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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope it was fun! c:

  2. Well it's just maybe because Unleashed didn't quite get to me. And I am absolutely not saying '06 is a good game. Oh god no. It's got countless flaws and all we already know. But still Unleashed is a game I couldn't get past. I didn't like the new characters, the story, setting, idea... I had recently played the Zelda game in which Link did the same thing as Sonic does in unleashed so I found it a not so original idea. I could tell you about what I think about Sonic '06 but that's another thing.
  3. well there's this thing that I just got bored with Unleashed and left it behind. I was able to beat Sonic '06 and it isn't as awful for me.
  4. Well hello there it's Tao. Real name Ben but you can call me either. I'm a simple guy that likes to have fun. I just wanted to introduce myself properly over here but everything you need to know about me is in my profile. See you around!
  5. This game is not good for me. I mean it just strays too far from the original purpose of the Paper Mario series. best PM game is TTYD hands down. This one.... no partners........................
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