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  1. I am going to go with Heroes. It has a lot of good overlooked music like hang castle, Frog Forest or Grand Metropolis. Shadow the hedgehog's music is really bland in my opinion. There are barely any tracks without an electric guitar in it. The only track I actually like from Shadow the hedgehog is Digital Circuit other than that they are really boring to listen to. Winner: Sonic Heroes
  2. Here are the colours of the guardians if anybody needs it. The second right one reminds me of the Gorons from Zelda
  3. Wow that was a long post. The biggest problem I have with recolours is that people think creating a Sonic character is easy because all you need to do is take an animal, apply Sonic's body but change the colours and belly and BAM a new Sonic character. That is pretty much the reason why I don't like fan-characters. People tend to think it is an easy progress, while the original Sonic characters will nearly always be better designed.
  4. Not to hate all people that do this but, I really dislike fan-characters, Especially if they are recolors of sonic with the worst colours you can imagine. I don't mind it when people just try and make their own character which is fine, but I think it is getting way out of hand. Here is an example, try and Google any name and add "the Hedgehog" at the end. Bonus points if it is a recolored Sonic advance sprite.
  5. Well Sonic colours had very original themes so it isn't an excuse to do just a lava, forest or beach level. It seems a bit generic to me. but yeah maybe we are a bit over-exaggerating :s
  6. Well still they aren't really "Sonic like" I always liked the ruin, mechanical, city and casino levels. Sonic always had unique level themes.
  7. Have we talked about the level themes on the world map yet? It seems like the Mario level clichés. there is a desert world ice world grass world. all New Super Mario Bros games have these themes. I hope Sonic lost world at least brings something new to them.
  8. I think Sonic adventure handled it perfectly, the hub worlds where streamlined and small. The Hub worlds are only there for the atmosphere. It makes you feel like you are on a grand adventure. Sonic games nowadays barely do that any more, instead of feeling like an adventure it feels more arcade-ish. In this way I feel it ads more to the game than that it takes away. The story itself is a bit difficult to talk about for me, I don't know if in-game cutscenes would work in 3D. If you would do that, you won't get any good camera work. If you would control Sonic and have a story going on at the same time, it would be an utter mess.
  9. there was also pirate storm in Sonic and the Black knight. But I get what you're saying, Marina Madness always stood out to me that it was a boat level and Sonic games barely have that. I also think a level similar to Mystic Mansion would be cool ( except that level in Shth ) I always liked that level, Maybe a Haunted Mineshaft or something.
  10. I LOVE ruins levels, they are mostly the most atmospheric than most other level themes. To me they are the most mysterious and most of the time they have a story to tell through there level design. they are also always really varied, they can be combined with nearly all other level themse like: Ruin / Water: Aquatic ruins, Water palace, Hydrocity zone, Lost Labyrinth Ruin / Lava: Marble zone, Lava reef Ruin / Sky: Sky sanctuary, Babylon garden So yeah I think it is my favourite level theme ever, they are never alike and always really creative. I would like to see a lot more of these though.
  11. Yeah 06 is so difficult to fix, but I can try... No time travelling, it is really unneeded and pointless, plus it created hundreds of plotholes, Make Mephelis just an evil hedgehog. Maybe a failed research experiment by GUN or gerald... Iblis isn't there. Only Mephelis, Iblis barely did anything in the story but make Silver's world apocalyptic. Silver can just be from the same dimension as Blaze, they are fighting Mephilis in their dimension as well. They later reunite with sonic and co in the "End of the world" level, Sonic and Shadow can share the same story, about finding more info about Mephelis and his scepter. Eggman can be searching for the scepter as well. He later finds it but Sonic takes it from him and seals Mephelis inside. Last boss is Mephelis versus Sonic Shadow and Silver. It is probably still a big mess, but I tried :S
  12. Well I don't think there is a level trope I don't like in the sonic series ( apart from the obvious water level ). I think my least favourite is going to be the green opening level. We have seen this so many times where seeing something else like: City escape and underground zone feel really fresh. I just think it has worn out it's welcome
  13. Sonic Unleashed relies way to much on trial and error to make the game more difficult. I can't remember one moment in Sonic Colours where I died because of an enemy popping out of nowhere or sudden bottomlesspits or something else really cheap. though I have to give some compliments to Unleashed though, I found the 2d segments a little bit more fast-paced and more fun than those in Sonic Colours. Sonic Colours level design is also a lot more blocky and slower paced than unleashed, but in Sonic Unleashed you're a bit to fast, you'll probably run a lot into spikes or bombs just because you couldn't react fast enough, and to me that is a lot more frustrating than the blocky platforming in Sonic Colours. My pick: Sonic Colours
  14. I think I like supporting me and stardust speedway good future (JAP) the most they both fit the environment and mood of the stage. Both are really catchy and fun to listen to, and to me that's what I like most about videogame music and these are a good representation.
  15. What about the sonic dancing video that was released/leaked? Just without the guile theme.
  16. why? just because one idiot a whole project should be discontinued?
  17. I'm sorry if this is noticed before. But has anyone noticed the camera bug for whenever you do a mid-air spin dash after homing attacking a chopper the camera will stay further away. Just thought I'd say that.
  18. The only ones that are passable are Metropolis blue ridge and one of the battle themes. the rest like central city just rapes my ears.
  19. I think it would be awesome if we could get a sort of metroidvenia sonic style rpg It can still have a great focus on speed and action. maybe something like cave story or like tails adventure but faster. I'd pay for that
  20. Does anyone have a request? cause I don't know what I'll do next btw, the song cannot be too complicated
  21. I guess because they are more iconic, But it could be just for nostalgic purposes.
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