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  1. Personally Ryan Drummond was my favorite, but I respect your opinion.
  2. Yeeeeeah, that was definitely gonna be Boom Sonic.
  3. Wait a second... Infinite seriously never gets his identity revealed...?
  4. Well since the original showed up and pulled one of his signature roundhouses, I'd say probably not. Which would be a real jip, considering how the trailers made him look like you'd be fighting him.
  5. Them reusing the Lost World tubes for the Infinite Boost Boss was pretty hilarious.
  6. The only boss I thought was interesting so far was the Zavok boss. And that's mainly just because it wasn't another Boost fest.
  7. At this point I just want them to fuckin' reboot the entire canon beyond S3&K... Lmao.
  8. It's really not clear. It's like Eggman just got cocky and turned off his security. They don't really give us an idea of what the Custom Hero did besides finding Sonic.
  9. It's a lazy excuse for them to reuse more shit from the past.
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