to have things like those, Halo have a huge variety of Mega blocks sets and that is a 15 rated FPS. In terms of the real topic yeah your right. A person who truly supports the dev will go and buy a real copy or buy the DLC or whatever. Just one thought though. What if a game doesn't get DLC? Here's looking at you Sonic Generations. let's say you bought it used and you liked it so much you want to support the devs. No DLC besides a pinball game that most likely you got along with the copy. How to you support them now?
  3. no I see where you are coming from. Thanks a lot.
  4. Thanks very much for that thought RK64. I understand the fact that PS+ is a great subscription based source but the thing is I can't help but think that if everyone goes strictly digital on this stuff it will lead to physical copies not existing any more. Something I personally don't like the sound of. I like buying physical copies of games. In fact I trading in Warhammer 40k Space Marine, Rayman Origins, Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Rush Adventure, just because they didn't have manuals with them. I like collecting. And if physical goes away completely then it is going to upset a lot of people. Anyway that was really off topic so I should stop this now. Problem with that is though is that (if you watched the video) with music they all make their money not from CD's (let alone digital albums) but from concerts and merchandise that said concerts, Films you have about 3 - 4 vases of making money. First their is cinema, then their is DVD/rental, then we have Channels that hire the film from the company to get it on TV. The only thing I believe stands by your point is books. Video games have on secondary source of income. Yes you have merchandise, but usually only the most hard core of fans would buy those and it only works if it is a big franchise. Brutal Lengend for example, I have never seen a little action figure of the main character Eddie Riggs or even a poster. Why? Because it was only game. Only certain games can achieve this such as Minecraft and the reason for that is because it is always evolving. but needless to say yes you are right. Most devs and publishers can be a bit greedy sometimes. Thanks for the post though
  5. Ok then. So before I start this post I would like you all to watch a video done by the in/famous Totalbiscuit/halibut based on used games just of people fully understand the situation before hand. So. Now that we have that out of the way let's talk about it shall we. Now. I buy used games, I buy them quite often. In fact I went off and trading in a view games without manual and managed to grab myself a used copy of Brutal Legend, Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning, Jak II and Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood. However as you were probably told by the video above, None of the developers or publishers got a single penny out of that purchase. Am I deemed evil for doing this? I certainly hope not, but yet I do feel bad about what I did because of it. I want to support Devs and the Publishers but games today are a lot more expensive then they use to be and they are going up even more with the announcements from EA saying that all their games will be £60 brand (spanking) new. For those you in the US, £60 comes at around about $80. That is a lot of money they expect us to pay for one game that might only take me 4 - 8 hours to complete. Hence why many people buy used. Not only that but sometimes you can't a brand new copy of a game because it came out 2 - 3 years ago. I only recently got into the Darksiders franchise, but because the first game in the series came out over 3 years ago it is next to impossible to buy a new copy of it unless I shop online (at which point why the hell should I give a damn about used games because it mostly doesn't affect you). Do you lot feel like their should be something to at least help support used games without devs and publishers constantly being "STOP BUYING £$%^&*! USED YOU CHEAP "£$%^" (any games devs reading reading this no indention of being offensive). Personally I can't help but think that their should some form of law or partnership with these retailers, developers and publishers to all at least get a fair share of the profit. That way way we can still buy used games for a slightly lesser price (maybe not as cheap but you get what I mean), and still be able to support the devs and publishers to help them make new and better games without them having to force us in to buying DLC or (grunts) micro transactions. What are your thoughts on the matter. P.S. Am I the only who is kind of surprised that isn't a topic of this already here?
  6. Personally, yes. I even sort of know how I think they should work. Let's take Sonic Unleashed gameplay for my example. Get rid of the Boost, Homing Attack, Ground Stomp, Drift and the Wall Jump. That should be the core gameplay of each character. They can only run (momentum based) and jump. And then with the characters you can have sonic how he would play in this game, Tails having the ability to fly and tail spin and knuckles being able to glide and climb walls. And then if they chose to add additional characters all they would need to do is work around the core gameplay.
  7. You say that the wisps are going to get tiresome but they remind me of mario suits. The Fire suit has been in there since it started and you don't hear people being tried of it. It could be the same with the wisps.
  8. I find that very hard to believe. You don't need them to complete the level and they remind me a lot of Mario's suits.
  9. I'v just had the weirdest thought. What if The Deadly Six are actually Mutated Wisps?
  10. Me personally. Unless I see a Wii U for under £200 I won't be buying one.
  11. From What I remember. The camera is mostly fix in the a semi birds eye/ 45' angle. Personally I think it is fine because of the level design. It works exactly the same with the exceptions that you can target more then one enemy at a time. You also have that homing kick which is press with the Y button.
  12. Multiple playable characters will be in a future sonic game for sure. I am seeing the wisp powers kind of like the suits for Mario. It is a non required gimick that is only required when you would want to get red stars. You won't need them to complete a level (unless the same level designer for sonic generations's planet wisp is designing the levels). It is certainly a possibilty with multiple characters. All we need to do is wait for them to be ready (which could take 2years or 5 who knows(that would be fun if for Sonics 25 anniversary we got multiple playable characters)).
  13. I played Wind Hill zone 1. It looked like the most platfory of the bunch so get a good impression of how the game would play. Speaking of sonic 06 controls. In the levels as well you get these sort of mach speed sections where the controls are perfectly fine. I think my nit picks are with when you are on speed 2 the problem is though is that speed 1 is ridiculasy slow for a sonic game which is why I don't like it that much. I know that you need to earn speed in sonic games but it shouldn't be given to you straight away.
  14. Well. to me personally the rest is perfectly fine (keep in mind we were only aloud to play 1 level in the demo so I can't say anything for all of them). The annoying part for me is that I really want to like the concept of this game. But besides the announcement trailer which got me excited for it at first nothing is really appealing me towards this game. So forgive me if I was too critical towards my views on this game.
  15. Ok then. So I just got back from SoS today. I played both demo's of Lost World and while I don't see much issues with 3DS (probably because I'm use to the way I hold a 3DS) but in the Wii U version it has very tight controls. I'm not talking Mega Man sort of tight. I'm talking Sonic 06 tight. I would be on the second speed and just a tap on the analog stick would send me on a 90' turn. I know that this is a bad think but I don't know who I can tell to ask if they might be able to fix that. judging by what I have played I will most likely be getting the 3DS version and it most certainly isn't a Wii U seller for me.
  16. I am not kidding. Today has got to have been the most amazing day I have had in such a long time.
  17. Video Game wise. Sonic x Blaze. I just feel that Amy is too annoying for her own good and that Sonic can relate with Blaze a heck of a lot. The ending of Sonic Rush when I first played I feel expresses this best. Believe me I nearly cried when I first heard it. It felt like they were really going to miss each other. That or I'm a really feely person. Which isn't a bad thing may I point out. Comic Book wise. While I never really got into them and I have no idea what Sonic The Comic is like I have always said Sonic x Sally. hopefully the reasons are obvious but in case not I'll try to go into as I can. Sally and Sonic have been known for the fact that they are a perfect couple and while Sally sometimes gets a bit too feely for my liking(nothing wrong with it though), it has always seemed like the better relationship then any of the others he was with in the comic. (Seriously Bunny Rabot. How the hell are they suppose to reproduce(... did I really just think that?)).
  18. Hi guys. I don't mean to interrupt any other conversations that are being done at the moment on this post but I couldn't find anywhere else to post this. I have had Archies Sonic The Hedgehog issue #1 for the past 6 years now. It took me 2 years to find (and since I live in England a lot of Ebay searches made that the result). But the problem is. I have only read the comic about twice. Since then it has been inside a slimy, inside a suitcase and behind my bed. WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH IT!? I'm not selling it because I'm not wasting 2 years of my life and it is way to Sonic collectible to get rid of but I can't display because my room has a huge window to my front garden meaning as soon as someone sees it I have a big chance of it being stolen. Anyone here know what I should do with it?
  19. True. But while remembering it's a game franchise which relies on good (if not great) physics to work. Take Sonic 4 episode 1 as example.
  20. From what I've heard (and correct me if I'm wrong), most of you seem to thing that Lost Worlds gameplay fits sonic well if not perfectly. Funny. The game hasn't even come out yet. Very interesting.
  21. I don't know if this topic has already been done so I'm going to give it a go. How do you guys think Sonic should work in the third dimension. We all know that while has never been at his best in 3D, he has certainly been improving lately. And with a new gameplay style coming up with Lost World it just seems like it is a question worthy of asking. I would like to imagine Sonic in 3D playing and controlling just like in the classic games. As in on a jump and a spin dash. No homing attack, no boost mechanic and no parkour style gameplay. I not saying I want this but I just think it would be very interesting. What are your thoughts?
  22. Well. I know I won't be buying a Xbox One anytime soon knowing what I have seen. Yes I did watch the showcase.
  23. They did that in Sonic Unleashed which next to revolutionized sonics gameplay. I don't think that counts.
  24. Much agree. We need a little bit more variety.
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