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  1. Ok. I have some virtual console points. Now I just need to get the wii off of the rest of my family and download ocarina of time. Something tells it will be a while before that happens.
  2. I have just gotten interested into TLoZ and I am thinking about playing some of his games. But 1 thing. I only have a Wii when it comes to Nintendo based products... Ok, I lied, I have a DS as well but I think the main series would be a good place to start. I have a very little understanding of story when it comes to TLoZ, but I heard that Skyward Sword is a origin story and possibly the best place to start. I haven't got a motion play "thing". so if I was to get skyward sword I would have to pay extra. Which game would you recommend I get. Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword?
  3. Here is my second attempt that I just did now. i wanted to try colouring and this was what I got. PS. I couldn't photocopy the drawing so I could on take a photo of it.
  4. So I was rather bored today with my Grandparents around so I thought I would draw some stuff. My mother showed me a email for a discount on some flash lessons and it got me excited about learning to do animations and stuff so I looked at my most liked artist (who doesn't do anything might I point out) and draw these. What do you guys think. PS I did not trace these. I had the original image infront of me and worked from there
  5. Incase if the topic at top doesn't make much sense I'll explain more here. If you were to change a Sonic character to your liking, who would it be and what would you change. For me personally I would change Shadow. I would change him from instead of being "The Ultimate Life form" to being a time traveler. I would have him instead of being able to make do chaos control with a Chaos Emerald but change to "Time Control" using a Time Stone. With 2 Time Stones he can time travel (Sonic 06 for anyone), and when he has all 7 he can go into his Superform. So technically I'm only changing his chaos abilities with a Chaos Emerald to with a Time Stone. So what would you change and who would it be. Let me know.
  6. The year was 2003. I was 7. I had known of Sonic before hand and I was interested in him however when I saw the advert of Sonic X on CITV, my obsession became so big that it was completely ridiculous. I can still remember the advert today He's blue, he's fast, he's a hedgehog, it's Sonic X. Afterwards I wanted to get every sonic game imaginable, which wasn't possible for me as I was 7 and I barely had a proper understanding of money. I remember saving up for Sonic Heroes for my PS2 at the time. £2 a week for about 2 months before I had enough money to get it. I tried buying it on Play.com but every time I pressed buy it just sent me to the same page. I was really confused and upset. Eventually I got it at Argos and I played the heck out of it. This sort of kept happening with every new sonic game until 2008/9 (i can't fully remember). I lost interest in Sonic completely. Like, literally, I hated the guy and got annoyed every time someone mentioned him. It was like this for 4 years. Around October 2012. I thought I would look back as to how the franchise was going and all of a sudden. I was a fan again.
  7. I know that these images are old. That was why I brought them here, so I could see who remembered them. BTW. As the title said. these are demonized sonic characters. In other words. Fanart. I don't think it has any resemblance to this Dreamcast game you are talking about.
  8. Well not to me he doesn't. I like the CGI'd Sonic for Sonic 06. None more needs to be said.
  9. Not to me though. I honestly just briefer his design in Sonic 06 (CGI wise of course) then in any other sonic game. Just get rid of the humans and I'm a very happy bunny (Maybe add clothing as well but that is a minor request).
  10. This is really just a quick and friendly discussion. Does anyone ever remember these Images I would get the Tails one but I can't one as high quality as these ones
  11. Remember I'm talking about the CGI custscenes. like the first one you see in the game. Also. It's a game franchise about a humanoid blue hedgehog who can run really fast, you've got to have some ascension of disbelieve. And as for the "realistic humans"... thing. I'm referring to characters such a Princess Elise, not the usual cast.
  12. I understand most of this, it's just seems bothering for me though. I don't why but it just those. Could you imagine what it would be like in the Sonic world. "WHY ARE YOU NAKED SONIC" "WHY ARE YOU WEARING CLOTHES AMY" LOL Yeah I shall admit that it that it is a little bit out of place in Sonic 06 but just because realistic humans are there if his figure was like that but without the humans I doubt people will have much of an issue with. It's just a thought though.
  13. I know I might have come to this forum late but I'm going to post this none the less. I will probably get a lot of hate for this but I really liked the CGI'd cutscenes of sonic from Sonic 06 very much. If I was to change anything when it come with redesigning him. I would have every character have clothes. I know it sounds ridiculous but it has always bothered me that only the female characters have clothes and the male characters haven't. What are your thoughts?
  14. HELLO EVERYBODY! This is Master Of None Speaking. This is a new webseries I am doing based on the Sonic Reboot that was announced on tssznews.com in April. Please go and check it out. https://www.youtube....EM&feature=plcp Leave your thoughts in the description. Remember, this series is not about me ranting or complaining, but on me coming up with ideas adapting to what was rumored. Look forward to seeing you comment. This is Master Of None, signing off. BYE!
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