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  1. The idea is which character if you could absolutely choose any. I would want a more obscure character who we haven't seen a million times.
  2. Mine would be Tails Doll. I'm deadly serious. Whatever you think of the creepypasta, and I think it's stupid, you cannot deny that the character is very powerful to have had such effect whilst only being in one game. I think the developers could do something really clever and new with it. It would be nice to have some variety in the new Sonic games and have a malevolent-esque Tails character. Which character would you return?
  3. Sonic Generations is so good

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      Why is that Dio?

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      Because Dio is too cool for old school.

  4. Oh do chill out! I took it for granted that you would just assume that. I think we all have the brains to know that each user doesn't think the other is an infallible, omnipotent being.
  5. I agree. But it's clearly the most important element of the formula.
  6. It has dawned upon me that because of the cliches the Sonic franchise faces with speed, 'Sonic is all SPEED', 'I bought a Sonic game to run fast' e.t.c, that there are some fans who try to downplay how important speed really is. You will hear people say 'Sonic was a platformer first then speed' or 'Sonic was never mainly about speed'. But I am very familiar with Sonic and I can't think of a single Sonic game that didn't have it's main focus on speed. Well, except Sonic Labyrinth but we all know about that game. The differences between the games is how they executed the emphasis on speed. Sonic 1 is one of the slowest Sonic games. I think most people would agree with that. However, it clearly was going as fast as the developers could and the way the game was advertised backs this up. The whole game was designed to be a killer-app for the Genesis and show how great the system was compared to the NES. The level design also has moments designed to show off Sonic's and the Gensis' speed. Think of sections like Green Hill where the springs knock you back and forward. So whilst Sonic 1 is a platformer the emphasis is primarily on speed. And this speed is to be a groundbreaking feature to both the platformer genre and game consoles in general. In fact, the speed of the Classics was not just about Sonic's speed but also the speed of the engine. This is actually equally important to Sonic's speed. Even when you were running, platforming and killing spawning enemies the game would not slow down. The classics were almost a quasi-tech demo to show off the processing speed of the Genesis over the SNES (which was the only way the Genesis was superior to the SNES in terms of system power). Let's look at the controversial Sonic Rush. It's a very fast 2D Sonic game where the Boost system delights critics and really angers fans. The game's primary selling point is speed, like Sonic 1, but the way it is handled is very different. In terms of Sonic's speed not much has changed: Sonic is going really fast. But the game isn't doing anything genre defying like the classics were. Not much is going on at once in Rush, the framerate was not under stress like the Genesis games, and the game is a rather barren affair. The lazy level design does not help this which is why it is dubbed 'Boost To Win'. So whilst Rush is also about Speed it only focuses upon the speed of Sonic himself rather than the game he is in. Sonic Rush is clearly not how speed is to be handled in a Sonic Game. I often hear people say 'The Classic games were speed = momentum and a reward for skill' but I don't think this is getting it quite right either. In my opinion, the speed of a Sonic game is not just about Sonic himself. The Classic Sonic games were so fast for their time because of Sonic but also because of the speed of the engine (at the time), the lack of any slowdown with enemies, the placement of springs and other such gimmick items to hurl Sonic around (used sparingly to show off the Genesis' power) and the speed of which a player could continuously scroll the level and keep platforming. I think that the speed of a Sonic game is incredibly important to a Sonic game and should not be downplayed. Could you give me some feedback
  7. The new Youtube layout is awesome!

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      Glad to hear that, random user that just joined.

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  8. Sonic The Hedegog

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      Never heard of her.

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