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  1. In Grand Theft Auto V, there's a scene where the game takes your choice away and forces you to torture a man using Quick-Time-Events, including my least favourite one on pulling out his teeth (As I remember you had to wiggle the analog stick as if you were jarring pliers from side to side to rip the teeth out). The reason a lot of people believe it stands against everything GTA is because GTA is meant to be about player choice and freedom and all of a sudden your freedom to go about the mission as you want gets taken away and you're forced to torture someone by QTE without any choice whatsoever. So not only is it controversial as it is an interactive torture scene, but it stands against one of the main pillars of GTA gameplay in favour of trying to get a bit more free marketing a la MW2 No Russian. Here is a source from The Guardian on the matter: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/sep/18/grand-theft-auto-5-under-fire-for-graphic-torture-scene
  2. If you're writing a review, writing skills help! I mean, grammar, punctuation, spelling, all are very important. You need to know how to structure a sentence, keep your paragraphs just the right length and just the right structure to make it attractive to readers. Know your audience; if you're writing for one website its quality requirements could be vastly different from another. You want to have that balance between an appropriate level of quality writing and the level of engagement you need with the audience. If you write into The Sun with a really long, in-depth and well-written review, most of the time you will get the reaction 'TL;DR' from the editor and rejected. The important thing is to be a good writer, but also to tailor your writing to the level intended for your audience. I like to shy away from number-scoring in reviews. It gives the false impression that your opinion is objective, when by definition it simply cannot be. Furthermore, numbers do not mix well with the natural ambiguity of reviewing a creative work. Look at IGN giving Grand Theft Auto a perfect 10 score, implying that the game was absolutely, 100% perfect in every way. This couldn't be further from the truth; while I will concede that Grand Theft Auto is probably what a lot of people define as a 'good' game, GTA V's online multiplayer is broken beyond repair, some plot points in the story really suck, the torture scene was unnecessary and stood against everything GTA in favour of garnering controversy, the shooting mechanics were on a scale of 'Awful' to 'Auto-Aim', and there were many other issues that really stood against giving the game a perfect 10, because quite simply, it was not. I don't like numbering in reviewing games because it implies that there's this line of games in terms of quality and the reality is that line is VERY blurred. We all know kind of where some games lay on this line but to other people their views could be completely different from yours. Also, thanks to the way the value of those numbers fluctuate, we have the wonderful paradox that Sonic Unleashed is apparently a worse game than Sonic '06, despite the reaction being much more mixed and not 100% negative like it seems to be for '06. So, my suggestion for what I'd like to see in a review: 'Try it', 'Buy it' or 'Leave it' kind of answers. Look at the game, see what it's trying to achieve, don't try to fit it on the imaginary line of scale between 'good' and 'bad' games. Just try to make a reasoned argument between why people might like the game against why they might dislike it. But don't be afraid of using your own opinion! Say: 'I didn't like this aspect of the game, but other people might like it because...', just really, use the opportunity to have a huge argument with yourself about what makes the game good or bad to you.
  3. This username has been on Sonic Stadium for about as long as I can remember. Since I was, what, 16? And I'm 22 now. Holy crap I've been here 6 years! Anyway, the origins of RainbowLizard. I was signing up for Xbox Live on my 360 at the time and I entered my name as 'Lister', which had been my user for a while. It wasn't accepted as the username already existed, however the name suggestion came up by combining Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six with 'Lister' and changed it a little to 'RainbowLizard'. I had to take it cause I thought it sounded awesome. RainbowLizard's stuck with me ever since.
  4. happy birthday if you ever come back ! :D

  5. I've lived in Thurso myself, and been to Inverness on a regular basis. While the people are a lot nicer than in Barnsley in general (for one I haven't been beaten to a pulp by football hooligans, which I have experienced in Barnsley many times just walking through town to get home from college), I definitely see where you're coming from about how Thatcher has affected the economy in the Highlands. In Thurso I know many unemployed people who see no future and I have definitely experienced first-hand why the rate of suicide that you mentioned is so high. In the Highlands there seems to be even more doom and gloom than in Barnsley in some areas, or rather, a different kind because in Barnsley the doom-and-gloom is reflected in everyone turning to crime and treating other people like absolute crap, but I've noticed when I lived in Thurso that people were generally okay, they just all really felt hopeless and down on themselves. You do have my sympathies, and I don't think Thatcher has done anything nice for anyone north of the border.
  6. Rest in't pit. (I HAD to do it. HAD to.) I've been raised all my life to believe that Thatcher was some evil horrible demon lady sent from hell itself to destroy the northern world, so I'm not gonna sympathise with her that people are celebrating her death. That said, I'm not going to celebrate it myself. I'm just going to try to make the lamest puns I can about it. Seriously though, I come from one of the aforementioned mining towns (Barnsley) and you can really see just how horrible the economy is here thanks in part to her. All through my growing up there, there has always been this sense of terrible hopelessness, that nobody can rise to any better. I fought tooth and nail to get into university, (despite many rejecting me on the basis of me coming from up north, one interviewer telling me I should not have bothered applying because of where I was from), and it was ridiculously hard. I got bullied, taunted and to be honest, I had to face off with the sheer realisation that most people from Barnsley just don't amount to anything. That said, it's easy not to amount to anything when you come from a place where 23% of my year got enough grades to simply carry on at all with education. Given that it was her policies that had a part to contribute in such an environment, it's fairly easy to see why Thatcher was so hated in my town and why so many people celebrate her death. When The Iron Lady film was being shown in cinemas, my Grandma told me 'Showing that film here is like having New Yorker's watch a movie glorifying 9/11'. Views are that strong about her. A lot of the reason why I'm in a hopeless position now, battling severe depression just to get through the day and trying to think of some good that will come out of me trying to work for a better future for myself, despite statistics and the vast majority of stories telling me that I will fail, is because of the culture of greed she created. Heh, in fact, it was down to her that my mother and father nearly died of starvation. I will not say she deserves such hatred. But I will not say that people don't have a right to hate her so much.
  7. Happy Vaginal Exit Day! Hope to see you back soon!

  8. Oh man, I feel INCREDIBLY old right now. I was a member back when there was the subforum for it before the wipe, there was me and a whole bunch of other members that did a couple of good RPs. If anyone else remembers Furries Vs Humans: Remix (the whole anthro's vs humans thing was started by a friend of mine and he gave me permission to reboot the RP which was really successful at the time), then yeah, I was responsible for that stuff where my posts were written terribly! This forum got me into roleplaying. Man, I must have been 14 at the time or something crazy like that. As for rules, it's fairly easy to establish common ground, such as don't be an idiot, and don't godmod and stuff like that. I remember, this place also had a 2 paragraph rule or something for roleplaying, where people would have to post with decent length so that the RP wouldn't become a fest of terrible one-liner posts. Obvious rules like spelling and punctuation would be a must. Personally, I'm very happy to see a revival of it and may join in on the fun if it would be okay with everybody, I mean, I don't want to be a horrible annoyance on anyone. (If anyone thinks this is advertising, it isn't, I don't intend it to be, just a helpful pointer for people looking to make rules or if people are interested in taking up RPing on other boards): There are also many other sites I could recommend that people go to for a rule basis. There is Roleplayer Guild, which is particularly interesting as an idea because it divides RPs up into categories based on seriousness/skill base required. That was quite a nice feature. If anyone is interested in roleplaying or just want to look to see what it's about, I would suggest they look at some of these sites. RoleplayGateway is a good place to start as it has a directory for people to use to scroll through the sites. Would anyone think there'd be any rules for 'non-Sonic based' RPs? I'm talking about ones that don't have Sonic or such influences at the center of the RP. Personally, I understand if people wouldn't want such a thing because this is a Sonic forum after all, but considering there have been some successful RPs in the old board that didn't primarily use Sonic as an influence then I don't see how it could be a problem. (Nostalgia fun: Any one else remember CoDS? That roleplay was pretty amazing. I never took part, mostly out of my terrible ability at the time, but I just loved reading it. I also remember there used to be this thing called 'WriteWatch' where people were shown off for their writings and given tips and general recognition, and I once got an RP featured in there. It was pretty neat.)
  9. Sorry to put a downer on this, but has anyone so far in their cities noticed any hooliganism? I find that any time when football is being played you always get people trying to hurt others. I'm posting this because, as we speak, I'm recovering from an assault that happened to me last night after the Italy and Germany match. A bunch of football hooligans out for drinks that night came up to me and started laying into me because they worked out my accent as being from a town with a rival football club to theirs. They were even planning to kill me at the end of it, saying they were going to stamp on my head 'til it popped', and were just about to start before a police car happened to drive past and they ran away. I'm incredibly upset and hurt and I'm scared to even walk out of my house after that. Again, sorry to put a downer on things but I think that this should be known.
  10. Not sure what I can add to this discussion. There's only so many times you can say 'kids are not meant to play 18 games.', then again, I played them all the time as a kid. I think we all have to some extent. It's similiar to the thrill that you get from getting into a film when you're too young to watch it, or from drinking alcohol underage, for some, I guess. But I think it would help if the industry churned out more AAA games that are under 18 that are worth a damn. I mean, other than the usual mascot suspects, Mario, Sonic et al., I really don't see many examples of great games for kids that are really that good and worthwhile. Most of my game library is taken up of Resident Evil, Halo, MGS, Fallout et al, which really are the only games I enjoy.
  11. You know, I for one am quite happy with the reviews of what I've seen so far. I mean, I haven't gone scientifically looking at it like a lot of people will have done (and I'm not insulting those people for doing so, it's just how they roll), but from my experience the game has gotten 'pretty good but not perfect', which is precisely the vibe I got from Sonic Generations when I played it. For the most part the game is pretty fun and enjoyable, far more so than other recent offerings, but when it comes down to it a LOT can be improved upon and I'm glad that the reviews seem to be picking up on it. Also, I disagree with quantifying opinion so giving it '4/5' '8/10' whatever is just a silly way to go about a subjective experience but hey, that's the way the gaming industry works, and for all its flaws, the system is decent enough for the majority of the time. So anyway, I think the reviews are quite accurate with the general vibe that I've gotten from playing the game, but don't quote me on that cause I've only really done a quick run through and haven't gotten into playing the vast 'meat' of the game (i.e. beaten the story, but none of the optional challenge things), so my opinion is still susceptible to change. But yeah, I'm pretty much siding with the reviews I've read so far, as long as they're not ridiculous like '10/10' or '1/10' or whatever scale they use. I mean, it's not horrible, but it's far from perfect, but for me the game does its job. -- Also, first post back here since I left months ago. Hooray.
  12. Aaaand i've left. See you guys. See my post in the introduction topic for details. Will log in if I get a PM asking for my email to give it to you but i'm done now. See you.

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      Awwwwwwwww, don't go ):

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