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  1. Have a great birthday ThisMachine!!

  2. I always had an affinity for JP Sonic. His more streamlined look makes him appear sleek, as the fastest thing alive should. The US Sonic adds too many lines without improving any of the design aesthetically. He's too shiny, his spines just look wrong and he has that permanent attitude brow. JP Sonic's simpler face allowed you to project your definition of attitude on him unlike the US design which chose to forever label him with 90s attitude.
  3. I thought Sonic Youth and/or One of Those Days would have been fitting vocal themes for Generations if they hadn't taken the jingle/medley route like the classic games. Other than that we'll have to see, as I could see Rise Again popping up.
  4. Ah, the wonderful soundtracks of Sonic games. One of my favorite topics and a determining factor in my love for the franchise as a whole. Forgive me if I ramble. As much as I love the soundtracks for the classic games they were unfortunately hindered by being 16-bit. However I love how they were written as a film score and it's interesting to hear the melodies in Dreams Come True's music. The expression brought to the table when you could hear the instruments involved was a revelation, so I think I'd say Sonic Adventure, especially since it brought back some tunes from 3D Blast. I loved SA2's soundtrack as well as far as each character having their own style of music which I thought was a cool approach but it also made it divisive leaving me preferring the riffier songs for Sonic, Tails and Eggman, the solos in Tails' levels especially leaving an impression on me. And of course Metal Harbor. Heroes soundtrack was also very good remainining diverse but going back to the Adventure approach of music fitting the level specifically. However I felt it lacked the complexity of earlier music, save for a few songs, no matter how damn catchy it all was. Shadow I felt continued this trend although there were a couple stand out riffs, and Gun Fortress was superb with it blues sound. 06 was a deviation from the norm with more orchestration and grows on me more whenever I listen to it. The other deviation going on at the time I was not as happy with, that being runblebee's presence overtaking that of Crush 40. I have since become accustomed to their songs but they're not my favorites, though I do love Unawakening Float. When Crush 40 made it's return with Black Knight I was overjoyed and I think their version of With Me is one of my favorites of theirs up there with Open Your Heart, Live and Learn, and What I'm Made Of. And of course Generations was just good fun with the new Casino Night being my favorite, and I liked what they did with Seaside Hill a lot too. But at the end of the day the soundtrack I enjoy playing most on guitar is Sonic Adventure. It's so varied with guitar, horns, piano and more with songs all over the genre spectrum. And every song fits the level perfectly. Azure Blue World sounds like the beach with chirping harmonics that sound like gulls. Pleasure Castle sounds like an amusement park with it's excellent combination of energy and merriment. Red Hot Skull sounds like the depths of hell with it's screeches and wailing guitar. Need I go on? It completed the the experience better than any Sonic before or after for me.
  5. That Sonic and Tails with the telescope reminds me of Sonic the Screensaver. Even Sonic under the palmtree and with a surfboard seem reminiscent of that. Possibly the art preluding that?
  6. The thing about Mephiles is that his big moment was just a cheap shot and all he does is laugh not even really comprehending who he killed rather what he represented. At least when Eggman thinks he killed Sonic in SA2 he refers to him as his admirable adversary. Mephiles himself as a villain did have a lot of potential but just ended up flawed, kind of like, well you know. Erazor Djinn certainly is a fair choice, as I don't believe I ever completed Secret Rings either. I liked that game a lot though and have been meaning to look back into it. I'd love to say Metal Sonic or Shadow if they hadn't lost so much credibility as villains since their first appearances. Heroes essentially ruined both of them. I think Chaos is also a good choice. The gods must be angry. He's an ancient entity shaken to the core by humanity the Echidnas who storm the Chao sanctuary wishing to harness the power of the emeralds for war and destruction, the earliest display of such aggression. His response as an animal lover is a reflection of their anger, as he is after all power enriched by the heart, and he all but destroys the world before he is locked away by a guardian who while having the right intentions did take an easier way out than solving the problem. And so the pain in his heart grows until he is finally released by Eggman who is unaware that the beast has bigger plans for him. And through a twist of symbiotic events Chaos acquires 6 emeralds and his tail thanks to Eggman. He is defeated before he can reach his perfect form but only after a couple battles. And while heroes rest easy thinking the worst of their problems are over after still dealing with Eggman who served as further distraction, Chaos goes and finds the final emerald and proceeds to finish what he started. He is never technically defeated only brought to peace by Super Sonic purifying his heart. Generally I'm not one for a Monster of the Week either, but I'm willing to make an exception here, as not only did Chaos start that trend in the games anyway, he also started the make Eggman look like a bitch trend and actually had more going on than some will give him credit for. And did I mention Sonic didn't really beat him?
  7. I only ever really fell out of Sonic these past couple of years following Unleashed. I wasn't really playing any games for a while. I still picked up the comics to have them and am still catching up. Then I heard about Generations and couldn't wait to play it but I wouldn't really have the money for another year. All I really missed was Rush Adventure (and I've always been behind on the handhelds), Black Knight, Free Riders, the Sega All-Stars game and Colors, and technically I played Black Knight. I'll get around to Colors eventually but for right now it's just good to be back.
  8. Well being a child of the 90s I was well aware of Sonic's presence but I was just shy of old enough to enjoy the games and cartoons as they were released. All I had to do with Sonic until Sega's fall was a couple of trinkets I had had acquired, those being the Knuckles McDonald's toy and what I learned to be a Sonic Christmas light thanks to this site. My parents decided I could finally play games and I got a GBA and Gamecube. I remember looking for my first GC game hoping to find anything with Sonic's face on it and out of the blue SADX caught my eye, and I spent the next few days progressing as far as I could at a time until I got a memory card. I remember the goosebumps I felt watching the opening video that started my affair with the rocking music of Sonic games and would be a deciding factor in my picking up a guitar. I remember the wonder I felt running through this realistic world filled with fantastic elements and realizing that that was what Sonic was about. I enjoyed getting into the various stories of each of the characters and being particularly touched by those of Gamma and Tails. I liked trying to figure out how it all went together and tried replaying the game in order as closely as possible. Then Sonic Heroes came out and I remember going to McDonald's every week to get one those handhelds as I had with the first wave. But I didn't know where half the characters came from and one story from my friend about being chased by a truck later I got SA2B and played through it before beating Heroes. I got my cousin into Sonic at this time as well as she would come over and play Heroes, and consequently she got me playing the handheld Sonics. During this time I also came across the Archie comics during a class trip to a book store as well as a VHS of the OVA at the mall and just revelling in being surrounded by aspect's of Sonic's universe no matter how little they flushed. The fact that this character fit so well in each of these settings gave him more dimensions for me. Unfortunately my GC would crap out on me shortly after acing Heroes and I would receive a PS2 but all was not lost as I would play Mega Collection Plus and experience the origins that only a short frame of time had robbed from me a lifetime ago. I remember the joy I felt knowing that Sonic music had always been awesome. Then I remember being excited about Shadow getting a game and trying to get my GC running just to listen to Throw It All Away. I would originally forgive the game of it's many flaws because of how it reminded me of SA2 which I could now only play on occasion. I then dicked around with the Riders series not caring much for runblebee's music in contrast to what I was familiar with until 06 came out for which I had specically requested a 360. Then I got a Wii and Secret Rings but spent more time finally being able to play the Adventure games again. I believe this was around the time Shout! began releasing the DiC cartoons and I was belated to finally see whole series of which I'd only seen a couple episodes before. I remember at this point preferring them to Sonic X as I had only seen the dub. Then I followed Unleashed until release and fell out of games in general until Generations save for a rental of Black Knight. I was that kid everyone knew loved SpongeBob, then I was that kid that loved Sonic. Now I'm that guy who happens to enjoy both largely for nostalgia. All in all I think I always had an affinity for Sonic, and my love grows where that blue hedgehog goes.
  9. Aw man I got my Sonic music from there back in the day too. LOL Sonic was also why I would visit the forums on occasion. Sayonara, Shadow of a Hedgehog.
  10. "If I was able to redo anything in regards to the film, it'd probably be everything Sonic related." Well that sums it up quite nicely.
  11. Replaying Adventure myself too. I got it on PSN when it came out because I thought it was a Dreamcast port and not a nerfed DX port and never played it much. But upon discovering my DX data on GC was corrupt I decided to finish what I started here. All I need is the 5 Chao emblems now and I'm tempted to replay DX again to play Mission Mode as I refuse to sully my PSN version with that damn DX title screen. Also wanna get SA2 on PSN to mess around with the Chao key glitch and play in widescren but it's not really a priority as luckily my SA2 data was free of corruption.
  12. I understand they were going for balance but they approached it wrong because it feels like you spend more time as the werehog which isn't good for such a controversial addition to the game.
  13. Another thing that threw me for a loop with Unleashed is why they chose the game that introduced the fastest Sonic gameplay yet to include arguably the slowest gameplay since labyrinth. Was it to make the day stages seem even faster by comparison or were they just like Sonic recolor powers activate, form of werewolf! Whether you like him or not, I'll just never understand the logic that went into the werehog inclusion when they were trying so hard to make Sonic feel like Sonic again and then they go and toss in one of the weirdest gimmicks the series has seen.
  14. I'm not entirely sure what happened here. I must have missed Gee Yoo Enn, but one of the female soldiers says "GUN needs him", which brings me to my first problem with this: The lack of continuity within an 18 minute film. Was no one working on this talking to each other? At first roboticization is brought up by E-100 #1, then Robotnik pronounces it with a hard C. You'd think someone with an IQ of 300 could pronounce something he created. And the gunfire seemed like it only matched the sound when it felt like it, with the animation missing occasionally. And bloobler my ass. He didn't move too fast at all, which is understandable to an extent as they clearly wanted to show off the model for some reason, but then give him more screen time instead on slowing him down. This is made painfully obvious by his increase in speed when stradding motobug. I didn't think the first person camera did the speed much justice either. The spin attack was also cheaply done by just bringing him in from off screen for every hit. And the animation for it was too slow. Whatever awkard somersault he was performing definitely didn't have enough momentum to keep him in the air long as they did. That brings me to my next point. The realism, or lack thereof. I respect the decision to take the realistic approach even though it didn't work in the past. They thought it would be easier to work with and they could pull it off. Unfortunately they failed. They did an alright job at bringing badniks to life but what the hell's going on with Sonic? I get the quills on top of quills thing, but it only works in profile. From the front it's too scruffy, and it makes his head look way too big considering how scrawny his arms and fingers are. And wtf is up with Knuckles? Nevermind why he's not on Angel Island, he's wearing Shredder gloves. Why couldn't he just be wearing mittens? Just one last FU to everyone I guess. GUN soldiers were by and large miscast. And what was up with the cameos? Generally you wanna avoid something that can take someone out of the experience like that when you're going for realism. And Robotnik some how collected an Emerald a month while simultaneously taking over the world while flying over it. That's not as unbelievabe as other things I guess but I also wanna point out that while I appeciate the look they were going for with him I don't understand how it fits in with their realism approach when his modern design would be more fitting. Finally the music. It's too generic. It's too Dark Knight, which is what they were going for, and I think that was one of their biggest mistakes. It fails to create an appropriate atmosphere. Even if they couldn't use music from the game they could have featured similar motifs to make it seem familiar. It wouldn't have killed them to make this feel like Sonic. At the risk of further comparing this to The Dark Knight, people have said Batman Begins is the better Batman movie while The Dark Knight is the better movie with Batman in it. That's the main problem here. This isn't a Sonic film, it's a film with Sonic in it. Like Wreck-It Ralph, except not really. The genesis/Adventure SatAM/Fleetway mash-up here just wasn't helping make this a coherent work. I'm glad this wasn't feature length, they couldn't even handle a short. I can't believe this took 2 years.
  15. I always thought they were huge blisters from entering the atmosphere, but I suppose that doesn't make it any less disturbing.
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