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  1. Yup, not gunna lie. I enjoyed the demo. So that's put my initial fears to rest. =) I mean sure, it sure doesn't run perfect (and it does chug quiiite a bit), but I'd be damned if I didn't have a ton of run running around as Link and Impa dishing it out. Everything about this from the gameplay integration to the story layout, the presentation, the map of things to do, and the UI was so much more welcome and easy to understand compared to the former game. It probably helps that this is set in a world I'm personally invested and interested in returning to - but despite this being a Musou game I think the direct BOTW theme has helped streamlined the overall experience from atypical warriors game with Zelda copy paste elements, and into something much more palatable and focused. What I'm trying to say is that playing the demo felt very much I was playing a Zelda game with Musou elements rather than the other way around (despite the opposite being true). And this is a very good thing indeed. Oh and playable Divine Beasts?? Even if that's in a limited capacity... Hell. Yes. From a story perspective the time travel element of the little BB8-on-legs droid has me interested. So are they proposing the timeline is going to split again as it goes back in time to change the original outcome before Ganon is sealed by Zelda setting up the BOTW events? OR, is this just going to be a self fulfilling prophecy where the events of BOTW happen BECAUSE BB8 goes back in time to help Zelda and Link out right at that last moment with the sealing and Link being placed into stasis? I do wonder.
  2. Technically it does loop back around, but I get what you are saying. But unless you’re after a map feature, the game actually does have an instant level access no fuss function. If you go to the menu on the world map, or pause the game in any area or level (even whilst playing mid level), you can choose any level available and warp straight to it (without the need to go back to the hub). I quite like the feature as it still shows all your progress/obtainables for each location which is handy, it also means I can quit a challenge anytime and go elsewhere, and it saves meandering about on the map (as lovely looking as it is).
  3. Aaaaaaand I’ve just found out there are Purple Dev Time Relics After Platinum. Christ alive 🤣 I did decide of my own accord to view the 100% and 106% endings... and quite glad I did. They’re sweet, but not worth the effort considering... Other than that, I’ve really enjoyed this game inso far I do also love in the ending where...
  4. You know what... I thought he sounded different. Not bad by any means though! Oh, I add the final level to my list of favourites. My god that was exhilarating! I should be super stressed out after that last section but it was really fun trying to learn how to get it right. I’m looking forward to giving it another run to get my death counter down from 49. Considering I’ve heard others are in the 200’s (...really?) I feel quite happy for my first run at it. Having just beat the game (37% completion). It’s time to go for (or as much as I can) the 100% ending (...106%? or whatever). I’m nervous about the Perfect Run Relics now, I ain’t gunna lie. That shit should not be tied to any of this. On the positive... I just discovered the unlockable skins require a specific amount of gems that are shared between the Normal and N-Verted Versions of each stage, honestly I didn’t realise this before and thought they were unlocked upon full total 100% completion of a level. I think initially I assumed the Normal / N-verted levels had different skins unlocks attached to each version (much like alternate timeline versions do). Not to mention (until you reach N-Brio anyway) each level requires 6 gems - which is the total amount to grab in a level. So I paid these no attention during my initial run and thought I’d come back for them later. So Learning I can get these unlocks faster does make me happy. And at least there are little rewards to keep you going as you try for the 100%. Although the requirements are much harder for totalling this game, not even the older Crash games have many constant incentive rewards other than just humbly feeling good about yourself for grabbing that elusive gem or relic.
  5. I know right? There are so many moments in this game where my jaw dropped at some of the locales, TFB were very clearly proud of their work where the camera pans to show off and highlight some of this stuff cinematically in-game. It makes me feel glad Crash 4 came at the end of this current gen’s Life Cycle. Its when the best of the best come from a lot of Devs experienced with the architecture and handling of the respective console. It is certainly one of the most visually prettiest and most consistent frame rate coping platformer games I’ve played this gen in any case. As for favourites... it’s so difficult to choose in terms of Dimensions as every level is so varied in theme. But to name a few of my highlights: Rude Awakening - A wonderful new rendition of the first act from Crash 1. Hit the Road - The Chase sequence at the end was freaking nuts. Hook, Line, and Sinker - Because Playing as Tawna is amazing. I want a whole game of this. Give it a Spin - The Japan Inspired Tranquility Falls realm in general was gorgeous, but I really enjoyed the Tornado hover sections gliding over the lakes. Off Beat - the Musical Level before Dingodile comes in, this was insane and creative. Bears Repeating - Polar and Chasing A skiing Cortex down a mountain. Just Yes. Dino Dash - Beautiful Landscapes against terrific looking Dinos. I loved that the chase sequence was changed up in each section as to not get stale. Crash Landed - Spoilers. But again the vistas and ideas used for platforming were inventive and challenging. Loved it. Probably the... ...but the final sequence at the end of the last level in this dimension was particularly challenging (and breathtaking).
  6. I’ve got to say re: the story and additional developments for these characters:
  7. I hated that little yellow circle in the build up to the games release. And I was so happy when I found out you could toggle to turn it off... ... and It has stayed with me since the beginning 🤣
  8. Well... yeah pretty much. Sucks doesn’t it? I am one of those that wants to reach that point too btw, but l’ve resigned myself to not pushing it for reasons already stated. From the sounds of the above it might not really be worth the hassle anyway? But this doesn’t excuse that the overall completion routes could have been approached another way by TFB. I’ll see how I feel about it moreso when I reach the stage that particular stage that others have already.
  9. Sorry, I actually completely understood what you meant from the start, maybe I wasn’t clear in my post as I did meander over different things in the wrong order looking back over what I wrote? Apologies. I just meant to express my opinion on the difficultly of the main game (not the post collectibles side of the game first) so that’s all I meant when alluding to Rayman Origins/Legends. As we’ve both said - it’s designed with this set difficultly in mind and infinite lives with Modern Mode (and Retro is additional for the purists). The post game content is where I’m on board which what you are getting at (and this is speaking as someone who has also gone the whole hog for the Crash Trilogy and CTR back on the PS1 back in the day). Whilst the amount of challenges and content is... well... I suppose it’s their way of attempting to justify the high £49.99 asking price. I do agree that a lot of the asks for certain levels are insane. I do specifically mean the speed runs (and perfect runs) considering the length of some of these... my god! That’s why (as I also spoke about earlier) there could have been alternate ways for them to incorporate or change this in terms of how it reflects your overall completion - like just for a personal completion or trophies instead rather than the in game percentage which might tie to other things. If I’m honest, (much like my attitude for CTR: NF) after the main game I’m just going to go for what I want to obtain or finish and nothing more. If it becomes unfun then I’ll just stop, it’s pretty much how I roll with a lot of titles these days as I don’t have the time or patience to 100% everything I own (as much as I’d love too). But whilst the issues of how they have incorporated the post game/extra challenges doesn’t bother me personally... I completely appreciate that this is a more overcast scenario for completionists or those that want to take up the challenge. I will say though... the other things I actually don’t mind (like hidden crates, gem hunting, wumpa fruit count etc)... I’m a sucker for this sort of thing 😅
  10. Relics have always been pretty brutal to be fair. Why would they add checkpoints to time trials though? Doesn’t that defeat the object? IMO, as useful as his may be... if they did that I think it also hampers the momentum of a good run and the whole fun of the idea. It’s not really something that needs to be “fixed” for what is supposed to be a challenge anyway. THAT being said...there no reason why it couldn’t be included in a patch as an optional extra (like the toggle for the circle shadows, or the option of Retro or Modern modes for lives). That way you could just have a mark against your name (or perhaps get a “fake relic”) on a level if you managed to beat the time whilst dying mid level. It would separate the challengers out, but at least you can take home the prize regardless and go for the real deal when you are ready.
  11. Game finally arrived today (darn preorder didn’t show early - not even for release day). Amazing stuff so far - well, I’m only on level one as decided to start a separate playthrough with my 4 year old today (she loves crash) so figured now is as good as anytime to teach her some platforming ropes - she’s got a pretty good handle so far as we traipsed our way through 🤣 I think my only worry is the 40+ pages of Activision license agreements that I had to sign... It’s a plaformer. Why is this necessary? I read through some of it and saw many mentions of “LiVe SeRvIcEs” which... is a bit concerning considering their history. Otherwise, no real complaints so far. Can’t comment on the frame-rate it plays on my PSPro... it feels 60, but is probably 30. But the game is GORGEOUS regardless.
  12. For me it’s more just a personal affinity for the character and his recent return to form/comeback over the last few years. It has just lead me to believe that he’d be simply another iconic character to prat about with in the smash madness. I was ecstatic when Sonic got announced in Brawl, so as I’m a platformer nerd my next port of call would be Crash or Spyro. That’s just my personal want though 🙂 I don’t really have an issue with Steve - I just don’t know who he is. Isn’t there like a telltale minecraft story game? Is he from that? I don’t know. Playability wise - he looks to bring some interesting things to the table though, so at least we haven’t got another sword/fighter character. But yeah. Agumon FTW! Yup, Cant deny minecrafts popularity’s as a game. So it makes sense in that regard. I guess I’m just in a salty mood as I had a few false hopes, but as mentioned above I kinda appreciate how it does seem a little daft in retrospect. I’ll defo continue to go after the Big N anytime though, they’ve dropped the ball a lot recently (covid or no covid) which has lead to some disappointing releases and choices for smash (and other franchises in general which has disappointed me on a personal level). That’s only because I feel they can do better, so I just have an slightly below average opinion of them at present.
  13. At least he is different I suppose! I’m just very indifferent too it personally. But oh well. That’s a good point Re: Crash. Despite the others being on Switch it is not like Crash 4 is coming (or has been announced) on Switch just yet. So maybe I can hold out a bit of hope down the line for his inclusion one day if the opportunity arose.
  14. Who? I mean, I know what minecraft is but I don’t play it. So to me it just reads as that they essentially incorporated random block guy NPC’s? I don’t really get it. I think maybe a better fit would have been like Sans - as a Mii fighter costume. Defo not warranted of a slot IMO. And Man, I’ll say it again. Totally should have been Crash Bandicoot. Timing was spot on for it. Such a missed opportunity as ever from the Big N. Still, I can’t say I’m too upset as I went into this prepared to be disappointed - and Nintendo haven’t disappointed in that regard lately. 🤣
  15. Although I personally still place my vote for Crash... Digimon is an interesting one to consider! Whilst I’d love to see that franchise represented in Smash in some way (I mean Charizard Vs Greymon? Hell yes! ...It’s like another Sonic Vs Mario situation with two opposing franchises), I’d also be worried how they represent them and even if they’d do a good job. I mean, say they use Agumon in your example - I would hope they at least include the Digivolving mechanic to include Greymon > Metal Greymon > Wargreymon. Perhaps In a similar vein in that Pokemon Trainer can switch between multiple Pokemon this mechanic could work mid battle at least. Still, as much as I would love it, I can’t see them including them over other entrants sadly (...plus we need more fire emblem representation!) *jk* On the flipside, there is the pretty decent Smash Ripoff Digimon Rumble Arena to fall back on if it doesn’t work out for the mon’s.
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