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  1. Are my SA2 Boss times that good? I've seen someone beat Rouge in less than 26 seconds! Here's something that should be a bit easier: I beat Rooftop Run Modern in 2:18.74!
  2. Here's a friendly competition while we count down to the holidays! Try to beat my times on SA2's Hero Story Boss Rush and post proof here!
  3. This has been sitting finished for quite some time and I just realized I've never shown this here, derp. I made a back-jacket image for the album. Like, when ya beat a story mode in SA1. I was going for creating an image that would be right at home in the 90's.(Maaaybe a little 60's) This jacket is inspired by the Minimalist Movement that seemed to be very prominent that decade. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minimalism (Such wow, much OVA..)
  4. Heh, I guess the live action Sonic film by Blue Core Studios was more accurate than we thought! OMG, Knuckles totally looks like Kronk from The Emporer's New Groove! All I can say is he better act like him! Welp, time to get the poison. The poison for Sonic Boom. The poison chosen specifically to kill Sonic Boom. Sonic Boom's poison. ..That poison.
  5. @ El Driver, Impressive! It's really getting there! To really push the quality, I would highly recommend that you gradate the Sonic font as well as apply a slight light reflection to the top of the font. Here is the Sonic: Lost World logo as a reference: http://media.sonicscanf.org/gallery/logos/sonic-lost-world.jpg Also, it might be a good idea to add a drop-shadow to the red stars in a similar fashion to the words "Sonic Lost World" in the logo. Looking at the color of the emblem, it might be a good idea to make the colors brighter. For Photoshop, just copy the finished emblem, make it a Smart Object, and overlay it. If it's too bright, just lower the opacity to about 60%. My only worry is that, for a logo, it's a bit too vertical. If I were to use that on my cover, I wouldn't be able to scale it that far down as I wouldn't be able to read the text and, therefore, lose a lot of valuable real estate on my piece. To compensate, it might be best to make a more horizontal version, like instead of the emblem, perhaps make it into a ribbon banner to go under the artist's emblem/art centerpiece! For now, I'll leave you with the logo I am using on my cover. The download link is after the jump! http://fav.me/d6f9gs1
  6. Sunny, seaside San Francisco! EveryCityEscapeScreenshotEver.jpg Not because SEGA of America is stationed there or that City Escape/Mission Street, and the SA2 level map, are based on the area. But because of the culturally rich atmosphere and the wonky city design! Every time I am there, I discover something fresh and new I would have never have imagined before. The city is home to the Boudin Sourdough Factory and the Ghirardelli Cholcolate Factory (which makes my favorite chocolate bar in the world, sea-salt chocolate!)
  7. Just so you guys know, this is amazing. Really. Be proud. Be very, very proud.
  8. So, to be clear, the people who are getting the album early (April 4th as opposed to April 7th) are the musicians and artists who have submitted 1) Their songs/album cover and 2) Their profile picture and description to vizardjeffhog@sonicstadium.org?
  9. These covers.. ARE THE SHIII-UT!! \^0^/ Damn, we're lookin' sexy! ;D Sorry I haven't been on here in a bit, but my internet is down and will continue to be down for a couple more days. Just wanted to post the final version of Act.9's album cover! A couple hidden tributes in there, can ya guess 'em all? XD
  10. @ Jeffhog: For the sake of quality in a short amount of time, how do you feel about an artist editing a piece they've already created? Like, another Sonic piece they did awhile back?
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