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  1. I dunno, It is kinda similar. Unless I’ve missed something he still appears to be red and blue as well. But I suppose a “plumber lab assistant” decked out in those colours would have been more on a nose I suppose. Also, It might have been an intentional allusion too with the traveller skin... but quite surprised they didn’t do this skin in red and white stripes and called him “Where’s Lab Assistant?” XD Plus I love the fixed Rilla Roo animation on the Podium. Especially that they animated him to prod his mouth With curiousity. It’s the little touches like this that give me appreciation for the effort BN go too sometimes.
  2. Ok. I’ll be honest here. I didn’t actually look at the the wumpa challenge payout before I posted about not caring or it being at least something extra XD However, the points raised are completely valid criticisms (much like everything else that is overpriced on the shop still). There’s always been a half and half approach here in every update - one step forward with reward unlocks and another step stagnant on keeping back the prizes from our hands. I could say Beenox almost shouldn't have bothered with the challenges seeing that the rewards are so measly, but we know who is really behind it. I’m still sticking to what I said - It’s something - Certainly not great, but if you look at the current reality of the game, it’s not much different from before, and at least it hasn’t gotten worse. The best part of this now is we are not playing the limited time GP grind game anymore. So it’s just a more relaxed form of manipulation from the publisher than a time and stress induced one! XD Overall its not a real bother. Not to me anyway. I can just play at weekends now if I want and focus on other games I want to play. I’m happy they kept the Wumpa Coin Box challenge in, and you can refresh the pit stop twice daily now. That’s good enough for me. I’m past caring about the rest as we know Activision are greedy manipulative A-Holes over their “it’s only cosmetics” unlockables.
  3. Only just realised this... but not only are there the free skins and the new character skins to purchase, they addressed consumer requests for different skins colour palettes or alternates for the characters legendary skins. I mean, not everyone has this treatment yet, but I’m impressed so far. Less impressive is that they are still 2500 coins each. The recolours should be half that at least.
  4. This is great! What a load of neat content! Very much hoping in the update I can actually buy stuff again, because the pit stop wouldn’t allow me to spend my hard earned grind on the last few skins and items from the final GP this week, which was a bit irritating. Although I’ve been coming down off this game for the last month or two from burnout... I’m glad that there will still be things on here to keep me coming back. Personally Don’t mind the coin grind replacing the Nitro, to me at least it’s another way to GET more coins regardless of amount 🙂 they are keeping in the Wumpa crate chase too so that’s something as well. The free Thankyou content is also sweet. Glad to see that Geary finally got a legendary skin haha! Even if it is through a shared costume Deal. But Iron checkpoint Crate is my new fav character because it’s nuts (and bolts). Got to say I also super appreciate the derp fix of Rilla Roo, but I agree that I don’t understand why this is a additional character rather than a model swap on the skins. Are mouths harder to move or swap as opposed to changing hair pieces and clothing? As for the new characters? Great! But Baby Cortex and Trophy look freaking terrible imo. Nevermind. Maybe we will get model changes for them eventually too?😂
  5. No care for the series - but will make an interesting addition for sure. Maybe even all 15 of them like the Koopa Kids - I know it wasn’t announced that way but like some of you on here that was pretty much how I read into it - especially the extra dev time that was mentioned (Covid-19 - not withstanding additionally). This potentially changes the ballgame with the previously assumed “Trophy = Series Representation”. Anything goes now.
  6. Well, I’ve been down for playing this new track online to get a better feel of it. Interestingly, unlike all the other GP’s when the latest of track additions pops up and is spammed to high heck... Drive thru Danger is never selected unanimously (or at all) by the players. This has happened for the last 8/9 times in a row over different online groups. Bewildering that I’m now trying to desperately play it more, yet everyone wants Dragon bloody Mines instead.
  7. Hmm... I think I’m only in it for the skins, karts, wheels, and paint jobs this time. Feels like a bit of a Whimper (Wumpa) of a GP that they’ve closed on personally which is a shame. Dont want to be negative because Beenox have done an amazing job with everything otherwise, but for my tastes, Drive thru Danger is absolute balls. Probably my least favourite out of their unique creations and quite an unfun mess to meander about on. I should note this is because I prefer mostly uncluttered track designs that focus a lot more on speedways - maintaining Blue Fire and Just that high octane pedal to the metal vibe... which you just can’t do here (unless you are a pro blue fire drifter I’m sure you’ll find a way, But that’s too stress induced for me to fully enjoy.) I’m sure I’ll come around a bit more to it after a few more goes and I think the shortcuts are great... but the overall design is forcibly tailored to using the accidental air brake mechanic way too often - the fun of that was using it where you shouldn’t and finding fun shortcuts to exploit it - not having to use to it because the course demands it. That stops the fun for me. The short twisty turns and barely any edges constantly demands slowdown and requires me to change to engines I don’t like using too. I just don't know. Aesthetically it is great with some nice shout outs to cuphead. But I kinda wish we got to drive ON gasmoxia than above it. Emperor Velo also isn’t someone I know enough about so I don’t really hold a care for the character or design so it’s again a shame he’s the ONLY character unlock. I didn’t know who Megamix was last season either but I enjoyed the design and it fit with the season aesthetic really well. Plus, we sort of have Velo already don’t we? So shouldn’t he be a skin for Velo character anyway? I dunno I’m a bit puzzled why we have him twice... Anyway! I do hope those datamines are true for the remaining character unlocks of generic cortex scientist and the remaining babies after this GP!
  8. How was this film not complete trash? I can’t believe it. I actually loved it. All the fan-references were neat, characters weren’t actually annoying, there seems to be a nice little backstory for Sonic (unfortunately not explored a lot here) and the visuals were decent to boot as well. That opening on Green Hill with Hyper Potions gave me tingles, and the chase scene with the tribe of echidnas had me very interested in lore for potential sequels. I adored Movie Sonic in this - he’s portrayed quite differently to “Game Sonic” - but that’s ok. He has the attitude of a hyperkinetic little kid... But it actually makes sense within the root and themes of the story why he acts like he does. Ben pulls the character off easily and for me he was more endearing than annoying. Carrey as Eggman wasn’t half bad either - a more comical performance for sure - but I look forward to seeing where he could take his character in the future. In fact the supporting cast weren’t terrible either, not even those that had little to do. I dunno, I honestly went in expecting a 3/10 movie and was pleasantly surprised. To rate it as Sonic Fan - I would say this is a fanboy 9/10.. But if I come away and look at it more level headed this is easily a 7.5/10 for me with plenty of room for improvement. It was great fun, and an excellent video game adaption which respects the source material enough whilst crafting its own universe of ideas (again, surprising considering that original trailer backlash). I actually dragged my mate along with me to this (and he’s not even a fan of Sonic) and even he enjoyed this, a kids movie! We went for a laugh, and were ready for cringe... but were actually quite shocked by the quality and effort put in and laughed at the jokes that landed - the audience atmosphere was packed and positive making it all the better. Now I really want “Movie Sonic” to become its own thing now - I hope a sequel gets green lit as I’m game. @CaptainRobo Those scenes were in the movie. They simply retooled the Sonic Animations and Audio from different parts of the film and spliced them into the trailer in different areas. For example the Adult Sonic in Green hill animation was actually copy pasted from the desert area in the actual cut. Similarly the “I have no idea” bit after the explosion happens but matches Sonic to better capacity in the movie - for the trailer they just copied pasted the dance animation from when he got his sneakers into the scene. (I always thought it felt a little off in the trailer... now I know why).
  9. The good news is that if you miss characters the first time round (in which you then have to wait a few months until they pop back up again) when they do it’s no longer limited and they will stay for good on the shop (on rotation mind you and often behind the “newer” stuff. Heck, during the Xmas GP I had skins and items from GP’s 1 through to 5 at one stage due the the daily rotation.
  10. Sakurai - Master troller. Might as well Rename the game Super Smash Emblem Brothers at this point - Nintendo characters just happen to feature in their game now. Still... maybe another reveal at the end. You never know. But at least we get a second Season of DLC.
  11. Haha! It certainly looks that way from the angle at least. I think he is actually driving a Kart that’s obscured from view. ...unless the Tag Team aspect really is being brought in as a new gameplay type, even if just superficially? Is there actually just one character this time then with lots of (expensive) skins to make up for it? ...or have I missed something?
  12. Just out of interest does anyone see the outline hitbox around their Kart now? It’s faint but useful, and also a touch distracting.
  13. Amazing. I was waiting for Chick N Stew to be added at some point so it’s nice to see the host’s finally join the roster! No idea who Yaya panda is or what the Moose thing is from either, but I’ll take it! I sure as heck remember Rilla from Crash Bash - but that face is serious levels of messed up - what happened? 😂 Gunna be honest - the track (finally! Something longer!) actually seems a little plain to me. However I need to play it before judgement, I ended up loving the other (free) additions anyway. I guess I better start saving up them coins now - I’ve been a bit burnt out to bother grinding recently and completely forgot to put some effort in last weekend. Yikes! There’s quite a lot this time round as well!
  14. Very impressive update for the course obstacle additions alone. Also The fact that Link isn’t just a skin this time and actually retains his abilities from the Zelda Series to use like the sword/shield/bomb/arrow is very neat!
  15. And in some cases, better than a good few Mario Karts. The original version of CTR was easily superior to MK64 of that console generation anyway. The remake holds up incredibly well still. The bonus you have now this far after release is the fixes (well... heh, some anyway) and the inclusion of everything else since launch - Which is hefty amount of free content to unlock.
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