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  1. I bet you think you're great with your hands, don't you?
  2. The slowdown in the game is terrible, I have to admit. The visuals are a bit off as well, particularly Green Hill zone, where trees and other objects are transparent for some odd reason.
  3. Listen: what people need to remember is that Sonic isn't primarily about speed. Of course, a balanced mixture of both speed and platforming are vital to any Sonic game, but what everyone seems to forget is that, rather than being about speed, Sonic games are about reaction. Remember that Sonic games are the traditional rival of Mario games. In Mario games, all your actions have a large emphasis on timing, such as when to jump - but because it's a slow/moderate platformer in terms of speed, there isn't too much emphasis on reaction. Timing comes first. With Sonic, however, it's the other way around. Sonic is a fast platformer, so the emphasis is on reaction. You must react fast to avoid that enemy, or react fast enough to do a homing attack in a small window of opportunity, etc. Reaction is the most important aspect, and the timing is secondary. That's the main difference between Sonic and Mario games. That's also why Sonic games are fast, to ensure that the player has to react quicker. Remember, Sonic is not a racing game. He doesn't just move fast for the fun of it (although it does add fun to the gameplay) - he moves fast to enhance the gameplay in a way that faster reaction and reflexes are required by the player. Essentially, what Sonic's creators did was look at the way Mario was played and say to themselves: "how can we create something similar to this, yet also create a style of gameplay that is unique and has never been done before? How can we twist the foundations of this gameplay style into something that's both similar but entirely different?".... They achieved this by adding speed, and this radically changed the way platform games were played. And thus, Sonic the Hedgehog was born. I hope all that made sense...
  4. Agreed. Secret Rings is a lot of fun, and you definitely get more of a sensation of speed and movement. Although I still think the "speed break" ability is the fastest power-up in any Sonic game to date (even trumping the "laser" Wisp ability in Colours, which is insanely fast). . I have to say, Sonic & The Secret Rings just doesn't get enough credit, in my opinion. Reviewers like IGN and Gamespot claimed that it had control issues, but the truth is there's nothing wrong with the controls at all, they're actually very precise - it's just that the game is very challenging and you must have very quick reactions or you'll mess up, and people confuse this with control issues. In short, Secret Rings is very frustrating if you're bad at it, but extremely rewarding (and fun) if you're good at it. A lot of reviewers simply didn't take the time to practice getting good at it, so they gave it a bad score. This really annoyed me, because it's not the game's fault that they suck at it. It's a very underrated game. (Sorry, I'm babbling).
  5. Sonic & The Secret Rings is BY FAR the fastest Sonic game ever made. Once Sonic reaches a high level, he runs incredibly fast, and his "speed break" ability is actually a lot faster than the boost ability used in Generations and Unleashed. If you don't believe me, watch this speed run: And here's how fast he runs without any power ups: I can't believe nobody has mentioned this game yet. Not only is it the fastest Sonic game, but it's one of the fastest games in history.
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