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  1. Thats a bit "Overthinking" don't you think? What he was trying to say is that "the story is just going to be there as an excuse for sonic to go to this weird hexagon world". Don't forget. While some of sonics friends didn't appear in the Wii version. They did in the DS version and no one complained about it.
  2. I can agree with that. Although I do think that the Babylon Rouges should only ever appear in the good old spin off series they "Sonic Riders" and sequels. But I can sort of agree with.
  3. I just heard on Nintendo news that appently Lost World will feature new gameplay and enemies "With 'Sonic Lost World,' we're going to introduce new gameplay and enemies, which is always fun. In terms of Sonic and his friends, he'll have his same friends there, and I think there'll be some new ones as well. It's not a reiteration. It's going to be all new." This was said by John Cheng. I don't know about you guys but it sounds a little i bit like this might be a reboot. New friends as well. That can't be good for the fan base but I'm OK with it.
  4. Yeah. I guess your right. Maybe in a years time (if the console is still a success) I'll buy 1 with Lost World on it.
  5. Nintendoga I do also wonder if they would change the gameplay in this. I have a funny feeling that one might feature minigames or puzzles in it. I think this because the world looks like a puzzle ball. DarkRula Defiantly. though I wouldn't mind having a original song for the end credits either. maybe after the remix of the songs together it could have a end credit song. Well, sorry to burst your bubble. But not all of us have the money to buy consoles week in week out. Maybe in 2 years time I might get a wii u but I will never buy a console for just 1 game. I need at least 5 games to be a console seller for me. Also. If a true sonic fan would buy the latest and greatest, what about the sonic fans in say, Africa who can barely pay for there food let alone a Wii U.
  6. Yes true but This is a new generation of consoles. You have to make a decision on what to buy for say the next 2 years before maybe even considering buying a new console. Remember consoles don't come cheap, especially in these days. Now I don't want to say that your wrong because you are not. But it's the exclusives (for me at least) at the beginning of a new generation that makes your decisions matter and you may regret it. Spindash. While what you have said is true. the thing is though is that the was rather cheap after a year (I believe it was £150). And that most of the sonic games on wii at that time (with the exception of Colours) were more or less spin offs.
  7. Ok. I haven't posted on this yet so I will now. If I'm completely honest with you. I don't know what to think about the Sonic Lost World. The fact that it is Wii U exclusive just puts me of Sonic ATM. In my opinion you should never make a multi platform franchise a exclusive to a certain console because it is going to annoy people (my self included). As someone who is trying to get a gaming PC I won't have in intentions of buying a Wii U. Even if I didn't get the PC I would rather get the PS4 or maybe even the Next Xbox. To find out that my favorite franchise is exclusive to a "over priced", "gimmicky" and "soon to die" console makes me feel lost and upset.
  8. Somethings telling me I should have done some research before hand. Wow your right. We have nothing about her beside how she would have played in the game. Not saying that the love interest idea isn't bad, but I get annoyed by Amy enough as it is. As for Being a Sally rip off. Well, Not wanting to rip off of RogerFromImp for this but it would make her over powering in the series and would be forced to be dumbed down so much that there wouldn't be a point. It's hard to say. Maybe a sort of cocky female character in the sonic universe might be a good thing.
  9. So I was doing some browsing on the concept art SSMB forums (what can I say, I like art) and I came across a character that was apparently scrapped during the development of Sonic X-treme. It just got to making me think. What if Tiara B was in the modern games? How would she be in today's standards? I don't know much about the character so I was probably to wrong person to start this post but it is worth a shot. Here are some images I saw of her.
  10. Well. It's not that fact that the fans don't know what they want (I personally see that as another fan saying "they don't have my opinion so I'm going to make them sound as they are wrong). But more of the fact that the fan base is HUGE and everyone wants different things. Not to mention, I grew up in the dark age of Sonic so I love Heroes and a fair amount of Shadow.
  11. I can't help but think that the reason people "dislike" the Sonic franchise is because. Well. The Sonic fanbase is so big that everyone has a different choice for what they want in the games. E.G. Balena Productions believes that Roger-Craig Smith is the worst Sonic voice ever yet some other fan believes otherwise. Which is why in my opinion (I am ready for your rage) that Sonic Team/SEGA should just make what they want to make with Sonic and not have anyone else interfere with it. Sometimes people don't know know what they want but do it anyway.
  12. Yeah I guess that makes sense. P.S. There is a Mario game like that. Paper Mario Wii.
  13. Well yes and no. While it would mean redesigning how certain enemies work, the reason why I think it is possible is because they do have 500 people working on the new Zelda. That's Nintedo's largest development team ever. But I can see where you are coming from.
  14. This might sound really strange coming from someone who has only played 1 Zelda game. But I think that the next Zelda game (the 1 for the Wii U) to be a full fledged reboot... Actually, now that I think about it I don't think it needs one considering the fact the they are treat as individual stories and not a sequel after sequel sort of thing. I know 1 thing I would like to see in the next game that I think might be a good idea. Having 3 different combat systems, 1 like Skyward Sword where it is done with motion controls, 1 like Ocarina of time with Z targeting and 1 over head combat where it plays like A Link To The Past.
  15. Can I just ask how most of my posts are bitter and antagonizing? The main reason why all my posts are banned is because they already exist without me knowing. Apart from that I just simple try to express my opinion on what I lie and don't like and hear what other people are thinking when it comes to it. Like I said. I only snapped at these guys because they treated my opinion as though it was the spawn of Satan. Something which I didn't ask for.
  16. I'm not getting annoyed because of other peoples opinions, I'm getting annoyed because they are treating my opinion as though I just spat in there mother's face (I would never do that just so everyone is aware). I have said this 3 times now. If you like the game cool. what do you like about it that might make me enjoy it a little but more? I just simply wanted to express my opinion in a respectful manner and have everyone else be the same way. That obviously didn't work. Sorry if I annoyed anyone.
  17. And look at you now. You destroy buildings in a video game for a living.
  18. maybe, but when people think that your reasons for not liking a game are stupid anyone could get like this.
  19. ... Did you even read the rest of this forum? Excuse me for not remembering Saria's song all the way through the game, excuse me for having to look up a guide just to try and find the fucking Kokiri Sword at the beggining, excuse me for my first ever rage quit in a game because of the forest temple. How about this for you. I DON'T LIKE THE GAME ANYMORE! all you have done is just piss me off. if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. I have simply said that if you like the game, then cool, I don't. deal with it.
  20. WHAT DO YOU MEAN UMM!? IT'S TRUE! I dare you to look up a review of OoT on youtube and find one that says it isn't the best ever. I have a funny feeling you don't like TP.
  21. Soniman. Let me tell you something. If people wouldn't shut about it being the best game ever today I might have considered what you said but since people are still saying it today I had no chose but to go by what they say. Thankfully I have bought Twilight Princess since that last post and I am hopefully going to get some free time to play some of it. I have only just gotten up to the first wolf section so I progressed much. I'll certainly try but don't get your hopes up.
  22. Ok then. So about a month ago I posted a topic on this forum asking which Wii Zelda game people would recommend to get into the franchise. A lot of suggested Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess, but the one that most people suggested was Ocarina of Time. Now I have been well aware of Ocarina of Time for a long time. After all the "best game ever" would always be heard around the internet. So I bought some Wii points (slightly annoyed on the fact that they only come on £15 and £25, not to mention give you 100 points less then what you need for a SNES game), bought the game and played it. I didn't get round to completing it because of these particular reasons Aged and Overrated. Now it is a good game but playing the game expecting it to be the best experience I have ever played in my life really lead to me disliking the game. The biggest thing I have against it is the whole having to find out where to go issue. I know that games these days hold you hand when it comes to playing and that this game has you trying to make you figure it out for yourself. But it those it too much. WAY TOO MUCH. For example. You are trying to get to the fire temple but in order to do so you have to... do what exactly? Well I looked it up and apparently you have to bomb that rolling Gorron so you progress through. HOW THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSE TO FIGURE THAT OUT. Not to mention trying to throw the bomb at the Gorron is next to impossible because the bombs throw at different types. Now I can fully understand why people would like this game. In fact I think the only thing that is mostly not letting me enjoy is the combat system. I will most likely try playing A Link To The Past with the over head gameplay because I might find it more fun. What are your thoughts on Ocarina of Time. Do you love it, hate it or thing it's okay. Me personally. I think it's ok. If it wasn't classified as the best game ever I would probably have had more fun with it because I wouldn't have had to expect nothing but greatness. Now I don't hate the franchise. I love the franchise. In concept. Look, I love it some much I made a cake of the Hylian sheild
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