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  1. I'm not sure how to put it. i mean I question myself at times too why I still like sonic. Perhaps I find the concept of a little blue hedgehog running around collecting rings charming? I guess a part of me thinks there's still good potential for the series and I'm secretly waiting for it to be exploited. I'm not entirely sure why. Or perhaps it's because back then the games brought me good fond memories and I hope to cling on to those? I'm just not sure. Anyways I've always wondered what is it about sonic that causes such a loyal fanbase. I myself feel kinda deprived with the new game yet I still find an attachment to the series for some reason.
  2. I have to agree with antyep about the whole remembering the old verse since Ian's just going to make everyone forget it once more. I'm not a big fan about the FFs either but the way I see it is that there might be flak if Archie was to take away the FFs seeing how they were there at the beginning of the comic. In a way they did kinda change the FF characters a little compared to the old verse. And in a way the new character designs kinda looks like Archie is trying to attract more Sega Sonic fans to their comics.
  3. Hi I'm Nombitz. I joined here 2 years ago and forgot I had an account here until recently...
  4. I feel its for the best that there is no live action hybrid of sonic. Those kind of movies usually look too awkward and aren't usually favorable. If it's full CGI maybe it's possible but a live action just reminds me of sonic 06.
  5. I like how eggman of all people was able to give tail's actually good advice. XD
  6. https://twitter.com/hironomakoto sorry to revive an old thread but I managed to find the person responsible for the manga if anyone still cares. She seems to have drawn a black night manga before.
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